David Anthony

David Anthony


Signed up for an account just to comment on this. That's how fun I think this game is. Anyway, onto my turds… Metallica/Lou Reed, Lulu (1.93): Though it's kind of cool to like this record now, I've always liked this one. I think there's something so incredibly genuine about it. It's both Lou and Metallica doing EXACTLY what they want to do, and you see their most honest impulses on display. It really shows them both for who they were/are, for better and worse. Autopsy, Shitfun (2.77): I love Autopsy, and while this is probably their worst record—though some reunion ones come close—I still like it because it's Autopsy. Morbid Angel, Heretic (2.82): As is now law, every Morbid Angel once deemed a disappointment eventually becomes a classic (well, maybe not Ilud) but I genuinely think Heretic is better than it's given credit. The production is bad, and there's some true goof shit on this (hello, "Drum Check") but the actual songs? Those are great. Trey just does what he does best, and for that reason, if you just cut out the filler ambient tracks, it's a pretty solid album. At The Gates, To Drink From The Night Itself (3.13): This is not only my favorite of ATG's reunion records (not saying much) but I'd put it above some of the stuff from their original run too. I think this album shows them feeling comfortable in their sound, but the big, grandiose guitar parts really suit it well. I think in a decade this album is going to be held in a lot higher regard. Mammoth Grinder, Extinction of Humanity (3.10): This one is kind of a surprise. I expected Mammoth Grinder's first album to be the lowest-rated given it's a completely different sound but, somehow, the first album of their more traditional sound is here. Is it their best album? No. But I think it really locks in who they are, and it kind of makes for a weird outlier on this list. Total rating: 13.75. I'm good with that. Bonus outlier: Sepultura, Bestial Devastation (2.97). I didn't include this because one could argue it's an example of a band's early material not be accepted by the people who came later, but I don't know if that holds water really. The first three/four Sepultura releases all progress in a logical fashion, and I know people who worship this release. But since it might be up for debate, I'm leaving it here.


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