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This week we got nostalgic about Singles, PJ Harvey, the Flaming Lips, and 20 Artists Who Have Kept Us Waiting Forever for new albums. But we’re also looking ahead, specifically to next week when we release our annual Cruel Summer mix along with your Indie Song Of The Summer 2012 poll winner. If you haven’t voted, do that below. Then reward yourself by checking out our weekly rundown of your 10 highest rated comments, 5 lowest rated ones, and editors’ picks.



Chris Macowski | Jun 22nd Score:17

major lazer – get free!

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Nathan Christensen | Jun 23rd Score:18

I cannot BELIEVE you missed this one

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Nathan Christensen | Jun 23rd Score:22

“Can someone please nail my hand onto this crucifix? I would do it with my other hand but I nailed it to the crucifix.” – Michael_

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#7 estonian dwarf | Jun 25th Score:25

No, wait, they’re still together.

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#6 micahrophone | Jun 27th Score:26

your summers gonna suck

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#5 plb102 | Jun 22nd Score:26

The guys in the Black Keys realize they are a mainstream arena act right? Not that there is anything wrong with that but they need to get the fuck off their high horse.

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#4 djfreshié | Jun 22nd Score:28

It’s like when you have a closet of old hats you love and one day you open the closet and the old hats are all still in there, but in front of those old hats are a bunch of new hats you didn’t buy but they’re fine hats and you wear them too, but where are the old hats, oh there they are. In the back.

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#3 micahrophone | Jun 27th Score:31

always a good gauge

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#2 airlifted | Jun 22nd Score:42

Really sick of misleading and completely false headlines like this one. He didn’t call Van Halen “Fucking Retarded”. He called the idea of them (or any older band) replacing an original member with a 20 year old “fucking retarded”. Most people don’t click and actually read the context.

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#1 gruff | Jun 22nd Score:43

steal my sunshine, just like it is every summer

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#5 Michael_ | Jun 23rd Score:-20

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#4 Michael_ | Jun 23rd Score:-20

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#3 Michael_ | Jun 23rd Score:-22

“Insert wittty Internet quip to gain upvotes by jumping on bandwagon against other commenter while looking kind of like a douche in real life no matter what image I’m trying to pull of.” – Nathan Christensen

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Corey Minagh | Jun 22nd Score:-28

Hey, check out my music page. Give it some love huh? It’ll make me feel alllllright!

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Corey Minagh | Jun 22nd Score:-32

Gimme all your likes, NOW

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Tim Curtin | Jun 28th Score:5

couldn’t agree more that ‘Would?’ is (of course arguably) their best song. even on their unplugged session it achieves that level of emotion as on the album cut.

State of Love and Trust…how did this song not make it on to a record? But PJ has always been pretty stacked with B-sides.

oh and if you guys are PJ and/or Cameron Crowe fans I beseech you to watch PJ20…incredibly insightful, funny, tragic, glorious rock music throughout.

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JaggerT | Jun 28th Score:0

And it’s supposed to be 104 here this weekend/4th of July, so I’m going to hole up in a Cold Cave, eat some Clams Casino, and hope an Ice Choir will provide to me the Cat Power to Slowdance with my lady. If the situation Micachu and the Shapes up well, I may offer my Purity Ring in the hopes she’ll be a Yeasayer and we can share some Physical Therapy if you know what I mean.

I’m sorry.

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Comments (70)
  1. Michael_ this week:

  2. This is the second time I’ve had a comment from before the previous week’s shut up dude make it into the top ten. I still think it’s a little weird and I’m not sure it should count.

    Also, a big fuck you to Corey Minagh from keeping Michael_ from sweeping the lowest rated comments. Maybe spam should be banned from this feature.

  3. The Corey guy really has got to learn it’s not cool to post facebook links.

    8) = Opposite of Corey

    • Also, is there a reason we’ve been ignoring the existence of the Dirty Projectors leak for the past three or four days?

      • It just hit me the other day that that album is out soon but I figured it hadn’t leaked yet since I didn’t see anything about it on stereogum. Michael_, you are the gift that keeps on giving.

      • Really? Awesome, I’ll go through my usual routine of diligently waiting until release and then breaking about a week beforehand anyway.

