Anyone with a set of ears knows Owl City sounds a lot like the Postal Service. Just in case you weren’t sure, though, Adam Young and his laptop basically admitted to ripping off Ben Gibbard and Jimmy Tamborello. He didn’t stop there: Young also nabbed a photo of Chicago called “Ice On The Lake” by a guy named Ben Eubank (aka benisntfunny) for page two of the Ocean Eyes album booklet. Ben took the original from Adler Planetarium “during a not so noticeable sunrise.” Owl City shifted it up a little, deepening and darkening the sky and adding a glowing emo star.

The Original:

(Via Interfacelift)

With Million Fireflies Filter:

(Via Flickr)

Hopefully Ben gets an Owl City Adult Onesie out of this.

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  1. they are the worst

  2. Stereogum says these guys suck, but Hipster Runoff says they’re authentic. I don’t know what side to choose. :-(

    • ugh  |   Posted on Jan 5th, 2010 +2

      Yeah, it is quite unfortunate we’re all void of our own ability to define what we like.

    • I have no idea why your comment has been voted down so many times. I thought it was hysterical. It sucks that stereogum commenters have the worst sense of humor. If i could I’d upvote you a million hundred times.

    • liz  |   Posted on Jan 8th, 2010 0

      how about you go with what YOU think?

    • dude. listen to the band. if you like them, fine, if you don’t, that’s fine too. but don’t base your opinions around what someone else says. it’s lame and, as well as that, epically rude. let them have their opinions without you stealing them.

    • Alex  |   Posted on Jan 12th, 2010 0

      I have to reply to someone who was conflicted by two different websites’ opinions of this band and the (apparent) only member’s way of…screw finding the right word.

      First of all, letting your opinion become left solely up to the internet is just the kind of unoriginality this post is trying to make a point about.

      Second, it’s made quite clear by this post that he is rather unoriginal, although the album artwork is never much of an issue for me. The fact that he admits to basically ripping off one of my favourite bands (which I happen to like 10x more as well), Doesn’t let me believe that he is “authentic” in any way.

    • Keith Thomas  |   Posted on Jan 16th, 2010 0

      I understand that you were not being serious. And I enjoyed your humorous post Anthony.

      In regards to the negative feedback regarding your great post, wow, what a giant bunch of nerds

  3. tom  |   Posted on Jan 5th, 2010 0

    they are the suck

  4. Erin  |   Posted on Jan 5th, 2010 0

    Oooh, I just hate this guy so much!

  5. He also lifted the title of his album and some of the lyrics of “fireflies” from the book, “The Lovely Bones.”

    There is nothing original about this man. His music is mindless nonsense for preteen girls who mistake the imagery in his songs for emotion.

  6. adam  |   Posted on Jan 5th, 2010 0

    “With Million Fireflies Filter” = genius.

    • This. And far more original than anything Owl City has ever done. Can this horrible, horrible man please just go away already?

  7. Cletus  |   Posted on Jan 5th, 2010 0

    How is this a ripoff of the Give Up artwork?

  8. Really now. What possess people to set off on a vandetta to criticize and malign someone that most peope describe as ‘down to earth and humble’ after meeting? Jealousy? When you start scouring the internet to find things like art work (was he supposed to paint his own?) to support your weak argument that he has plagiarized something that you like(even though you hate it) it really reeks of sour grapes.
    For what it’s worth, I am a notorious skeptic and can usually pick out a phony pretty easily. I felt nothing but heart and authenticity of expression from my first listen to Owl City (which happened to be from his ‘Maybe I’m Dreaming’ album). Adam frequently states that his relationship with God is his highest priority so that apparently has the effect of making the songs too ‘squeaky clean’ for some folks. These blogs make me think of Homer Simpson railing against Ned Flanders. Its actually quite comical.

    • No, he’s not expected to paint his own (though Kyp Malone thought it preferable) or even design it himself, he’s just expected to get the permission of/pay the rightful owner of the image that he stole – you know, like most other artists do.

