Dirty Projectors - Swing Lo Magellan

The results are in on our caption contest for the photographic album cover to Dirty Projectors’ forthcoming Swing Lo Magellan! And as commenter eldave said: “Tough room.” Thank you for your hundreds of entries, and apologies that your hundreds of entries suffered a hailstorm of downvotes. (We forgot to put “play nice” in the rules, our bad.) One entry that didn’t make the cut was that of Dave Longstreth (pictured above, right). This morning I interviewed him for a piece we’ll publish here soon and asked for his submission. He pointed immediately to Cory Arcangel’s evergreen New Yorker caption “What a misunderstanding!.” This may in fact be the perfect caption, but neither Dave nor Cory are eligible for the Swing Lo Magellan deluxe package prize, because neither posted in the contest thread PER THE RULES. Instead, the comment party victor, and recipient of a Swing Lo Magellan deluxe package is…

diego4533 | May 16th Score:73

“Really? Never seen Seinfeld? The slap bass? Something like puaa-puaa-puaaa-puaaaaa chk ah tn tn tss”

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Congratulations, Seinfeld guy. We’ll be in touch to get you your prize. Thank you all for playing, and to coin a paraphrase, “Sorry for the misunderstanding!”

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  1. Deserving, hands down the best.

  2. Hey Zayin,

    Is this the guy that used outside sources to beef up his comment?

    • I was hoping you’d win just so Amrit would have to write “You win, raptor jesus.”

    • Oh, you mean to say “Did the guy that got 75 upvotes 2 weeks after the original blog posting when the next closest comment had 5 upvotes cheat?” Yes, yes, I believe he cheated. Also, I wouldn’t be surprised if the same people that voted this one ridiculous comment up were also responsible for voting all the rest of everyone’s comments down.

      It’s really sad that this is being rewarded.

      • @danby — too kind, especially since I didn’t even submit a caption ;p

        @zayin — I read your post on Videogum illuminating what had happened as I stayed away from the contest after it reached 2 pages AND MORE SPECIFICALLY after old thompson’s “winning” comment.

        @old thompson — I’m standing by what I said. I will happily buy you a regular old damn copy of this album and mail it to you.

        @stereogum — should’ve been editor’s choice.

  3. Wow.. being referred to only as “Seinfeld Guy” after winning a caption contest? He at least deserves to be recognized with his full name of “diego4533

  4. crazy lame….

  5. This is crazy. Someone actually won a Stereogum contest. I don’t even remember the last time that there was confirmation of someone winning something on here. Usually people go nuts for a week or two, and then the special headphones or guitar or autographed sock is never again mentioned, silently passing into the deepest recesses of memory and reappearing only to haunt our dreams.

  6. This thread is boring. Where are all the down votes?

  7. “Seinfeld guy’s” attempt to recreate what the bass sounds like was pretty bad. It probably would’ve been more effective to say “boomp ba bum bum bump”…also, it’s a keyboard making that bass sound, in case you didn’t know.

    I’m out

  8. Would just like to point out that I posted “what a misunderstanding” on May 16th…

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