Ryan Leas

Ryan Leas


Yup, I first saw them in the spring of 2017 — pretty sure they'd only put out "What Does The Normal Man Feel?" and "I've Thought About Chicago" at that point.
Yeah, that was me lol. It was for this interview: https://www.stereogum.com/1974059/making-the-light-brighter-bono-and-the-edge-talk-u2s-songs-of-experience/franchises/interview/ Though I didn't include it there, mentioned it otherwise in a few places I guess.
Pearl Jam is definitely one of the bands I was thinking about with the whole "idea of yourself" bit, and Avocado is definitely their ATYCLB if you ask me. Despite my love for them I didn't think they were exactly a Great Artist on the level of the Stones/Bruce/U2/Jay, but I prob could've included them.
That's right, thank you for the reminder!
I intended to do one back then — beyond the transition in their own career, I had a whole idea about how it symbolized the hinge between the early '00s NYC retro rock thing and the ascendent Brooklyn indie at the end of the decade. I can't remember why I wasn't able to do it in the end, I might've been on tour or something.
Looks like it got pushed back again — it's 9/18 now.
Having grown up with one of those northeast Italian-American families... I can't say I heard much about our Italian-Australian brethren, no. That being said Australia in general was sort of a big mystery to me when I went.
This is my ranking these days I think. And OK yes Sound Of Silver is pretty much perfect I just docked it a little cuz I've always felt like "Watch The Tapes" and "Time To Get Away" aren't quite on the same level as the rest but like, it's not as if they're bad and they do make sense in the flow of the album.
They would obviously a main entry on this short list.
That song is really something. My other favorite is "Drop Me Down."

Field Music – “Home For Christmas”

Arab Strap – “Compersion Pt. 1″

Stream Heady Doze’s Spaced-Out Debut Free Spirit For Sale

Kitten – “What Year Are We In”

Shame – “Water In The Well”

The Weather Station – “Tried To Tell You”

Hannah Georgas – “Pray It Away” (Feat. Matt Berninger)

Lost Horizons – “One For Regret” (Feat. Porridge Radio)