      • Or should I say, like ALL respectable artists do.

      • Interesting… I wasn’t aware that all respectable artists made a point to checked the credentials of the artwork submitted to them for approval by their record label . . . is this a fact that you have verified yourself or just an assumptiom made on your part?

        • lol no, respectable artists usually do the legwork themselves and don’t rely on a label to cultivate their image for them by submitting artwork etc., because if you let record labels dictate such things you end up like this guy.

          • MF McNutt  |   Posted on Jan 10th, 2010 0

            I’ve never heard of an artist doing their own legwork on album art to see if everything has been properly licensed. It’s really the art director’s responsibility to make sure everything is kosher with the artwork being used. This job was probably sent out of house to a freelance designer and that designer decided to cut corners. The label also has a legal department that is used to vet artwork being released.

          • You haven’t?


            I’d draw your attention to the first couple of sentences of the second paragraph of William O’Brien’s second response. In any case, my point about doing the legwork wasn’t so much about licensing images as it was finding/selecting the artwork they want to use for their records.

          • MF McNutt  |   Posted on Jan 10th, 2010 0

            Uh…like I said the artist aren’t involved with verifying that the album art is licensed. They may have chose the art, but I’m pretty sure Grizzly Bear did not draw up the contract and saw to it that the check was signed. Labels have a legal department with the art director often acting as the facilitator. It’s not complicated. Owl City may have very well selected that photo to be in the booklet and someone at the label dropped the ball on getting it licensed.

          • But Ed Droste DID contact the artist personally with regards to using one of his images. Would this not qualify as legwork to the end of an eventual contract drafting? Indeed, it could be contested that William O’Brien’s words, “of course, you’re welcome to use them,” effectively act as an oral contract. This wouldn’t necessarily preclude the drawing up of a full contract, but if Ed were to get served with a subpoena it certainly wouldn’t be inadmissable evidence in court.
            Do you think Owl City similarly got in contact with Ben Eubank to similarly request permission? I think, given the nature of the story, we can be pretty sure that he didn’t. However, I will grant your point that Owl City could have feasibly selected the photo for his album art. But in that case, it would also presumably have been his decision to add the utterly abominable photoshopping. So he’s pretty much damned either way – as a musician who doesn’t put adequate effort into all of his creative endeavours, deciding instead to let his label select or propose artwork, thus effectively allowing them creative control over his image, or as an artist who chooses his own artwork and then mutilates it beyond any merit whatsoever.

          • MF McNutt  |   Posted on Jan 11th, 2010 0

            Yeah, but did Ed Droste select the typeface on the cover, lay it out with the atypical line breaks, with alternating justification, personally kern each letter and tighten the leading? ? Probably not, but as an artist Ed should have laid out the album art in it’s entirety, produced the mechanicals, signed off on the proofs and gone to the press checks because if he doesn’t he’s letting his label control his image.

            Your argument is getting too hypothetical and lacks perspective.

            I think we can both agree that Owl City’s music is a drippy, saccharine Postal Service imitation that lacks authenticity and that he is undeservedly profiting off of someone else’s sound. I don’t defend his music, but it’s the label that screwed up on not getting the proper licensing. It’s not Owl City’s responsibility.

          • To address your first paragraph, I’d say that Chris Bear probably handled all that stuff, Ed Droste can’t be expected to do everything, you know? But then I’m being hypothetical again, aren’t I?
            In all seriousness, while we’re accusing each other of sophistry, you’re well aware that you’re being unreasonably pedantic, not to mention ostentatious and supercilious, even if it is facetiously so. Neither of us believes that such minor typographical/design characteristics really contribute to an artist’s image very significantly in themselves – a photograph/drawing/painting/other such artwork plays a far bigger role.
            OK, I don’t presume to convince you otherwise, but it is my opinion that if the image is published without crediting the original artist as part of Owl City’s product, then the culpability is subsumed under that name. Regardless of who dropped the ball, he will have to accept responsibility for the mistake, therefore he should personally ensure that any artwork he uses is properly licensed beforehand (it really isn’t that effortful a task), just as I am sure that many artists who take pride in all aspects of their work do.

