And because Tom mentioned the #1 pop single for the year - the number one R&B song was Keith Sweat's debut single "I Want Her" (#1 while INXS and Tiffany were pop #1s) and the number 1 R&B album was Sweat's debut album. His second album didn't quite reach the peaks - he had the misfortune of releasing it the same year Rhythm Nation ruled everything. Tom will have a few things to say then.
A Jam and Lewis produced George Michael single? It’s truly surprising it only got to R&B #8! Instead, R&B titan Freddie Jackson had his 7th #1 with “Nice ‘N’ Slow” Nice ‘N’ Slow was the lead single off his 3rd album Don’t Let Love Slip Away. It was his worst selling album to date, only hitting #1 and going Gold. This slow jam stayed at #1 for three weeks Freddie still has more #1s in him, even if this was his last single to chart on the Hot 100.
Roll With It is my biggest Mondegreen though. I always have, and still, hear "oh Bridget baby"
Winwood got all the way to R&B #30 with Roll with It. It was his only song that charted there. But instead of getting to the R&B #1s, something bigger culturally happened August 6, 1988. In their push away from 24 hour music videos, MTV aired Yo! MTV Raps on Saturday, 8/6/88. Run-DMC hosted the pilot - to be replaced by Fab 5 Freddy - and Follow the Leader by Erik B & Rakim was the first video. Rap had gotten big enough that there was a daytime, weekend show on MTV dedicated to it! The same MTV that wouldn’t show black music 5 years earlier. Here’s the show parts of the pilot, without the videos: As to the R&B chart, for Winwood’s first week, Bobby Brown was still #1. For the middle two weeks, the week of Yo! MTV Raps and August 13, Al B. Sure! had his 2nd #1 with his second single with another New Jack Swing single “Off on Your Own (Girl)”. His debut album was his biggest album, spending 6 weeks at the #1 R&B album - knocking off George Michael’s Faith - and selling over 3 million copies. It spawned 5 singles, but none as big as the first two - he had a #2, a #3 and a #14 with a cover of Killing Me Softly. Albert will be back. For Winwood’s final week at #1, Rick James had his final #1 with “Loosey’s Rap”. The fact that it hit #1 was a little miracle - BET and MTV wouldn’t play the video because it was “too explicit”, which James took issue with them playing Madonna. He’s got a point, there’s women in their underwear but Madonna wears less in Vogue. In 9 years, Fiona Apple will win a Grammy while being less dressed. I had also forgotten that BET played videos! The album Loosey’s Rap is off of, Wonderful, sold OK, hitting #12 R&B album but only #148 Hot 200, his worst crossover yet, and also was his first album not on Gordy. His next album didn’t even get a US release, it was officially shelved for good reason, but had a small UK release. In 90, James was using about $7000 in cocaine a week. In 91, James and his girlfriend were arrested for kidnapping a couple months after he won a Grammy for Super Freak in U Can’t Touch This (not a pop #1). In 92, while on parole for that one, they kidnapped another woman, and he served 5 years in Folsom. In 97, he did release a new album after he got out of prison. It didn’t sell as well as any prior album. A final posthumous album came out in 07, and that prior shelved album eventually was released by his estate.
Held back by Maroon 5???!!!! 24 virtual years till Tom tackles that one, they were 1/2 for 7 weeks! I don't know if I've heard One More Night.
Richard Marx and R&B don’t belong in the same sentence. The R&B #1 when Marx ascended to pop stardom was already a huge star. Bobby Brown hit #1 again with Don’t Be Cruel, the lead single off his second, and most popular album. His next single was world conquering and pushed the album to #1 on the Hot 200 for 6 non-consecutive weeks in 89, selling over 7 million copies and winning a grammy, and meeting Whitney Houston, but we’ll get there. Just like the last single, Don’t Be Cruel, as well as the rest of the album of the same name, was written and produced by LA Ried and Babyface. It got to #8 on the pop charts in a couple virtual months. After 3 New Edition #1 and his solo #1, I don’t know if there is anything new to talk about with Bobby until 1989! Bobby will return.
It's probably an age thing. I Want You to Want Me seemed to be in every single teen movie around the turn of the century. And there was the Letters to Cleo cover on Ten Things I hate about you.