      • I’m starting to take a Joe Howse approach to leaked albums. It’s like finding where your parents hid the Christmas presents a week before the big day. That said, I’m hoping this one will the Super Nintendo of my Summer 2012.

    • Even your biggest detractors would admit that you are cooler than Corey.

      • I should probably take this chance to thank all of my invisible friends here for being super 8) text-based beings. Let’s make this Shut Up, Dude all about <3 .

        • <3 You, Dude

          • Since we’re sharing the <3

            JaggerT, your Editor's Choice comment is amazing.

            And I DO know what you mean. If you know what I mean…

          • The oxygen levels in the atmosphere have replenished, so I finally emerged from my apartment this morning. I can even remove my space helmet.

            I learned a lot this weekend. I woke up multiple times in the night with both “Let me Be Him’ and “Henrietta” stuck in my head. I feel a lot of energy listening to Japandroids, but the lyrics tend to let me down. I think I enjoy them from time to time, but overall, they’re not my thing.

            Also, the new Best Coast album doesn’t grab me emotionally like her earliest singles did. I do continue gravitating toward’s Beach House’s “Bloom” and “Myth” seems to be the song I can’t get enough of. I thought of you guys while I was devouring popsicles in front of the air conditioner absorbing the latest summer jams. Multitasking! On the weekend! Have a great week gang.

          • Actually, it’s “Longevity” that I can’t get enough of. I miss the sound Yeasayer had on earlier songs like “Wait for the Summer” “2080″ and “Red Cave.” I felt Odd Blood was a bit hit-or-miss, but the new sound was interesting. After hearing “Longevity” and “Henrietta”, I’m excited to see what the new stuff is like.

          • I listened to “Let Me Be Him” four or five times in a row yesterday.

            Easily one of my favorite songs of the year and has to be one of Hot Chip’s better tunes in awhh… who am I kidding? Hot Chip makes lots of great songs.

          • this hot chip is hot. i wish I could listen to it more but there was no BNM from pitchfork so right in the trash bin for it. really looking forward to seeing whether or not i can give these new blur tithes the luv i have for them or not. waiting 4 p4k

  4. You always know it’s been an interesting week when Shut Up Dude contains the word “Michael_” more than once.

  5. As proved in the last Shut Up, Dude comments, turns out Michael_ wasn’t such a bad guy after all, and I think that the real moral of the whole story, that we can take away and dwell on in our hour of need, is that Silver Soundz suckz.

  6. Wow. People really need to know their audience better. Trolling for Facebook likes at Stereogum is clearly not working.

  7. Grizzly Bears “Two Weeks” came on the shuffle when I was halfway through MIchaels big confession

    it was a nice moment

  8. The last time I tried to talk about Album of the Week here I got downvoted, but a lot of the time I check out an album b/c it is picked for AOTW and by the time I hear it enough times to have an opinion too much time has passed and no one is checking it anymore.

    Anyways, I love the album and I think it’s a great pick for AOTW, but that last track is completely unlistenable right?

    • I’m a big Segall fan and that last track is just excruciating.

    • OH YAY! plb is late to the AOTW party too.

      My Story:

      Came home last night around midnight. Roommie had finally picked up his “Slaughterhouse” copy on vinyl. BTW, it’s 10″ vinyl, for some small reason.

      Anyway, we instantly throw it on since I have yet to hear it. I instantly start jumping about and playing air guitar to “Death” while explaining to my friends that “I’ve never heard this song before.”

      Interestingly on the vinyl, “Fuzz War” is Side C. Interesting that he’d throw the sequencing out of order on the vinyl, as it really makes no sense to listen to “Fuzz War” after Sides A & B, let alone listening to more songs after it. The record on a whole is amazing and so much fun to hear.

      On the topic of “Fuzz War” — unlistenable it is not. From now on I’ll listen to Side D before Side C as “Fuzz War” needs to be the final track. When it comes to final tracks on albums, there are MANY ways to properly shut down your album (shutting down a live concert even). One of those ways is with feedback (read: MBV’s “You Made Me Realise” 15 minute plane-landing-and-taking-off-repeatedly live closer. Also, on BORIS “Pink” the final track “Just Abondoned My-Self” has an extended feedback outro before winding down).

