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Really enjoying the new Topdown Dialectic album out today, perfect synthesis of presentation and art. It’s the project of an anonymous producer who releases music physically on transparent discs in clear slips, and both this album/their 2018 self-titled are made up of eight five-minute songs that all sound as mysterious as their platforming. It’s very much steeped in 90s rave and ambient aesthetics, but contorted into these gaseous, lab experiment-feeling forms that bubble up and billow out according to their own internal logic (the artist refers to themselves a “technologist” on Bandcamp lol). The new one’s a little more legible and fully-realized than the previous, and worth checking out for anyone interested in hearing something genuinely alien: http://peakoil.bandcamp.com/album/vol-2
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September 20, 2019 on Shut Up, Dude: This Week’s Best And Worst Comments
[extreme Kendrick Lamar voice] Lucy
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September 19, 2019 on Soccer Mommy – “lucy”
Pusha T has dropped subliminals at Drake's expense in his verses for years, the idea that Kanye is to blame for Pusha finally getting more direct with it is a bit much.
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September 18, 2019 on Taylor Swift Talks White Supremacy, Says She’s Now Obsessed With Politics And Focused On 2020 Election
Was the pearl-clutching librarian a time-travelling music critic from 2010?
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September 17, 2019 on College Student Accused Of Terroristic Threat After Posting Tyler, The Creator Lyrics In The Library
Jesus is King in stores next week...
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September 17, 2019 on Album Of The Week: Vivian Girls Memory
Laughed out loud at the one guy popping his head out of the Marina City towers, very endearingly self-referential.
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September 17, 2019 on Wilco – “Everyone Hides” Video
Can't wait for this dang album, Danny gets better with each release. Always different, always the same.
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September 17, 2019 on Danny Brown – “Best Life”
"Just What I Needed"! And maybe partly that, but I think the sample in this case was born of genuine fandom. In retrospect, kind of an ironic generational difference of opinion between two artists who're both pretty exacting as far as using the studio as a scalpel in service of the perfect sound. I think you can see the legacy of that Ocasek mindset in a lot of the "bedroom pop" artists who've debuted in recent years and have more tools available to them to achieve that sonic vision.
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September 15, 2019 on The Cars’ Ric Ocasek Dead At 75
Rest in peace. Still one of the most hilariously petty power plays in recent indie rock history: https://twitter.com/pitchfork/status/730880773386047488
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September 15, 2019 on The Cars’ Ric Ocasek Dead At 75
JPEGMAFIA (see below) but also House of Sugar by (Sandy) Alex G! More of a grower from him, but it's got some of his tightest songwriting yet ("Gretel" would be a rock radio hit in a more just world). Love how it starts out with some sharp left-of-center rockers with the first four songs, then moves into genuinely weird studio experiments with the next five, and closes with some of his most plainspoken, honest songs to date. Pretty incredible stuff - he's noticeably evolved from his earlier releases, but is still great for all the same reasons.
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September 13, 2019 on Shut Up, Dude: This Week’s Best And Worst Comments
Thanks for the hat trick guys. Pretty bowled over by this JPEGMAFIA album! Had been growing a little tired of the “disappointed” meme, but I get where Peggy was coming from now. Instead of making Veteran 2, he ended up splitting the difference between that album’s aggression, weirdo lounge music with actual sung-melodies, and an abstract beat tape, all the while staying “political” and speaking to the post-Veteran hype and notoriety he’s received (and the dissonance of a lot of that coming from white listeners). It’s really interesting and confrontational in a way that goes beyond just employing harsh noise, and I love how topsy-turvy the album architecture is - reminds me of Blonde and Some Rap Songs in its unconventional ebb and flow. Definitely my favorite rap full-length I’ve heard yet this year.
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September 13, 2019 on Shut Up, Dude: This Week’s Best And Worst Comments
Finally checked this guy out a few weeks ago and was honestly pretty blown away. Not sure why, but I'd been under the impression that he was kind of a Mac Demarco-adjacent figure, when the reality is that he more closely resembles an artist like Elliott Smith (DSU in particular reminds me so much of Either/Or, wow). Seems like the kind of artist who should quell the concerns that rock is in a bad way right now.
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September 10, 2019 on Album Of The Week: (Sandy) Alex G House Of Sugar
Also this album cover reminds me of that silly cat cake meme lol https://i.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/newsfeed/001/459/935/ac0.jpg
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September 9, 2019 on FKA twigs – “Holy Terrain” (Feat. Future) Video
Thrilled to finally receive a follow-up to LP1, one of the better debut albums in recent memory, as well as the incredible M3LL155X EP. "Cellophane" is pretty much the single/music video of the year in my book, so plenty of reason to expect continued excellence from this album.
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September 9, 2019 on FKA twigs – “Holy Terrain” (Feat. Future) Video
Wow, the #1 album in the country? Excited to read more about this in this week's Week in Pop column.
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September 9, 2019 on Tool’s Fear Inoculum Sells More Than Any Rock Album This Year, Lands At #1
Kind of a bad look in general when artists yell at critics online and weaponize their large fanbase to that effect, and something that seems to be happening a lot lately. I think it also has a chilling effect that leads to naive/overly generous coverage of pop music...if only there were a name for that phenomenon.
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September 9, 2019 on Hear Lana Del Rey Cover Ariana Grande’s “Break Up With Your Girlfriend, I’m Bored”
Too many singles! Just release the album!
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September 6, 2019 on Charli XCX – “February 2017″ (Feat. Clairo & Yaeji)
Apparently this episode also featured an interview with Joe Biden? Fittingly cynical band to perform at the latest stop on an extremely cynical campaign.
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September 5, 2019 on Watch Pixies Play “Catfish Kate” On Colbert
I dunno, it doesn't feel unfair to expect more from the artist behind Visions and Art Angels. And the second singles for both of those albums were "Oblivion" and "Flesh Without Blood" respectively!
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September 5, 2019 on Grimes – “Violence” (Feat. i_o) Video
Kinda anemic tbh. This is really the same artist who made “Oblivion”?
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September 5, 2019 on Grimes – “Violence” (Feat. i_o) Video
Dubstep is cool now, did none of y'all listen to 100 gecs?
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September 4, 2019 on The Dream Of 2010 Is Alive At E Zoo
Tired: that new Tool album Wired: that new Fire-Toolz album
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September 3, 2019 on Album Of The Week: Bat For Lashes Lost Girls
Straight-up pandering to the Stereogum crowd with this one.
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September 3, 2019 on Lana Del Rey Wants To Work With The National