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In our review of the Smashing Pumpkins’ very good new album, Oceania, I proclaimed the LP’s third track, “The Celestials,” to be “the catchiest song Billy Corgan has written since ’1979.’” On Friday, Corgan showed up at Los Angeles’s KROQ to play a couple new numbers “unplugged” and what does he do first? That’s right: “The Celestials.” He followed that up with a gorgeous rendition of another new track, “One Diamond One Heart.” Check ’em out.

Oceania is out now via EMI.

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  1. Where was the catchy part? Billy Corgan cannot write songs like he used to. Michael, you need to settle down with your early 90′s alternative rock nostalgia comparisons. Last week you said that Jeff The Brotherhood sounded like Weezer?

  2. Oceania is great! these songs are genuis! thank you stereogum for supporting a great band like the Smashing Pumpkins!

  3. I hear people talking about how good this new album is, and it’s good there’s no doubt about that. That being said, Marry Star Of The Sea, The Future Embrace, Zeitgeist, American Gothic, If All Goes Wrong, The 20th Anniversary Tour MP3s / CDs, and Teargarden By Kaleidoscope weren’t bad. Sure, there may have been some weak tracks but over all those albums were good. And if you don’t get them then you never really understood what Smashing Pumpkins or Billy is about, so get out get out you’ve lost control, get out get out you’re growing cold!

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