      So Ty Segall Band choosing to close Slaughterhouse with “Fuzz War” is a perfect option. Since I read a bit about the song before I actually heard it, I was expecting something along the lines of the vinyl version of “Pseudo-Bread” (again, BORIS “Pink” touchstone) that actually sounds like you are INSIDE a jet engine (as opposed to it taking off and landing… remember? from before).

      “Fuzz War” is actually quite listenable when placed in this context. It actually begins soft, churns up, and then finds a groove? I mean, for something that I thought was going to be all feedback, it actually finds a sort of repetition to propel the incessant jamming and noise making that goes on top of it. Again, I’ve only heard the song twice, but both times seemed like a necessity and a beautiful way to lose track of time and forget that an amazing album is actually coming to a close.

      I think there is a reason in the liner notes “Fuzz War” actually gets a Thank You. Consider it a spiritual awakening through amplifiers. I love and approve of “Fuzz War”

      • I was waiting for someone to talk me into giving it a few more chances! He definitely deserves the benefit of the doubt. I was revisiting Goodbye Bread and I don’t think I ever gave that album it’s due. I think TS would be successful making whatever kind of music he wanted and has forced himself onto the short list of most talented individuals in indie(can I still use that term?) rock.

        • Goodbye Bread is pretty damned amazing. A wonderful listen.

          When Jay Reatard passed, there was a Flying-V sized hole in my heart. Nothing else can really fill that hole, but I like to think Ty Segall fills it with delicious pudding quite nicely.

  9. Where are the tiny gold quarter notes? Winners need some swag.

  10. Maybe one day I’ll make a comment about music that will make it up here.

  11. Damn…y so many pics gotta be animals on dis cite? it dont make any sense. nd michael_ is my hero.

  12. The Sad thing is, from stalking Corey, it looks like he’s an LCD Soundsystem fan. Come on, Corey. I expect better from you.

  13. Some things I found cool this week:

    - You can buy Stephin Merritt’s house. It’s not tacky at all and comes in a wonderful hue of pink for just $649,000, located in an area in SoCal predominantly surrounded by Mexicans in old apartments:

    - The band The Sleepies. They have a new album coming out on GODMODE Records (Mr. Dream, YVETTE) and their new song “Seriously” is great if you’re into scuzzy, mangled punk.

    - Cloud Nothings released Attack On Memory on cassette today at Carpark’s store. It’s only $5, shipping included. You really can’t go wrong with that (unless you don’t have a tape player.)

    - Gallows released a single off their new album, the first since frontman Frank left to form a pop rock band with that dude from Clouds and was replaced by Wade MacNeil of Alexisonfire. I actually think they sound better now — Like Damian Abraham fronting older Ceremony or Trash Talk.

    - This mew Dirty Projectors album is so good.

    P.S. The “Some things I found cool this week” during Shut Up, Dude… is what I’ve found to be my only way to contribute something different to the comments section since I normally can’t during the day indefinitely. I’ll try to make it a syndicated comment offering from now on.

    • Fuck you, why don’t you kill yourself???

      Just kidding, I pretty much read every word of every comment I see of yours and I dig this even though I don’t have a tape player.

    • This is a really cool idea.

    • I would love to hear some more of your thoughts regarding the Dirty Projectors album, I was also looking forward to a premature evaluation, since it leaked a couple days ago, but saw the energy wasted on a frivolous Lana Del Ray retrospective (frivolous to me, not generally).
      I listened to it about 10 times the night it leaked and the following but I’m not really good at coming up with an opinion or studying it in depth (also why I don’t comment much) most of the time I think I’ll make myself look like a fool and just say “Yeah, it’s good.” or “I like it.”
      Anyway I find the album altogether really pleasant. Reminded me of 70′s songwriter stuff (some of my favorite!) James Taylor, Paul Simon. What I liked on this album than on the last one is the drums and bass, as I mentioned in another thread, I never felt like they clicked on the last album (on some tracks) but they provide more rhythmic and melodic accompaniment here.

      There I go, making myself look like a fool! lol

      Anyways heres a true minimal Sloth review:
      1: Altogether pleasant
      2: GrooOovy bass
      3: Pretty girls sing prettily
      4: DRUMS!
      5: Hand-Claps!

      I like it! It’s good!

