Band Of Horses - Dumpster World

Slowly but surely, new music from Band Of Horses is emerging. The South Cackalacka-via-Seattle band premiered a new song, “Long Vows,” at Lolla Brazil in April. And now the first studio material from their Glyn Johns-produced fourth LP has emerged. The minute-plus we get of “Dumpster World” suggests Ben Bridwell and Co. have been listening to some Neil Young (yes, really!): The abridged track kicks off like CSNY and closes like Crazy Horse. Check it out.

Band Of Horses yet-untitled fourth album is out September on Sony.

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  1. I reeally hope they can turn this ship around after that (pretty terrible) third album.

    • Loved that album man

      • I was so ready to love that album. I was huge fan of the first two, I liked Compliments when they teased the album with it, and then it came out and it didn’t do it for me at all. It just seemed to lack the spirit of the first two, I guess. I can’t really put my finger on it.

        • Same here. Evening Kitchen was a good song though.

          This preview doesn’t inspire much confidence, but Long Vows sounded promising, so I’m going to hold out hope for at least a partial return to form.

    • I had no idea it was even possible to dislike Infinite Arms.

  2. The first part sounds exactly like America (the band) and the second part sounds exactly like bad Weezer.

  3. Ramparts nailed it. Pork & Beans FTW.

  4. when you say ‘sounds like America’ are you talking ‘Ventura Highway’-America or ‘Woman Tonight’-America?

  5. Excited for the new Band of Horses album 9/18. Check out the first video “Knock Knock”:

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