          • MF McNutt  |   Posted on Jan 11th, 2010 0

            Yes, you are being hypothetical.

            Ben Wilkerton, not a member of Grizzly Bear, designed Grizzly Bear’s packaging, although I’m sure Chris Bear had his hand far up Ben’s ass as he operated the graphic designer as though he were a ventriloquist’s doll as a true artist would.

            I’ve worked in the music/entertainment as designer/art director for 10 years. My current boss worked at Jive Records for 15 years. My first boss worked at Warner Brother Records for 25
            years. This is the perspective that you lack and I have. ARTISTS DO NOT CHECK TO SEE IF IMAGES ARE PROPERLY LICENSED, they are not experts in reading legal contracts ? it’s the labels responsibility. Maybe in imaginary blog-world musicians are held responsible for properly licensing images, but in the real world it’s the labels responsibility.

            So… you are wrong.

            If you want, you can stop by my Times Square office and I will explain it to you. Don’t worry I’ll talk slowly.

          • MF McNutt  |   Posted on Jan 11th, 2010 0

            P.S. the series of comments by “Adam Young” on this post was my doing. Pretty funny, right?

          • Don’t let anybody tell you that Americans don’t understand irony – yes, believe it or not (that is sarcasm, you get that, right?), my entire first paragraph was insincere.
            Felicitations on the job; lovely to hear that you’re such a success. Thanks for the offer, if you’re willing to pay for my plane ticket then we shall consider it a date.
            The ‘Adam Young’ comments were rather jocose, yes. However, the fact you were still so preoccupied with our debate a full 13 minutes after your initial response that you felt the need to tell me in postscript as a means of bolstering your cachet is just sad, really.
            MF McNUTT? Yeah, turns out you actually are.

          • MF McNutt  |   Posted on Jan 12th, 2010 0

            So… you are wrong.

          • Yeah, I’m willing to concede defeat to some degree about the licensing matter given that you have ‘the perspective that I lack’, but I stick by my assertion that respectable artists will do their own legwork where finding/choosing their own artwork is concerned, which was my original contention in any case as exhibited in the following:
            “respectable artists usually do the legwork themselves and don’t rely on a label to cultivate their image for them by submitting artwork”
            I wasn’t even really referring to the statement regarding licensing from the comment posted by ‘Forget it’ or ‘Randomoldlady’ or whatever nom de plume that person is going by now, which I reiterated to you in the final sentence of my first response to you:
            “In any case, my point about doing the legwork wasn’t so much about licensing images as it was finding/selecting the artwork they want to use for their records.”
            I was merely drawn into that debate thereafter, on which topic I am happy to be more knowledgeable now, thanks to your industry expertise.

          • jordan  |   Posted on Jan 14th, 2010 0

            so in summary, you two douchebags are both totally super-credible, work with people who have worked at major labels, and are having a totally awesome argument over whether most artists, when choosing or approving of the art for their album, do an exhaustive search of prior art to ensure that they are not violating any copyrights… am i on the right track?

            you guys are awesome. guy1 should go visit guy2 in his times square office, because that’s what a real man would do.

        • tbrat  |   Posted on Jan 12th, 2010 0

          Interesting that this comment was given so many negative scores but seems to hit the nail on the head. False assumptions are being stated as fact here all the time.

          • jordan  |   Posted on Jan 14th, 2010 0

            are you new to this whole “comments on a blog” thing? that’s the whole point. real music execs, and people who know about these things aren’t sitting around reading a fucking blog. so it’s just the rest of us clueless bullshitters who post. so don’t go trying to upset the whole system, alright?

    • Adam Young  |   Posted on Jan 5th, 2010 0

      Mom, is that you?