2, 2, 7. I irrationally love the third one, but I know it's not great
Lots of people say it didn't come until the early 90s, but this very well could be the very first Trance release. We're just 4 years removed from the first House release by Jesse Saunders and 7 years removed from the birth of Techno, and the sound has matured and fractured so much. You had English rave scene, German techno, Chicago house, Detroit techno. Breakbeat was about to come out, and in the next 2-3 years you get jungle, garage, drum-and-bass, and triphop. Pretty amazing time for a genre that got almost no interest in the US.
Hold on, this is a big one. Cheap Trick didn’t chart on the R&B chart. I also enjoy the discrepancy between the Official Chart (UK) and the Hot 100 on “The Flame”! Instead, on the R&B charts, Sade had their sole R&B#1 on July 9th with “Promise”. Sade technically could be considered Northern Soul, but not really. The three guys were all from Hull in East Riding of Yorkshire (East Yorkshire) in the North, but they formed in London as an offshoot of a Latin soul band in 1982. Sade Adu was born to a Nigerian father and English mother in Ibadan, Nigeria - the third largest city in Nigeria - when Nigeria was still part of the empire. The great Chipmunk Song was #1 in the US until she was 3 days old when it was replaced by The Platters’ Smoke Gets In Your Eyes. Sade is only one year older than the country of Nigeria, they gained their independence in 1960. When she was 4, her parents separated and she moved with her mother to London. She grew up in Essex. She then went to college for fashion design. She completed the courses and modeled for a little while when she joined the aforementioned Latin soul band “Pride” as a backup singer. Paul Denman, Andrew Hale, and Stuart Matthewman joined her to form the band Sade. Their third UK single, and second US single, off their debut album went AC#1 and #5 pop and R&B and is their most remembered song, “Smooth Operator”. It’s probably a 10. Off that single, their debut album went 4x Platinum in the US, but only hit #5 on the Hot 200 and #2 in the UK. Their second album sold better without a huge single. It also was 4x Platinum but hit #1 in the US and UK. To follow up those two blockbusters, they released “Stronger than Pride” in 1988. It was their worst selling album of the 20th century, only going triple Platinum and hitting #7 on the Hot 200. The second single off this album is “Paradise” was their sole #1 but only hit #16 on the Hot 100 - which is probably why Smooth Operator is more remembered. For Cheap Trick’s second week, The Mac Band had their sole hit with “Roses Are Red”. The Mac Band was a quartet of brothers from Flint, MI. Ray, Charles, Kelvin, and Derrick McCampbell released three albums; this track was their third single off their debut album. For their album, they got help from people just approaching their peaks - Roses Are Red was written and produced by Kenneth “Babyface” Edmonds and L.A. Reid. Backing up a little bit, in 1982, Babyface joined The Deele on keyboards which featured L.A. Reid on drums. The Deele had a few hits: a 1983 R&B#3/Pop#77 and an 87 R&B #4/Pop#10, the later written by Babyface and Reid. Off this success, they left The Deele and set to a very successful career writing and producing. Their first #1 was Pebbles’ “Girlfriend”. Babyface will be back many, many, many times in the 90s and 00s on some of the biggest hits. L.A. Reid ended up marrying Pebbles, writing and producing and bankrupting TLC. After their divorce, Reid didn’t co-write with Babyface much, but don’t you worry about him. He’ll return many, many times with some of the other biggest hits of the 90s and 00s - he happens to be the executive who signed Usher. The Mac Band, however, will not be back. After releasing their follow up album that didn’t chart, they left MCA and released an album on Unidisc. At least two of the brothers live in Texas nowadays.
I was 10 when this hit #1 and I don't know if I've ever heard it. Musta not been as popular in the midwest.
My uneducated guess would be Billie Eilish Pirate Baird O'Connell, but that's a long time from now and it looks like Finneas produced Bad Guys.
