Chris Martin Is A Thief, Or Maybe He Isn’t

As you might have heard, Coldplay have a new record called Viva La Vida, Or Death And All His Friends and a song and iTunes commercial of almost the same name. It’s pretty common for people to say this or that Coldplay song sounds like Radiohead or U2, but Creaky Boards? There’s a Brooklyn band with that name whose vocalist and songwriter Andrew Hoepfner claims Chris Martin saw them perform “The Songs I Didn’t Write” at CMJ 2007, then ripped it off in “Viva La Vida.” Creaky Boards made a video to bring their claims to light and YouTube.

Thievery or coincidence? The Guardian’s blog, where we first saw this story, leans toward the latter:

Coldplay have denied the allegation, saying that their track was written and demoed in March 2007, a full six months before Creaky Boards say Chris saw them play. In fact, it now transpires that Chris Martin might not have been at the gig at all. A Coldplay spokesperson said that Chris Martin was recording at Air Studios in London during 2007’s CMJ, and so couldn’t possibly have been in the crowd.

If you’re still not sure, you can take a listen to “The Songs I Didn’t Write” sans commentary at Creaky’s MySpace.