    • TG  |   Posted on Jan 5th, 2010 0

      Your real name must be Adam Young-or you gave birth to him. Are you kidding me? Everything about him is a rip off. including using words in his lyrics that Ben Gibbard has used “Sock Hop” beneath my bed….what? not only is he trying hard to SOUND exactly like Ben by the way he over pronunciates his vowels, but he is also using references from titles of Bens past work. What he should stick to, is forming his own Postal Service or Ben Gibbard Coverband and stop pretending to be unique.

      • Name your favorite band and give anyone with some brains and access to the internet a few hours and they can produce ‘evidence’ to support their argument that they are stealing from someone else too. It might be a better idea to use those brains to build up rather than tear down.

        • Ma’am, I don’t mean to be impolite, but do you actually read Stereogum, or do you just have a Google News Alert about Owl City? At least 9 out of 10 of the news articles discuss bands that are well-liked here. Can there not be one band to discuss and hate on?

    • God? How old are you?  |   Posted on Jan 5th, 2010 0

      Anybody notice that some friend of Owl City guy/fellow delusional always posts a lengthy defense of this guy’s plagiarism based on how nice he supposedly is in person? Why is that?

      “Adam frequently states that his relationship with God is his highest priority so that apparently has the effect of making the songs too ‘squeaky clean’ for some folks.”

      Oh, that’s why. Just mention that you have faith in God and we know your intentions must be pure and honest. All that tells me is that Adam Young has an imagination, it just doesn’t inform his music.

      • I’m sorry if I seem to be defending the characher of someone that I don’t even know. For all I know he could be just the opposite of the image that has been put out there. I wasn’t trying to defend the person but rather to put my finger on what it was about the music itself that made some people have such a negative reaction to it. Especially since I like most of the same music that the usual Stereogum reader does. I’ve listenedThe Postal Service for years and see the similarity. I’ve been listening to music since before the Beatles and I think I can tell the difference between being influenced by someone and trying to imitate them. You probably don’t agree!
        As far as the album art goes, it was posted on the internet for anyone to use – uncopywrighted from what I read- so it isn’t stealing, although I agree that an acknowledgement would be appropriate. Success does tend to put the artist in a position of less control. Mae what you want of it. Most of you are quite judgemental.

    • Ann! From Sulimay’s! Everyone loves you! Hello!

    • Your comments are mindboggling. “Sour grapes?” Uh, no. I can personally say with 100% certainty that I am not jealous of Adam Young. I’m a visual artist and I would NEVER steal someone else’s work and try to pass it off as my own, no matter how much success or money it might bring me. (And yes, I do believe he BLATANTLY stole from others. I see far too many little “coincidences” for it to be accidental.) I like to think that I have a teensy bit more integrity than that, and I like to think that the vast majority of the artists and musicians I admire would feel exactly the same way. I am, however, angry every time I hear or read about Owl City’s terrible music because there are so many talented, hardworking artists and musicians I love and respect struggling to get by while this man shamelessly exploits others’ work for profits they can only dream of.

  9. Isabel  |   Posted on Jan 5th, 2010 0


  10. He’s doing something right–he’s rich and there are probably a lot of women (OK, young women; roughly college aged, we’ll say) who want to sleep with him.

    The music still sucks, though.

  11. you would think that with all the stealing this guy does, he could turn it into something decent.. you know, like Girl Talk does.

  12. Martti  |   Posted on Jan 5th, 2010 0

    So RANDOMOLDLADY, I hated this guy before you mentioned he was Christian (and I didn’t see anyone else hating against his religious beliefs), but shouldn’t that make the fact that he’s STEALING someone else’s artwork even worse. Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t not stealing one of the commandments Christians are supposed to live by? Or is it ok for Christians to steal now since Jesus will forgive their sins anyway (meanwhile the original artist gets nothing)?

    • FYI, I don’t share the same religious beliefs as this artist. I was just pointing his beliefs out as another influence that might make his music unappealing to some people. I think that it would be very appropriate for the artist to get compensation but stop short of making accusations based on limited knowledge,

  13. This d-bag needs to get sued.

  14. haha  |   Posted on Jan 5th, 2010 0

    Randomoldlady…Random Old Lady…Adam Young’s mom defending him on blogs.