Crack of Dawn? I've been at work almost 2 hours and down was 4 hours ago! Sunrise today was 5:30 am EDT and astronomical twilight started at 3:30am. It gets light REALLY early in New England
Debbie Gibson didn’t chart on the R&B charts. Imagine that. But instead of Debbie, former R&B #1 Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes drummer and lead singer Teddy Pendergrass got his second solo R&B #1 with “Joy”, his first since 1979. Teddy was a Philly boy. Born there, the Blue Notes had their success on Philadelphia International, and Teddy’s first 7 albums were all on Philadelphia International. For his 8th and 9th, he signed on with David Geffin’s old label Asylum. His 10th album, “Joy”, came out once Asylum was merged with Elektra. Asylum later refocused as a country label, but Teddy stayed on Elektra for 2 more albums. In 1982, Teddy suffered a spinal cord injury in a car accident that left him paralyzed. It wasn’t until 1999 that he performed live again. “Joy” got big without the benefit of touring. The album Joy wasn’t his biggest. It only went Gold and hit R&B #2 while his first 5 Philadelphia Int’l albums went Platinum and two were R&B #1s. 1979’s self titled “Teddy” album got all the way to #5 on the Hot 200 too. Teddy will return.
I don't know who came up with the album covers, but Chuck D has a BFA in graphic design from Adelphia State on Long Island (class of 84). That's where he met Flava Flav. Adelphia gave Chuck D an honorary doctorate in 13 too
One of the very few specific pop culture music things I remember from that long ago is that Appetite was a big deal in my 5th grade, which would have been the 88/89 school year. High school I can remember a whole lot more, but middle school? Elementary school?
Writing this one up, I was surprised T!T!T! never got a pop #1. But 2 singles off Sons of Soul were top 10s, but none of them were R&B #1s.
Yep! Saw him twice on his last tour - stopped in Boston near the beginning of the tour and again at the end of the US leg. Great show
I'll betcha the 5th comment was about the original Tower Records on Broadway. After Tower went out of business it became another record store for a while until it was torn down last year. Tower also ran the business next door - Tower Books, Posters, and Plants at 1610 Broadway, Sac. In a more personal note, also related, somewhere around 2010, so 4 years after Tower closed down, the store Records moved in and stayed there until around 18/19. Records was a big used record shop that had moved from it's original location on K Street downtown Sac. That original location is the cover of DJ Shadow's album Entroducing... and the location of the video for "Midnight in a perfect world" Starting about 1:00, he spends 30 seconds walking down K street and most the rest of the video inside the original Records location. By 07 when I used to shop there, it was the kind of place with missing ACT tiles and a funky smell. The basement was insane (it also shows un in the video)
Reid is an interesting guy on twitter. And really likes Staten Island sunrises :D
George did hit #1 R&B with One More Try, but not until the week of June 18th. For his three weeks at Pop #1, there were two R&B #1s. For the first two weeks, Bahamian Johnny Kemp got to #1 R&B (and #1 Dance, #10 Hot 100) with “Just Got Paid”. This New Jack Swing single was originally written by Keith Sweat as an instrumental, but he didn’t include it on his 87 #1 album. Kemp wrote some vocals as a demo for another singer, but instead it went to #1 after Teddy Riley got hold of it as producer and it was nominated for Best R&B song Grammy. Kemp didn’t have a lot of success as an artist beyond this song, this was the lead single off his second album. However, he did have a good career as a songwriter, working with Keith Sweat, Teddy Riley, Luther Vandross and Chic. The debut single from Tony! Toni! Toné! hit #1 R&B (#47 pop) with more New Jack Swing, “Little Walter”. It was this song that got Tony! Toni! Toné! a contract - it was their demo. If Dailymotion videos work, here’s the actual video in which Sinbad plays Little Walter Tony! Toni! Toné! will be back a few times before their breakup in 1996.
For the second week of Gloria, Pebbles is back with her second #1 of 1988 and her biggest hit “Mercedes Boy”. Mercedes Boy eventually hit #2 Pop in July, #1 Dance Single Sales in June, and #2 Dance Club Songs in June, but for a single week in June she topped the R&B charts. Mercedes Boy was her ticket to success. She got her second husband to bankroll a video and demo tape of Mercedes Boy which landed her a contract with MCA. MCA carried her for her first three albums, right up until she bankrupted TLC. This is not the last we’ll hear about Pebbles
He also topped the R&B charts quick too. He was #1 about 1 month earlier when the Man In The Mirror was pop #1. It did take 17 weeks for it to hit #1 though!