      • I was probably in the minority who thought that Bitte Orca had its moments of beautiful brilliance, but what turned me off for the most part were the constant jilting in chord progressions and Angel Deradoorian’s voice. It made me dizzy. Maybe an unpopular feeling, but I am glad she’s not a part of Swing Lo Magellan, and I like Daniel Longstreth up front leading the way on vocals. These songs are seriously well-crafted and tuneful without losing the project’s articulate identity. This album is Dirty Projectors’ Merriweather Post Pavillion in that there’s times of grounded pop and rock cohesion going on (“Offspring Are Blank” is maybe their most bad ass listen) but it’s not formulaic or boring. I went as far as to repeat the entire album from start to end after it was finished. 9/10

    • When you say the new Dirty Projectors album is so good that’s really just a euphemism for really really boring, right? Because it is. Extremely boring.

      Downvote away, peoples.

      • You’ve got to be more offensive than that if you want to make it into the SUD HOS (Shut Up, Dude Hall of Shame) and live up to your name.

        • I’m so used to people downvoting for the dumbest reasons that I sort of assumed any negative opinion was going to get that reaction. I guess the majority of ‘gum commenters have learned self-restraint.

      • Well, Bitte Orca could and often was construed as boring too, so how do you feel it compares to that album? It’s definitely on my list to listen to soon however. I personally think Bitte Orca alternated between boring and amazing but Useful Chamber was my favorite track of the ’09; fuck my My Girls which I still think is highly overrated.

        • I’m right with you on useful chamber although I think My Girls is somewhere between slightly overrated and properly rated

          • It was certainly one of the best songs from that year, but I don’t think it stands apart from the rest as the best as some people seem to. One of a group of some really great songs from ’09.

        • The band is boring. The only time I ever found the Dirty Projectors interesting was when they did their Black Flag rework Rise Above, and that was because it was a twee take on angry, angry music. But the novelty quickly wore off a few tracks in. I get that everyone in the band is technically gifted, but the jazzy guitars, R&B rhythms, and Longstreth’s tendency to drift towards scat vocals annoy the fuck out of me. I like all three separately when used by other groups but the combination that Dirty Projectors make is grating.

          On the other hand, I found Animal Collective’s detour into pop music fascinating. “My Girls” is either the best joke a band has played on it own fanbase to see what they’ll tolerate, or the best genuine attempt an indie band has made at making a pop crossover without altering its core principles. Most people like Animal Collective because they’re always weird. Well, that was certainly the weirdest thing they could have done at that time.

          • I still think “Stillness Is The Move” is one of the greatest songs released recently, however I could give fuck-all about Dirty Projectors.


          • I respectfully disagree with your opinion, but I understand not liking their aesthetics. I have unsuccessfully tried to get friends to listen to DP albums (haha out of context that is a pretty wacky sentence). For my friends, it was either hate or love and really no middle ground. A few of them used the words “ugly” and “annoying” to describe their music, but I don’t believe that I have ever heard anyone use the word “boring.” You don’t find their overall use of vocals fresh at all? Maybe I need to listen to more music, but I haven’t been as intrigued by a band/artist’s use of vocal melodies/harmonies/rhythms and lyrics since Bjork (I’m lying sort of because TV on the Radio exists).

          • I like them for the King Sunny Ade guitars myself (especially on Useful Chamber, shit is bananas).

  14. Since we’re on the topic of Michael_ I would like to salute you for providing news about the new Avett Brothers single. I keep up with music adequately but I would of never of known about the song and album details if not for checking out Michael_’s blog. Kudos, and shame on all the “Indie” skewed sites for not covering news about this wonderful band.

    • When in doubt, send an e-mail to I sent it their way, but I think I’m on their and their friends’ black lists now, so maybe it’s time for others to step up and suggest some overlooked content.

    • Also thanks to Michael_ for introducing me to Joyce Manor, who I too wouldn’t have found out about were it not for his blog.

      • Joyce Manor are another good band that seemingly get’s ignored on indie blogs/sites despite getting lots of buzz on the more physical scene as opposed to the internet scene that binds together much of the indie world. Constant Headache is my favorite. My friend who is mostly into punk told me about them and then I started noticing a lot of their shirts at local band shows. Fake Problems is another pretty good band that I think deserves more coverage.