  15. MaryHadNoHymen  |   Posted on Jan 5th, 2010 0

    Relax folks, Adam loves Jesus. By doing so, he is invincible to many charges including copyright infringement. We are all works of God so anything we create is in turn a work of God and can be shared, manipulated, and sold by any other child of the Lord.
    Praise be to fireflies and stuff.

  16. ok, let's here em  |   Posted on Jan 5th, 2010 0

    Since before the Beatles?! Then I should mind my tone. With submission, ma’am, would you mind providing us all with some examples of your listening tastes. Just curious, not important if you don’t care to share. But I must ask, why is ok to judge something good, but not judge something else bad? Nomally I leave comments praising bands who impress me, and that doesn’t seem to offend those who don’t like the album. But if a guy puts out a really bad song, knowing full well that it sounds like a direct rip off of another recently popular tune, and we all notice and cry foul, what’s wrong with that? Of course all songs are similar in many ways, but we both know that this is far more than a similarity. Sorry to single you out, but you don’t seem to be shy about trying to persuade this message board to feel differently.

    • OK. I have the time. Right now I’m liking Phoenix, Grizzly Bears, Julian Casablancas, Passion Pit, The Avett Bros, Freelance Whales, etc, Quick trip through the past, Rick Nelson, the Who, Jethro Tull, Roxy Music, and a bunch of stuff I just can’t remember off the top of my head. But enough of that, There is a lot of music out there that I hate too but I don’t feel qualified to post my assumptions about it anywhere. I just hate to see anyone get racked over the coals this way. I honestly do not see ‘more than similarity’ to The Postal Service here. So sue me and have a lovely day!

      • abuck  |   Posted on Jan 5th, 2010 0

        The issue is this. Adam Young DID in fact rip off artwork and music from a previous, much better, artist. Lyrically and musically he just isn’t good. I mean, seriously, look at these lyrics.

        I’d like to make myself believe
        That planet Earth turns slowly.
        It’s hard to say that I’d
        Rather stay awake when I’m asleep
        Because my dreams are bursting at the seams

        Did he write that on a napkin while drinking an iced coffee at starbucks and then go home and tinker around on garageband? Old Lady listen, if he’s a Christian than great. No one’s here to attack his personal beliefs, just his really BAD music. The people who like him also get chills when they peruse the top 10 songs on itunes. Popular opinion does not always mean a lot in popular music.

        Thank you.

        • “The people who like him also get chills when they peruse the top 10 songs on itunes.”
          I generally dislike most of the top 10 songs on ITunes so there goes the integrity of that statement. Critique the song please and quit judging the people that like it. I’m sure that one or two of them might be intelligent. I say this knowing it will fall on deaf ears, so I’m going to go on to something more productive now. You kids have a good time and try to play nice.

          • Randomyoungman  |   Posted on Jan 5th, 2010 0

            Your personal tastes are your business, but 10 lengthy posts in defense of such mediocre music really blurs the line between obsessive fan and mild psychopath.

            There are much better bands out there to waste your time defending.

          • It reaches the point where its not even about the band anymore and about principle, but yes, I do tend towards compulsive behavior sometimes. Gotta work on that.

      • Adam Young  |   Posted on Jan 5th, 2010 0

        You’re the best mom! I’ll take you to the doctors to have your hearing checked next Tuesday. Grill-cheese ? yum!

  17. Randomoldlady  |   Posted on Jan 5th, 2010 0

    If theft of intellectual property had actually occurred don’t you think there would have been a lawsuit filed by now? So how do you think this guy is getting by with it?

    • MF McNutt  |   Posted on Jan 5th, 2010 0

      No actionable intellectual property was stolen. He would have had to copy a melody or lyrics to be sued. Instead he stole a unique sound of another group. While being morally, ethically and creatively bankrupt, it’s not illegal.

