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Are Shinedown America’s Most Popular Rock Band?

Filter bubbles are real. Particularly in the social media era, we are all trapped inside a likeminded feedback loop of our own making. I think…
Chris DeVille | June 29, 2020 - 5:00 pm

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Carly Rae Jepsen’s Joyous Low-Stakes Rom-Com Continues Unfettered

The television landscape in this era of Peak TV comprises many overlapping tiers and ecosystems. Within this moment of seemingly infinite choice, there are genres…
Chris DeVille | May 25, 2020 - 5:01 pm

The Week In Pop

20 Years Ago, Eminem’s “Stan” Predicted The Dark Side Of Modern Fandom

Eminem must have been trembling. It was 4 o'clock in the morning sometime last month, and he'd been awakened by a blaring alarm in his…
Chris DeVille | May 18, 2020 - 3:19 pm

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Doja Cat – “Unisex Freestyle”

Rapper/singer/viral success story Doja Cat scored her first #1 hit last month when Nicki Minaj hopped on a remix of her song "Say So." And…
Peter Helman | June 24, 2020 - 11:40 am

Stream City Girls’ New Album City On Lock Feat. Doja Cat, Lil Baby, & More

City Girls' new album City On Lock leaked last night. At first, the Miami rap duo seemed pretty pissed, with Yung Miami posting things like…
Peter Helman | June 20, 2020 - 12:30 pm

Stream Lil Wayne’s Funeral Deluxe Tracks Feat. Doja Cat, Lil Uzi Vert, & More

Lil Wayne released his new album Funeral at the end of January. And last night, during the latest episode of his Young Money Radio show…
Peter Helman | May 30, 2020 - 12:45 pm

Doja Cat Addresses Incel Chat Room Controversy: “I Personally Have Never Been Involved In Any Racist Conversations”

Through the beginning of 2020, it looked like this year would be nothing but ascendant for Doja Cat. She was achieving viral stardom, and real-deal…
Ryan Leas | May 25, 2020 - 11:46 am

The Weeknd – “In Your Eyes (Remix)” (Feat. Doja Cat)

Last week, the young Los Angeles sing-rapper and viral success story Doja Cat scored her first-ever #1 single. Nicki Minaj had jumped on the remix…
Tom Breihan | May 21, 2020 - 9:44 am

Lana Del Rey Is Fed Up With Critics Who Say She Glamorizes Abuse

Lana Del Rey buried the lede. This morning, Del Rey announced the impending release of her next album, the follow up to 2019's astonishing Norman
Tom Breihan | May 21, 2020 - 9:14 am

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Kehlani Was Good, And Now She’s Great

With one quatrain buried deep into her new album It Was Good Until It Wasn't, Kehlani Parrish offers what could be a mission statement for…
Chris DeVille | May 11, 2020 - 3:46 pm

Doja Cat’s “Say So” Tops Hot 100, Giving Nicki Minaj Her First #1

Doja Cat's "Say So" remix featuring Nicki Minaj is the new #1 song on the Billboard Hot 100. The track jumps up from the #6…
James Rettig | May 11, 2020 - 2:55 pm

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Actress Hailee Steinfeld Does A Decent Pop Star Impersonation

Hailee Steinfeld was precocious from the start. At just 14 years old, Steinfeld scored an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actress for her role in
Chris DeVille | May 4, 2020 - 4:17 pm

The Week In Pop

Get Used To Hearing Songs Like Powfu’s Simplistic Sadboi Hit “Death Bed”

Have you acclimated to the new normal yet? Have you come to accept it, made peace with it? Oh! No, no, no -- not the…
Chris DeVille | April 13, 2020 - 4:00 pm

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Country Innovator Sam Hunt’s New Southside Was Worth The 6-Year Wait

Montevallo was prophetic. On a macro level, Sam Hunt's 2014 debut album altered the sound of modern country music, incorporating hip-hop influences with a nuance…
Chris DeVille | April 6, 2020 - 4:40 pm