Except Death Grips is dope af and MC Ride has never called anyone a faggot. In least...
If you're reading this, it's not a compliment.
I think West was saying that the mere existence of an $5,000 dollar article of clothing does nothing but create an ultimately unbridgeable divide between class. This divide is a new form of racism.
Well, it is a really shitty band name regardless, but why no one in Johansson's camp thought to Google such an easy name beforehand was incredibly stupid.
I don't know if it's an issue with the whole English/American vernacular difference thing, but him calling Kanye West "boy" ain't sitting right with me.
i ain't even gonna try to comment until y'all get this shit fixed fam
Just letting everyone know that I came up with "DJ Windows 98" in high school. Win Butler owes me hella internet points.
James Rettig being the only guy who writes the DG posts because no one else at Stereogum likes them: "Hey, who's gonna help do what with keeping up the house?" "I'll do everything else but pick the hair out of the drains. That shit is gross and I'll have none of it." "Whatever we'll just make James do it."
The one where Adam Levine pretends to be Stevie Wonder is "Heard 'Em Say", which is still, to this day, in my top five Kanye joints.
I believe both Beyoncé and Beck are real musicians, but man, you just ripped this poor person to shreds because they made a mashup. Obviously whoever did this is a fan of both artists. I gotta ask -- does Scott tell you to write like an asshole because more people will read it, or are you just an asshole about this stuff in real life? And no, it's not your "poptimism" views or the TS worship that I'm fucking sick of reading everyone complain about. None of that stuff matters. You're the only one who seems to get caught up in the teenage fanboy bullshit. You're a powerful writer, one could even say a hero to those of us that wouldn't mind doing what you do, but it's really lame when the tastemaker thing goes to your head and you start getting petty about people that make way more money than you.
Yeah. I bet all y'all listened to this and felt real stupid that you were getting riled up about Beck's mediocre album beating Beyonce's slightly-better-than-mediocre album for an award that only recording industry execs and dorks give a shit about. Long live K Dot.
You're completely right. But fuck it -- it's the Grammys. They're for old people. Let Beck have his award. Beyonce will get one too when she's making shit music in fifteen years.
whoops, *CULTS of personality. I need a comment editor.
Except you knew that none of those albums were going to be nominated anyway, and we're talking about The Grammys, not P4K's favorite albums.
I don't like that West is insinuating that Beck isn't a real artist, but Beck's win did feel more like a lifetime achievement award than a Album of the Year award. Also, no one is giving any reasons as to why Beyoncé should have taken home the trophy other than "but c'mon y'all -- she's Beyoncé!" Cult of personalities are lame, guys, regardless of how dope an album was.
Well Beyoncé was cool though...
In hindsight, 2014 was a pretty slow year for music. Especially considering that everything nominated for the biggest three categories range from mediocre to passable. It's not hard to feel that way when 2015 flew out the gate. The whole time watching, all I could think about is how awesome 2016's Grammy show is going to be.
I just want to say that three of the top five most commented on stories are Where's The Beef. good job y'all.
I just can't wait for Jay and Bey's marriage to violently implode so we can be privy. Because apparently that's what we want, right?
I dunno; both she and Moore always come off like the most insufferable art damaged motherfuckers on Earth to me. Like, I used to really enjoy Sonic Youth before I started reading interviews with those two. At least I'll always have Steve Shelley.
I organize a monthly event in town square at which I read off a list of bands, artists, films, and TV shows I'm indifferent towards. It's usually a pretty big turn out.
Seriously; I've been running around town talking to folks about "HEY DO YOU GUYS KNOWN HEYM? I DON'T LIKE THEM ALL THAT MUCH BUT I DEFINITELY SEE THE APPEAL" and I probably sounded like an idiot.
today I learned how to properly pronounce Haim.
but you've only been downvoted once...
would've preferred Kendrick Lamar, but whatever
Well, yeah. All of that is true. The man was in desperate, desperate need of hobbies outside of Stereogum and working out. Although, it wasn't hard to view his trademark meltdowns as a cry for help, and in that light, I felt more pain for him than annoyance. Still very annoying, though. Does anyone else here like Firefly? I feel like Jayne and michael_ in the context of that episode where they go to the mudder planet could have some hilarious parallels. Like what if Stereogum is still here in ten years, and michael_'s selfish tirades against the writers and editors are seen as selfless, brave actions by a folk hero who stood steadfast in the face of authority? Fuck, Firefly was such a good show.
Mike was fucking gangsta. Like he was so crazy that when he offered a hypothetical situation in which Tom's kids could be taken away from him, the staff actually believed it. They legit banned this dude. Underscore crossed the line many a time, but he seriously did not give a damn, and he was kind of a hero about it. And honestly, the comment section has never been the same without him.
Not necessarily an insult, but definitely a "let's not get ahead of ourselves".
"Put a Basquiat next to a Monet and you could be forgiven for the knee-jerk judgment that Basquiat has no control, no vision, no discipline. But do you really want to stick to that judgement?"
Killer Mike rhymes about killing cops and starting revolutions. Kanye would never fucking go there. Now he's rapping about not being able to break into the fashion industry as well as he would like. Kanye is a beast, but RTJ took the throne on this one.
unrelated to Pono (I personally believe good quality studio headphones + iTunes MP3s are as good as any regular consumer can get), but Jack White's haircut on this ad is atrocious.
I legitimately pray that fatherhood brings Kanye West the peace of soul that he rightfully deserves.
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