      • with regards the music, true, but that album artwork is a good candidate for infringement of the right to make copies – assuming that the photographer didn’t license the work.

        • MF McNutt  |   Posted on Jan 10th, 2010 0

          Yes, copyright image infringement on the image. I’m sure the photographer is in contact with the label. They’ll settle out of court with the photog getting a nice pay-day.

  18. Joel Wood  |   Posted on Jan 5th, 2010 0

    Not to mention the whole “fireflies” ripoff of the Magnetic Fields song, “100,000 Fireflies”.

  19. Mrs. Young?  |   Posted on Jan 5th, 2010 0

    May I ask you a question, Mrs. Young? How many hours will you spend today checking this message board and criticizing the opinions of others? Do you see the simlilarity in what you are doing and what Owl City’s critics are doing? I’m sorry that you don’t feel qualified to make criticisms of albums that you don’t care for, or recognize blatant plagiarism, but that is your shortcoming and not mine. I don’t mind you telling the world how to feel about art, but you seem to want it both ways. If you can’t understand why the vast majority of posters criticize this band and song, then you have certainly judged your own qualifications correctly.

  20. I for one say who gives a fuck. Artists rip off everything these days, who cares if Owl City does.

  21. I think people need to stop picking on Owl City. The guy is clearly retarded, judging by his picture. He may not be able to write his own songs, but he could probably win you some blackjack money in Vegas.

  22. This is hilarious to me. I have clearly not been paying attention to all the tears and bitterness of this thing, because I simply assumed it WAS Ben Gibbard. Hearing it played a couple of times and learning it was by Owl City, I simply thought “Why does this person need to be fronting yet another band? Two is more than enough already!”
    It’s like the hipster-esque equivalent of learning Hannah Montanna and Miley Cyrus are not the same person. Worlds had been no longer colliding!

  23. blackacre  |   Posted on Jan 5th, 2010 0

    Owl Shitty

  24. TomTheNinja  |   Posted on Jan 5th, 2010 0

    this guy isn’t worth our time. Yes, hes a douche bag but I personally couldn’t care less that he has no creativity.

  25. makeitstop  |   Posted on Jan 5th, 2010 0

    Yeah, I saw the single on MTV and I thought ‘man the postal service guy is looking like a fag these days’ but it slowly dawned on me that it wasn’t him it was some other fag.

    Not that theres anything wrong with being gay. Or Christian. Or stealing. Or whining sweet nothings into a microphone in your bedroom by yourself. It’s all good.

  26. Please, let’s continue to attack bands all the time on this blog.

  27. Lets not talk about this guy, and talk about why the hell Karen O and Eno are not up for awards any more and are being snubbed by fucking Miley Cyrus.

  28. original.music.only.plz  |   Posted on Jan 5th, 2010 0

    Hey Guys,

    Aren’t the Pains of Being Pure of Heart really awesome? I love how original they are. Don’t forget about the Black Lips! They’re so innovative; the 13th Floor Elevators should definitely take some tips from these guys.

    But I hate Owl City.

    • MF McNutt  |   Posted on Jan 5th, 2010 0

      Both the Pains and Black Lips reference genres and not solely an individual act. The genres that they reference are decades old and not essentially a defunct contemporary.

      It’s okay to be inspired by other artist, but bring something original and transformative to your own work. Owl City does not do this.

  29. Sneaky Pete  |   Posted on Jan 5th, 2010 0

    I’m wondering how many of those posting here have no qualms about posting or downloading copyrighted MP3s for free distribution on the internet. If Mr. Young is s doing something illegal, it is out there in public at least and I imagine some litigation would be on the horizon. Meanwhile, I hope I don’t get caught!

  30. jon  |   Posted on Jan 5th, 2010 0

    meh. postal service > owl city any day imho.

