R.E.M. “Fall On Me” In Chicago With Johnny Marr

R.E.M.’s doing that national tour with the National and Modest Mouse these days. And there has been a rather awesome development of late. We’ve highlighted some of the rarities spilling from the setlists, but none quite so rare as the mind-and-fret-meld presented by the recent rash of “Fall On Me”s with Johnny Marr on additional guitar duty. Just to put in some temporal perspective, the year in which “Fall On Me” was (barely) charting in the States (#94 in ’86), “Bigmouth Strikes Again” peaked at #26 in the UK. And now flashforward 22 years.

These “Fall On Me”s are fun for highlighting that interesting time-fold between R.E.M. and Modest Mouse: while Isaac Brock is being quoted in SPIN about the enduring influence of R.E.M., his guitarist is making a moment by treating showgoers to some iconic contemporaries in collaboration. They did in North Carolina last night, and as YouTubed above, at Chicago’s United Center on Friday night. You can expect some Buck/Marr photo spreads in the next issue of every music magazine ever. There are a few more dates before this is no longer a possibility…

06/13 – Boston, MA @ Tweeter Center
06/14 – Long Island, NY @ Jones Beach
06/18 – Philadelphia, PA @ Mann Center
06/21 – Atlanta, GA @ Lakewood Amphitheatre

Good luck, everybody. Here’s the Chicago night setlist (via remurmur.blogspot.com):

01 “Living Well’s the Best Revenge”
02 “These Days”
03 “Begin The Begin”
04 “What’s the Frequency, Kenneth?”
05 “Pilgrimage”
06 “Hollow Man”
06 “Animal”
08 “Man-Sized Wreath”
09 “Ignoreland”
10 “The Great Beyond”
11 “Accelerate”
12 “Houston”
13 “Electrolite”
14 “The One I Love”
15 “Final Straw”
16 “Find The River”
17 “Let Me In”
18 “Walk Unafraid”
19 “Orange Crush”
20 “Horse to Water”
21 “Bad Day”
22 “I’m Gonna DJ”
23 “Supernatural Superserious”
24 “Pretty Persuasion”
25 “Losing My Religion”
26 “Fall On Me” (w/ Johnny Marr)
27 “Man On The Moon”