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Time for another Shut Up, Dude, our weekly breakdown of the highest and lowest rated comments of the past 7 days. Last week’s edition was our most commented post of the week! Very meta, team. Note: Andrew just missed this week’s cutoff. No doubt he’ll see his name here next time.



Ryan Whiteside | Apr 30th Score:18

Anyone ever heard of a little group called The Replacements?

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#9 godsdog | Apr 30th Score:19

A wise man once said;

Some things I like are not present on this list.
Some things I like are not as high as I would have placed them.
Some things I do not like are present on this list.
Some things are placed higher than I would have placed them.

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Nick Degel | Apr 27th Score:20

Can we all just get back to the real issue here? That Tyler the Creator is 6 greater-thans greater than Pavement

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#7 plb102 | Apr 27th Score:22

A clean sweep for Michael_! I gotta say, I couldn’t have enjoyed that blow up more. Right or wrong, the willingness to get personal makes him the most interesting commenter on this site. This wasn’t the first time he got real, although as far as I know it is the first time he got so angry…

Anyways, I appreciate the honesty and I’m glad that M_ seems to be commenting again.

Also, 10 hours/week at the gym? WTF??? That’s alot, M_ must be swoll as a motherfucker.

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Stephen Orsino | Apr 27th Score:23

Is the picture of the guy screaming at the laptop Michael_?

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#5 haiimalex | Apr 27th Score:24

“hazy, lazy, crazy”

“boys, weed, boys”

i’ll pass

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#4 donnytilla | Apr 27th Score:26

what the hell happened? how did i miss all of this? why didn’t someone tell me this was happening? I can’t help if you don’t tell me, guys. I’m just sorry that I wasn’t there to bring a level headed D to all of this. yes, i’m talkin about ma trouser snail.

but seriously mike you’re better than all of this, beb. Now I’m not about to sit here and tell you that you fucked up, because you know you did, but the next time you start to get thoughts a la dis bitch…

… just remember these important facts: the universe is indifferent (D. Drapes, 1961). You will be okay (D. Drapes, 1962?). people like you even when you’re a tad on the dicke side. so be ease, and have some these <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

RJC, I didn’t read your article because I don’t read any articles on this site but I want you to know that the fact that you snuck in 10 blunts, cried, and typed your article on a cell phone makes whatever you wrote beautiful. And mike, i’m sure you write well too. At the end of the day we’re all literate and let’s count our fucking blessings. we can take showers for chirsts sake, how many people can’t even do that? Infants shit their pants guys, it could be worse. alright let’s all just hug the fuck out. whoops, thats a banana.

Be ease,

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#3 LeMonjello | Apr 27th Score:30

begs the question: what’s more tolerable? a michael_ on a bad day, or a rubberjohnny every other day?

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Michael Sadler | Apr 27th Score:32

Looks like Michael underscored everyone.

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#1 rubberjohnny0839 | Apr 27th Score:45

I’m a bit disappointed that I went to the trouble to create this fake rubberjohnny account in order to diss Pavement, and I couldn’t even make it into the Lowest Rated Comments of the Week (although Scott at least seems to have enjoyed my effort). I guess I still have a lot to learn about trolling. I bow down to you, original rubberjohnny. You are truly one of a kind.

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Armando González Buitrago | Apr 30th Score:-11

“Pretty in pink” is kicking asses in this list. ¿HOW THE FUCK IS THAT POSSIBLE?

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Jennifer Martinez | Apr 28th Score:-14

“Talking about the album, Cosentino has evoked both emo and old-school country, and she’s not wrong about either of them.”

Oh! You mean she’s not wrong about how she describes her record–because it’s her record?

I’m fairly certain Consentino is running circles around you, but–could you get a less sexist/condescending reviewer next time?

Thanks stereogum & tom!

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#3 therhimed | May 1st Score:-15

every song sounds exactly the same

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#2 rubberjohnny0829 | May 2nd Score:-16

still gay.

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Chris Dalton | Apr 30th Score:-19

Hmmm…. I don’t recognize ANY of these tracks.

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Rysn Sparks | May 3rd Score:2

frances bean is totally stealing from frances bean’s trust. –

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[Editor's Note: Callback!]


Alex Sobel | May 1st Score:1

Well, this is definitely a drug themed, band-created, free-to-play video game that I just played for 3 minutes.

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Comments (21)
  1. You know you’re a terrible rubberjohnny imitator when you have the #1 comment of the week.

    • God damn it. Maybe I’ll go post something insensitive in the RIP Adam Yauch thread. That should reestablish my reputation.

      • Shit! Somebody already did that! And there’s no way I can top them. That Andrew fellow doesn’t fuck around when it comes to trolling. I’ve only existed two weeks, and already I’m obsolete.

  2. Looks like Michael overscored underscore.

  3. From the liveliest Shut Up Dude ever last week to what will likely be one of the more somber today

    • Michael_  |   Posted on May 4th, 2012 0

      I just got back from the gym where I played Licensed to Ill twice over on my iPod. People like Mike Yauch just make you want to be a better person, and I was happy to have the Beasties running around my head tonight, safe from all the orange-glo bros and Friday Night Lights jocks whose overheard conversations bend me out of shape since it’s always just about going to the bar or hooking up with some chick that probably deserves better.

      • Michael_  |   Posted on May 4th, 2012 0

        Wow, huge mistype on my end — Adam Yauch* not Mike Yauch. There’s so many Michaels roaming around this place nowadays, it’s like the name just comes slipping out of your fingertips and onto the keyboard whether you realize it or not.

  4. I really gotta step my game up if I wanna be popular on Stereogum

  5. Rough week for RubJon O.G.

    Out trolled, then shamed in the #1 slot by his twin.

  6. What’s the cutoff for these things? Andrew Schneider got downvoted into the freakin’ netherworld.

    • Fridays get pushed back the week.

    • Was wondering the same thing.

      So every story on Friday is tabulated for the following week? Or is there a specific time on Friday when the cut-off is executed?

      • There’s a specific time on Friday AM; I think it’s different on Videogum and Stereogum… I gotta check w/ our dev team what it is exactly because I forget.

    • The only cutoff is that nebulous line between “men” and “boys.” I once had the most epic comment about a certain rank beef which must have had all its upvotes while COW was being tabulated. COW glory was not to be mine that week or any week there after; even the number 10 slot has always evaded me.

      I’ve since learned the only logic wise to employ for SUD fame (feelin these acronyms) is to keep pushin’. keep pushin’ like there ain’t two tons of steel on your sun-crisped horizon. keep pushin’ like you ain’t never pushed before in your dag nabbin’ life. also to keep on truckin’.

  7. Michael_  |   Posted on May 4th, 2012 +2

    And remember, you can buy all of this week’s comments at eMusic.

  8. what’s the point

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