  31. Lucky Bee  |   Posted on Jan 5th, 2010 0

    Artists have to steal artwork and images these days…everyone steals their music and they can’t afford to pay for the use of art. Labels are broke too. More power to Owl City for doing what all you clowns do with the music

    • Troof  |   Posted on Jan 5th, 2010 0

      Owl City is not broke. Owl City’s label, Universal, is not broke. To retain the rights for an interior booklet photo would be relatively inexpensive… a few G’s at the very most. Extremely sloppy work by the label in not clearing the photo for usage.

    • ahahaha no  |   Posted on Jan 6th, 2010 0

      Yeah, because *everyone* who thinks Owl City is a shitty rip-off of the Postal Service must be stealing mp3s. And because even if that were true (which it probably isn’t) listening to illegally downloaded mp3s is totally the moral equivalent of Owl City stealing another band’s sound, killing anything that was remotely original about it in the first place, and exploiting it for the purpose of profiting off the 12 year old girl demographic.
      Logic FAIL.

  32. well i hate owl city as much as anyone else.. but to be honest i really don’t give a crap about what they even sound like, let alone what the album art looks like on the inside cover. so with that being said, i think its hilarious watching people try to diss eachother and their respectively unwavering opinions over a relatively insignificant but enlightening article, as if this was a youtube video about cats or something.

  33. AHAB  |   Posted on Jan 6th, 2010 0

    Hey, is The Stereogum in some sorta strategic alliance with the bands they know their community will bash? They could probably get into one, cos I’m sure there are a lot of people here, myself included, who never would have discovered the boy who is Owl City without the help of The Stereogum. These sorts of rant-sessions and faux-debates only make this dude’s music seem more alt than it already does. Friends of mine are now listening to Owl City for IRONY. But the market doesn’t usually pick up on the motivations behind such actions, it just knows that the Owl City boy has plenty of twenty-somethings who wanna the dude him out. If I’m the Owl City boy, I want as many of these conversations to happen as possible before I put out my next album of postal-wave songs. By then, we’ll be even more marginalized by the younger kids and our opinion will be ‘the joke’ not theirs.

  34. Ominopsy  |   Posted on Jan 6th, 2010 0

    I’ve not heard a song by Owl city before. That is perhaps “the grace of the modern world in action”,
    apparently they are/he is really popular, but there are no places where you can’t avoid hearing it. : ) : )

  35. Stanley Horowitz  |   Posted on Jan 6th, 2010 0

    If I’m ever looking for a lynch mob ready to string someone up without a fair trial I know exactly where to find some zealous participants now.

  36. Can someone please make him go away?

  37. matt e.  |   Posted on Jan 6th, 2010 0

    I don’t care about his album artwork–but I’ve heard this ‘fireflies’ song several times now, and I think it’s absolutely terrible.

  38. Vampyre Skullfuckery  |   Posted on Jan 6th, 2010 0

    lens flare for the loss.

  39. I’m surprised this douche actually admitted to being the “next big thing” Postal Service fans were waiting for. Hugs from lightning bugs? Please, Gibbard & Co. have (thankfully) never tried to pass off rhyming that monosyllabic drivel…

  40. Adamovizc  |   Posted on Jan 6th, 2010 0

    The artwork that was supposedly “stolen” can surely not be under copy right laws other wise the case would have been pursued by now. Also for all of those who claim that he “stole” the artwork, have you ever thought that people buy his albums for the music and not for the album artwork?

    • lawyer  |   Posted on Jan 6th, 2010 0

      Well, it is “under copyright” because it was art that was created. You don’t need file anything or do anything but create it. If he used it or manipulated it without the artists consent, he has breached copyright. It may be him, it may be the record company, but the artist’s rights have been violated.

    • matt e.  |   Posted on Jan 6th, 2010 0

      Copyright infringement is more often ignored than it is pursued. Lawsuits are expensive.

    • MF McNutt  |   Posted on Jan 6th, 2010 0

      If people buy music for the music, then why bother to steal or create art in the first place? ? It’s part of the packaging used to sell the music and the brand of the band. Crystal Castles stole an artists rendering of Madonna’s face beat-up and was forced to settle after much legal wrangling.