To us Northerners, that's a Canadian Tuxedo :D
Whitney hit R&B #2 with this single behind the song that was R&B #1 her second week at pop #1. But before that, Glen Close’s callout was R&B #1. For the week of April 23, go-go band Experience Unlimited, also known as E.U., had their sole #1 with “Da Butt”. EU started in DC in 74, as all good go-go acts did, and laboured in national obscurity. Go-Go, now the official music of DC - in February 2020, the DC City Council unanimously approved making that official - is a funk sub-genre that never got much notice outside of DC. But to get to what happened in April 1988, someone else has to be introduced. Sheldon Jackson Lee was born in Atlanta in 1957 and went to Morehead College and NYU for his MFA. Spike Lee’s first movie, She’s Gotta Have It, came out in 86 on Island Record’s short lived (84-98) movie imprint, and grossed over $7M on a $175,000 budget. His second movie, School Daze, came out February 12, 1988 as a Columbia Picture. Notably, School Daze is based in part on Spike’s time at Morehead, and it was his film before Do The Right Thing. It stars 25 year old Larry Fishburn, before he was Laurence, as a student at “Mission College” in Atlanta. “Da Butt” was the first track on the soundtrack and EU appears in the movie. For the week of April 30, and the following two weeks, Al B Sure! had the #1 R&B single with his debut single “Nite and Day”. Albert Brown III was born in Boston in 1968 but grew up in Westchester county, NY. He had a football scholarship to Iowa in 86, but chose to focus on music instead of college and in 87 Al won a Sony Talent show, hosted by Quincy Jones. Al worked with Quincy on future #1s, but not on his debut album, In Effect Mode. That album launched 5 singles, including Al’s cover of Killing Me Softly. In Effect Mode spend 7 weeks on top of the R&B album chart. This single does not, but the album is yet another #1 credit for Teddy Riley. Al was still #1 for Monday’s pop #1, which was R&B #1 back on April 2nd when MJ was the king of pop. Al will be back. Teddy Riley will be back. Quincy Jones will be back.
Billy Ocean had the #1 R&B concurrent with his #1 pop for the second week. For the week of April 9th, Teena Marie scored her only #1 single “Ooo La La La”. It only got to #85 pop. Teena Marie (Mary Brockert) released a lot of albums between 1978 and 2009, two of them gold, 6 were top 10 R&B albums, and 6 other singles were top 10s between 1980’s I Need Your Lovin and 1990’s If I Were a Bell. This is a fairly forgettable song, but once you get to the chorus you’ll realize it had a second life in 1995. The chorus of Ooo La La La is lifted into the lead single off The Fugees’ second album The Score. Teena Marie got a writing credit on the track. Fu-Gee-La only hit #29 pop, #13 R&B but hit #1 Dance. Because of the 90s, Tom might not be writing about The Fugees! The had a #1 album, the second single off the second album hit #1 everywhere in the world, was #1 on Billboard’s “Mainstream Top 40”, but didn’t chart on the Hot 100 at all! Teena Marie was loved in the R&B songwriting community. She was godmother to Marvin Gaye’s daughter Nona and godmother of Maya Rudolph. She gave Lenny Kravitz a place to live when he was struggling early in his career. In 2004, she was staying in a hotel room when a framed picture fell off the wall and gave her a serious concussion. Over the next 6 years she struggled with seizures due to that accident. She died in 2010 at 54, thought to be related to those seizures.
For MJ’s #1, he was also #1 for a week on the R&B charts and for the second week a future Hot 100 #1 was R&B #1. But I’m going to skip ahead to March 17, 1991 Starting March 17, 91, Digital Underground and Greg James “Shock G” had the #1 rap single for 5 weeks. It also hit #11 on the pop chart and #7 R&B
Andrew Dice Clay as a movie star? It was a weird time to be alive :D
Astley didn’t chart on the R&B charts at all. If Billboard’s site is to be believed, he has never had a single or album to chart on any R&B charts. For March 12 and 19, Time-less Morris Day had his biggest hit with “Fishnet”. The Time originally broke up in 1985 after Morris and Prince had a falling out after Purple Rain. The Time reunited in 1990, but that’s the virtual future. In 87/88 however, Morris Day was solo and released his second solo record: “Daydreaming”. Morris might officially be solo at this time, but Daydreaming was partially produced by former Flight Tyme members Jam and Lewis. The tracks Jam and Lewis produced, including “Fishnet”, were mini-Time reunions. Morris Day on vocals and drums, Jimmy Jam on keyboards, Lewis on bass, Jellybean Johnson backing vocals, Jessie Johnson on lead guitar, and Jerome on backing vocals. All former Time/Flight Tyme members. Fishnet was Day’s sole #1. 1988 was pretty good for Morris. He also showed up in the Richard Pryor movie “Moving” - I’ve never seen it. In 89 he showed up in an episode of 227. In 90 he starred in the short lived show “New Attitude”, another thing I’ve never seen, and The Adventures of Ford Fairlane.
