Ryan Leas

Ryan Leas


I tried! As Days Get Dark is one of my favorite albums I've heard so far this year.
We'll be talking about Ignorance more later this week! It's a great album.
"Physical" was pretty close to being on my list... love those other two hits as well
Oops, that was an oversight on my part — missed that one when I was going back through the year. And you're right, it's indeed one of the year's best. Thanks for the heads up, the list has been amended!
Yup, I first saw them in the spring of 2017 — pretty sure they'd only put out "What Does The Normal Man Feel?" and "I've Thought About Chicago" at that point.
Yeah, that was me lol. It was for this interview: https://www.stereogum.com/1974059/making-the-light-brighter-bono-and-the-edge-talk-u2s-songs-of-experience/franchises/interview/ Though I didn't include it there, mentioned it otherwise in a few places I guess.
Pearl Jam is definitely one of the bands I was thinking about with the whole "idea of yourself" bit, and Avocado is definitely their ATYCLB if you ask me. Despite my love for them I didn't think they were exactly a Great Artist on the level of the Stones/Bruce/U2/Jay, but I prob could've included them.
That's right, thank you for the reminder!
I intended to do one back then — beyond the transition in their own career, I had a whole idea about how it symbolized the hinge between the early '00s NYC retro rock thing and the ascendent Brooklyn indie at the end of the decade. I can't remember why I wasn't able to do it in the end, I might've been on tour or something.
Looks like it got pushed back again — it's 9/18 now.


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