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Premature Evaluation

Premature Evaluation: Bill Callahan Gold Record

The quick follow-up LP is always a sketchy proposition. It happens all the time: An artist puts a lot of effort into a statement album,…
Chris DeVille | September 2, 2020 - 3:21 pm

The 5 Best Songs Of The Week

The 5 Best Songs Of The Week

Every week the Stereogum staff chooses the five best new songs of the week (the eligibility period begins and ends Thursdays right before midnight). This
Stereogum | July 3, 2020 - 2:53 pm

The Anniversary

Dongs Of Sevotion Turns 20

Bill Callahan always sounds like he’s in process. His earliest albums under the Smog moniker were wiry, bold compositions most easily described as experimental outsider…
Gabriela Tully Claymore | April 3, 2020 - 9:30 am

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Watch Bill Callahan Lean Into Domestic Reverie With A Backyard Tiny Desk Concert

Last week I enthused about Gold Record, another staggering Bill Callahan album in a career full of them. I would very much like to go…
Chris DeVille | September 9, 2020 - 9:54 am

Bill Callahan – “Ry Cooder”

Next week, the much-loved indie lifer Bill Callahan will release his new album Gold Record. In the lead-up to the album's release, Callahan has been…
Tom Breihan | August 24, 2020 - 10:26 am

Thor & Friends – “Dies In Paris” (Feat. Bill Callahan)

Next month, longtime indie hero Bill Callahan will drop his new album Gold Record. In the lead-up to the album release, Callahan has been sharing…
Tom Breihan | August 20, 2020 - 9:57 am

Bill Callahan – “Cowboy”

We're a couple weeks out from the release of Bill Callahan's new album, Gold Record, which means that the summer of Callahan is soon coming…
James Rettig | August 17, 2020 - 10:12 am

Bill Callahan – “Breakfast”

Next month, Bill Callahan will follow up last year's Shepherd In A Sheepskin Vest with a new album called Gold Record. You can already hear…
Tom Breihan | August 10, 2020 - 10:43 am

Hear Bill Callahan’s New Version Of Smog’s Classic “Let’s Move To The Country” From Gold Record

Smog's 1999 masterwork Knock Knock -- which turned 20 years old last year and happens to be this week's Sunday Review over at Pitchfork --…
Chris DeVille | August 3, 2020 - 9:33 am

Bill Callahan – “The Mackenzies”

Just about a month ago, Bill Callahan announced Gold Record, his surprisingly quick followup to last year's Shepherd In A Sheepskin Vest. There was another…
Ryan Leas | July 27, 2020 - 10:22 am

Bill Callahan – “Protest Song”

Another week, another Bill Callahan song. Imagine saying that during the six-year drought before Shepherd In A Sheepskin Vest! Well, Callahan is releasing a new…
James Rettig | July 20, 2020 - 9:17 am

Bill Callahan – “35”

A couple weeks ago, Bill Callahan announced a new album, Gold Record -- it's out in September -- and he also announced that he'd be…
James Rettig | July 13, 2020 - 9:22 am

Bill Callahan – “Another Song”

Bill Callahan is releasing one song from his new album Gold Record each Monday until the whole thing drops in September. Last Monday he shared…
Chris DeVille | July 6, 2020 - 9:24 am

Bill Callahan – “Pigeons”

"Hello, I'm Johnny Cash." These are the first words out of Bill Callahan's mouth on Gold Record, his newly announced follow-up to last year's Shepherd
Chris DeVille | June 29, 2020 - 10:03 am

Bill Callahan Announces New Album Gold Record

Bill Callahan spent six years following up 2013's Dream River with last year's expansive Shepherd In A Sheepskin Vest. His next record is coming much…
Chris DeVille | June 25, 2020 - 10:33 am
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