        • It’s really interesting how some punk bands enter the realm of “indie rock” while others do not. It’s getting harder and harder to figure out how, why, and where the distinction gets made. Japandroids, for instance… I love Celebration Rock, but it sounds a lot like music I listened to in middle school. I thoroughly enjoy it, but I have no idea why it’s getting the amount of love that it is. And yet, I do. I dunno… it’s weird. They’re just not as obvious of an indie crossover as Titus Andronicus, or even Fucked Up. Meanwhile, fucking great bands like Good Luck or Nana Grizol are completely ignored, despite putting out some of the best records in the history of the human race.

          • You aren’t the only one who feels that way about Japandroids. There is a great article about them in Spin that talks about their whole history and one thing I took away from it was despite hard work, being in the right place at the right time is sometimes the most important part of a musical career.

            To paraphrase the first part of the article, after being a band for two years and releasing Post-Nothing with close to no reaction online, they planned on playing a few of their final shows as a band at 2008′s CMJ Marathon. Although they played to mostly empty rooms, a Toronto critic named Stuart Berman happened to catch a show. I immediately recognized that name, and most of you who read Pitchfork will, too.

            I don’t won’t to take anything away from their success because I absolutely love that record and their new album is decent, but wouldn’t you say Lady Luck has been on their side a bit? Granted, they hit the show out of the park and impressed the musical critic, but if Pitchfork didn’t champion them, I am not so sure we would be talking about them today.

          • It’s kind of stupid, and pretty much has a lot to do with image and what label they’re on, who in the scene they’re playing / are friendly with and not at all really about what distinguishes them sonically between “indie” and punk, because there isn’t really much difference between a Pitchfork or Stereogum-type punk or hardcore bands than a ton of others in the genre. Look at Trash Talk for example — They’re on the Odd Future label, are going to tour with spaceghostpurrp and are Pitchfork’s go-to band when it comes to covering hardcore (not to ignore the fact that Trash Talk has turned into a commercialized brand name at this point with their violence becoming a shtick Same goes for OFF!, but whatever — punks have to make money somehow.) As mentioned above, Gallows or even bands like Birds In Row or Narrows are very similar sounding and wouldn’t even be considered worthy of either site’s content space, but because the others have hip tie-ins, they get it. Also, look at Ceremony. Love them, but few in the indie spectrum cared about them until they signed to Matador and now they’re opening for Bloc Party this fall, which probably the most indie-friendly tour they’ve done thus far.

            Then you have Loma Prieta, Touché Amoré, Joyce Manor and Title Fight — All great young punk, hardcore, post-hardcore bands with crossover potential but get little love from the indie blogosphere. The only tastemaker I see who keeps an open-mind with these type of bands is FYF (as this year and past year line-ups to their FYF Fest attest to that.) I don’t think these bands would be against having their names written about on sites that are not just punk and hardcore-centric, but it’s almost like they have to sign on with Matador and get Brandon Stosuy’s seal of approval to get noticed. All he wants to talk about is Deafheaven, but then again, all of these bands are friends with Deafheaven, so maybe he’ll catch on.

          • There’s an element of luck to any band “making it”. As nice an idea as it is, it’s simply not true that the best music will automatically get the attention it deserves. The right journalist needs to be at the right show or the right label exec needs to hear the right single. The best that can be hoped for is that they will be appreciated at some point down the line because of a more successful band(s) they inspired, see VU, Modern Lovers, Daniel Johnston, The Sonics etc. etc. etc.

          • Yo. Michale_. I’m sorry for ever speaking ill of you. You know your shit.

          • and by Michale_ I mean Michael_.

          • No need to apologize, handsome. 8)

  15. A Rubberjohnny themed cover of Enrique’s “Hero” and I’m still not in the top comments.

    Oh and I’m confused, why are we actually discussing music? Shouldn’t we be going for each others throats right now? Come on guys it’s almost the 4th, where’s your sense of patriotism? In America we don’t have constructive conversations! We call each other faggots and insult each other’s musical tastes!

    I am so disappointed/proud of all of you.

  16. Ouch!! Ok, my bad. Awfully sorry for coming across like a massive tool. You’re all spot on with you’re comments. Totally lame on my behalf. Apologies.

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