  41. abuck  |   Posted on Jan 6th, 2010 0

    its a pity owl city is shitty.

  42. Matt Huffine  |   Posted on Jan 6th, 2010 0

    This is something that Sacha Baron Cohen would do to make self-appointed critics shit themselves. At any rate its working.

  43. refill  |   Posted on Jan 6th, 2010 0

    on a totally unrelated note:

    If The Beatles were aroud today, how many hipster would have probably despise them?

    im thinking around 80%

    • Max  |   Posted on Jan 6th, 2010 0

      Doubt it. Maybe the early stuff but it would totally be equivalent to Radiohead. No one else in pop is making albums like The White Album or Sgt. Pepper’s or Rubber Soul. And by that, of course, I mean no one is making the contextual equivalent album. No one was making music like the Beatles at the time (during their first half, yes, they were fairly similar but were already absurdly tight and playing chord progressions and employing song structures other pop bands don’t even try NOW) and if that was still the case and they were around today, they wouldn’t be hated.

      So yeah, good try though.

  44. hipster logic  |   Posted on Jan 6th, 2010 0

    The bad man makes music that I don’t like. I think he sounds suspiciously like the only other band I ever heard that plays in the same genre, so he is a thief! His record that was put out by the evil major label has artwork on it that was stolen and I’m quite certain he is responsible for that too. I know this for a fact because I’m smarter than most people. The fact that his his crappy music makes millions of people feel happy when they listen to it is totally irrelevant. They are all stupid people. He contributes nothing to society. Everything about him is bad, bad, bad and I hate him.

  45. Rob S.  |   Posted on Jan 6th, 2010 0

    Why is theft even an issue when his music sounds fucking terrible? That’s what we should all be talking about. The fanboys/fangirls can defend his “borrowing” of ideas all day, but how exactly do you counter an argument of your favorite band sucks? You don’t because it’s an intentionally stupid argument. So let’s rephrase this argument to: Owl City is the musical equivalent of getting gangraped by a gaggle of polite Christian youth ministers in both ears at the same time.

  46. Jesus Christ  |   Posted on Jan 7th, 2010 0

    Thou shall not steal.

  47. Owl City just proves that when a band is unoriginal, untalented and basically plagarizing with a sense of entitlement that people will reject and bury them – with all of the amazing original, talented music that is sent in to our site each month, Owl City, and their ‘success’ are enough to make one want to bang his head against the wall.

    Owl City not only ripped off someone elses photography and tried to pass it as their own art, but they clearly – and they admitted so – ripped off Ben Gibbard and the Postal Service. They should be buried and forgotten. If their “fans” would only now wake up and realize what dumb fucks they are – the same kind of guys that would shake your hand and stab you in the back at the same time – send them to off Sunset honky tonk bars in Los Angeles – they’d fight in perfectly and maybe they should get some fake boobs while they are there because they certainly don’t have dicks or balls. Ugh.

  48. Dee Beez  |   Posted on Jan 7th, 2010 0

    This is some of the worst music made in the history of music. I’d rather listen to Vanilla Ice play the trombone with his butt than be subjected to this garbage. He looks pretty cool in that picture though. Not. Does anyone know what the procedure for getting someone deported to Siberia is?

  49. gary bushwell  |   Posted on Jan 7th, 2010 0

    Owl City is better than Postal Service, at least. There. I said it….and I didn’t burst into flames. Oh wait… ahhh!!!

    But neither are as good as the guy from Seabear/Sin Fang Bous. Just got turned onto that dude the other day. wicked awesome.

  50. fran  |   Posted on Jan 7th, 2010 0

    what a load of shit, its a picture for god sake -.-
    who cares honestly, you either like owl city or you dont and anyway, POSTAL SERVICE KILLED THE RADIO STAR < think about that on will you and shut your mouth when you realise the bull*** thats coming out of your mouths.

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