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Bands love it when you shout requests at them between songs, so leave it to Pearl Jam to allow one fan to craft an entire 27-song set. Longtime Ten Club member Brian Farias of Rhode Island was selected to be flown to Amsterdam for a pair of shows by the band, and then asked to craft his ideal setlist, to be performed during the second show, on 6/27. Farias told Rolling Stone he went through 40 or 50 drafts before settling on his final selections, which included a couple serious obscurities, including Vitalogy’s “Bugs,” which was played for the first time since Halloween 2009 and only for the second time ever, according to (What, no “Stupid Mop”?) Farias’s dream set is now being called the “greatest Pearl Jam setlist of all time.” Check it out and tell us what he should’ve done differently.

01. “Wash”

02. “Last Exit” 

03. “Animal”

04. “State Of Love And Trust” 

05. “Severed Hand” 

06. “Corduroy”

07. “I Got Id”

08. “Daughter” (w/ “W.M.A.” snippet)
09. “Nothing As It Seems” 

10. “Got Some” 

11. “Dissident” 

12. “Once”

13. “Glorified G” 

14. “Deep” 

15. “The Fixer”

16. “Bugs”

17. “Better Man”

First Encore:
18. “Release”

19. “Hail Hail” 

20. “Alone” 

21. “Footsteps”

22. “Rearviewmirror” 

Second Encore
23. “Crown Of Thorns” (Mother Love Bone cover)
24. “Sonic Reducer” (Dead Boys cover)
25. “Alive”
26. “Baba O’Riley” (The Who cover)
27. “Yellow Ledbetter”

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  1. No “Tremor Christ”, no “greatest Pearl Jam” setlist, sorry. Too much meh mellow stuff.

  2. Nothing from Yield?

  3. pretty great. i would’ve subbed out two of those for elderly woman and black – but hey, it’s his list and not mine. those are already played live fairly often, anyhow. i love how vs.-heavy this list is.

  4. Do the Evolution should be included on the “greatest” I think…

  5. Nah the best Pearl Jam setlist was at Lollapalooza 1992 at Jones Beach because after Lush played there was a typhoon and half of Pearl Jam’s equipment fell into the ocean and the concert was cancelled.
    It was worth missing Soundgarden, RHCP and Ministry.

  6. It’s pretty good. I’d have liked Porch in there somewhere, but otherwise that’s about as solid a show as you can get.

    And no, nothing from Yield seems pretty decent. Only token songs from their post 90′s albums is also a pretty solid idea.

  7. No but that guy is lucky as shit…

  8. I would have had something from Yield and more from No Code

  9. No “Breath”? For shame.

    • “Breath” is one of the crossed-out songs. (The other is “In My Tree”.) I suspect they were running long.

      Also, this was apparently a band-modified version of Brian’s setlist. There’s another copy floating around that has “Fatal”, “Jeremy”, and “Other Side” instead of “Severed Hand”, “Deep”, and “Nothing As It Seems”.

  10. “Elderly Woman…”….? and I hate Pearl Jam.

  11. An excellent setlist and by all accounts an amazing performance, but hardly the greatest Pearl Jam setlist of all time. Without digging very deep, 10/3/05 Philly is both similar and superior

    1 Wash
    2 Hail Hail
    3 Brain Of J
    4 Spin The Black Circle
    5 Given To Fly
    6 Sad
    7 Alone
    8 Even Flow
    9 Green Disease
    10 Faithfull
    11 Whipping
    12 Not For You/(Modern Girl)
    13 Leatherman
    14 Better Man/(?)/(Save It For Later)
    15 Nothingman
    16 Once
    17 Bleed For Me
    18 Blood
    –1st encore—
    19 Around The Bend
    20 Harvest Moon (w/Sleater-Kinney)
    22 Hard To Imagine
    23 Crown of Thorns
    24 Crazy Mary
    25 Alive
    —second encore—
    26 Last Kiss
    27 In My Tree
    28 Do The Evolution
    29 Sonic Reducer
    30 Little Sister
    31 Leaving Here (w/Sleater-Kinney)
    32 Rockin In The Free World (w/Sleater-Kinney)
    33 Yellow Ledbetter.

    • That IS a monster set-list!

    • That was in the top three concerts I’ve ever been to. I went with a friend of mine in college and we were discussing what songs we really wanted to hear. I wanted “Wash” and he wanted “Brain of J”… and they were both played in the first three songs! So awesome. Also loved their Dead Kennedys cover and “Around the Bend”.

    • you are totally right… i can think of another 2 or 3, but i’d have to check the files… i think somewhere between this one and his, you could develop the perfect list…

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  14. This is pretty good, but I’m goin’ hungraaayyyy-yeeeaahhh for a Temple of the Dawg cover, y’all

  15. I would have made them play “Jeremy” for 90 minutes.

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  17. I know Jeremy is the hit and all, but dude, that one has to be there. Yes, it’s the hit, but it’s also one of the greatest songs of the 90′s as well. So, no. This is not the great Pearl Jam setlist of all time, not even close.

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  19. no it isnt. maybe to Brian it is.

  20. No Jeremy? ooowooooaaaaahhhhh aye-aye-aye-aye-aye!i!!!

  21. lol at the people who tried way too hard to insult Pearl Jam in the comments.

  22. emphatically, NO; it is not the best

  23. no… missing some songs i love by pj and has some ones on it that i would easily sub out… that being said… can pj have a `bad`setlist, the answer is no

  24. Bugs? Seriously?….I’m just saying….Bugs and no Given to Fly? Obviously a solid effort, not the greatest of all time.

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