Pebbles was still R&B #1 for George Michael’s first week at #1, but then a real Father Figure hit R&B #1. For the week ending March 5, Stevie Wonder had his 20th and final R&B #1 with “You Will Know”. It had almost no pop crossover appeal, topping out at #77 on the pop charts, but it hit #16 on the AC charts. This was the second single off his album Characters. It was a #1 R&B album and hit #17 on the Hot 200. While he didn’t have another #1 single, he wrote and performed almost all the songs for the 91 Spike Lee joint Jungle Fever. That soundtrack was also a #1 R&B album. His last two albums, so far, have been 95’s Conversation Peace and 2005’s A Time to Love. Neither hit #1 but both were #2 R&B albums. A Time To Love made it all the way to #5 on the Hot 200. He might even put out another album! He released 3 singles in 2020.
4 4 8 I can imagine some Doobie in my funk
Yep. For knowing a lot of 88 songs (like Monday's), I can't remember anything about this one or the last Tiffany song.
Expose only got up to #27 on the R&B chart with this song, and not for a couple weeks behind the next R&B #1. Instead for February 20 and 27, so for this single and half of the next #1, Perri “Pebbles” McKissack got her first R&B #1 with her second single “Girlfriend”. Girlfriend was originally written by Kenneth Edmonds and Antonio “L.A.” Reid for former Miss America and future #1 artist Venessa Williams. Supposedly Pebbles heard the song and offered Reid cash and two cars for the chance to record it instead. Pebbles said because of that, Williams has never spoken to her again. Her story gets more interesting after this too! Her next single was even bigger, a pop #2 in addition to the R&B #1. She’ll have two more #1s after marrying L.A. Reid. But after the wedding and before those final #1s, Pebbles and L.A. formed a production company, Pebbitone, and managed a little Atlanta girl group - TLC. I have a feeling Tom will mention a bit about this then, but in 95 TLC filed bankruptcy while having Creep and Waterfalls topping the pop chart. In the filing, they stated their contract made them poorer and poorer as the success happened. Pebbles and LA reaped all the rewards and charged TLC for more and more. This led to Pebbles and LA’s divorce in 96. In 97 Pebbles had a religious epiphany, changing her stage name to Sister Perri, becoming an ordained minister, and founding Women of God Changing Lives ministries! She released her 4th album in 2008 and it hit #12 on the Gospel Album chart. Outside of the New Jack Swing ruling the top of the charts, notably on the pop chart, peaking way down at #19, and #28 on the R&B chart, is Salt-N-Pepa. Originally the B side to their 3rd single, Push-It was their 4th single and first cross over hit. Their first 3 singles charted dencetly on the R&B chart - 1985’s The Show Stoppa hit #46, 87’s My Mic Sounds Nice hit #41, 87’s Tramp hit #21 - but none crossed over. I am 100% sure I have heard Push It more than anything that hit #1 between mid 87 and mid 88. The Dutch loved Push It! It hit #1 in The Netherlands and in the Flanders Belgium Ultratop 50 (Flanders being the Dutch speaking part of Belgium), and it was the #5 single for all of 88 in The Netherlands. Their first album, 1986’s Hot, Cool & Vicious, was originally released without Push It, but from the 87 pressings on, it was the lead track. On January 8, 88, Hot, Cool & Vicious was certified Gold. On March 23, 88, it was certified Platinum. Both were firsts for a female rap group!
Damn, your right! Only INXS song that did, spend 6 weeks between #100 and #73. I really hate Billboard's site for anything but the Hot 100.
I prefer the INXS song, but it didn’t chart on the R&B chart for obvious reasons. Instead Keith Sweat gets his first big hit. I do prefer this single to the next Pop #1 though :D Keith Sweat toiled as a journeyman for about a decade, from his mid teens, until landing a contract with Elektra. He released a couple singles with Stadium in the early 80s, but with Elektra he had a breakthrough. His first album, he never released one before Elektra, came out in November 1987, “Make It Last Forever” went triple Platinum was a #1 R&B album and #15 on the Hot 200. It was even the #1 R&B album for all of 1988, and the 22nd best selling album overall. “I Want Her” was the lead single off Make It Last Forever back in September 1987 and took a long time to climb. The second single even came out earlier in January (“Something Ain’t Just Right” didn’t do nearly as good, it only got to #3 R&B), but “I Want Her” was a huge hit. It stayed at #1 for 3 weeks and was the #1 R&B single for all of 88 - it’s all downhill from here! It’s a New Jack Swing jam, the first that isn’t a Jam and Lewis production! Sweat wrote and produced the album with Teddy Riley. Keith Sweat will be back on top more than a couple times, he’s had six #1 R&B albums so far, the most recent was 2008’s Just Me. His 2016 album got all the way to #4, so don’t rule out more #1 from Mr. Sweat. As an aside, Keith Sweat isn’t a stage name! Teddy Riley also will be back to #1 as a producer and artist. Teddy’s nickname is “Street”. Along with Chauncy “Black” Hannibal, he formed Blackstreet. Teddy is a prolific producer. If I didn’t mention anything else, I’d have to point out the Teddy wrote on and produced Wreckx-N-Effect three albums including Rump Shaker Teddy wrote and produced some of Mel B’s debut album, along with Jam & Lewis. He wrote and produced a number of songs for Michael Jackson, notably on the posthumous album. He wrote and produced a few songs for Bobby Brown. In the last decade, he’s been doing work with Korean groups, he wrote the English parts and produced the Billboard #1 K-Pop (and #1 in South Korea) song “The Boys” by Girls Generation. And because we aren’t getting close to K-Pop for a long time, here’s the video. It only has 258 million views on youtube... Teddy Riley will also be back.
Center Stage is 21 years old!????!! The song itself does nothing for me either, but it encapsulates the entirety of the late 80s. The actual song starts, and it sounds like 1988 personified.
For the week of January 23, Michael didn’t top both the pop and R&B chart! Michael had been #1 since George Michael’s third week - he topped the R&B chart for 4 weeks which was the longest lasting #1 since Freddie Jackson’s hit way back in November of 1986. There won’t be another 4-week #1 until Boyz II Men in 1992! Tom will have something to say about that 13 week juggernaut… Anyway, during Michael Jackson’s week atop the pop chart, a different legend was the #1 R&B single. Gladys Knight and the Pips’ final studio album “All of our Love”, which also was a #1 R&B album, launched 3 singles. The first was the Grammy winning crossover hit “Love Overboard” (#13 pop) Gladys Knight and the Pips would release two more singles off All of our Love, but neither of them would crossover. The second, “Lovin’ on Next to Nothing”, would hit #3 R&B and their final single only made it to #29. After All of our Love, The Pips retired and Gladys went solo. Gladys will release a #1 album but hasn’t topped the charts again, yet. I wouldn't rule it out after last year’s Verzus, appearance in this year’s Coming 2 America, and 2019’s third place on the Masked Singer. When they started in 1952, they were just The Pips. In 61, they put Gladys out front and in 65 they signed to Motown. The other Pips consisted of Gladys’ older brother Merald, sister Brenda and cousins Eleanor and William Guest. Brenda and Eleanor left in 57, and their cousin Edward Patten joined. By 88, Merald was 46 and William was 47, so they called it a very successful career.
However, Sir Paul got a Grammy nomination in 2017 for a remix of 1985 by Timo Maas.
You Can Call Me Al primed the pump? I really think it's the top video. That got lots of play on MTV. Add to that the 87 trend of remakes doing really well, and maybe that explains it?
So Emotional peaked this week at #9 on the Hot Black Singles (R&B) (still the name of the chart until October 1990) behind Friday's pop #1's 3rd week topping the R&B chart. Stuck between them at #2 was Levert's "My Forever Love". Pretty classic R&B. you could easily see The Temptations sing it, or more likely, a 90s R&B behemoth out of Philadelphia.
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