Shut Up, Dude: 6/6/12

This week we celebrated Dirty Projectors, Christopher Owens, Frank Ocean, and American independence (with some help from Indie Song Of The Summer champions Japandroids). Let’s take a look at what you had to say about all of it, for better or worse…


#10 nightswimmer | Jul 2nd Score:38

Q: What does Christopher Owens have in common with the Japandroids?
A: They both “quit Girls”!

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#9 c’mere a minute | Jul 2nd Score:39

No way, JR White is a huge part of Girls’ sound. He handles the production on their records, and I don’t know about you, but the way that Album SOUNDS is what really makes it an incredible record to me instead of just a great record. Owens is definitely a great songwriter, but the acoustic version of a song like “Hellhole Ratrace” does not become such a powerhouse of a recording incidentally. Between that production and his pitch-perfect basslines I think White was the perfect compliment to Owens. Dude needs his props. An Owens solo record will be good, but it won’t be Girls.

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Nathan Kerce | Jul 4th Score:43

“Dibs on all Franks hoes” – Taco

Best reaction yet.

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Griff Fuller Jr. | Jul 4th Score:48

Queer boys of color really need visibility and support, the lack of it is the reason why so many of us are still closeted. I’m hella proud of Frank for having the courage to be out and open and true to himself with no compromise, not even with mainstream success. This is great news. :)

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Corey Minagh | Jul 2nd Score:55

Why the hell did I decide to check my Twitter page when I was out?!

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#5 rubberjohnny0829 | Jul 4th Score:56

lol gay

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#4 raptor jesus | Jul 4th Score:56

My hearts and prayers are with the Frank Ocean women fans of this world who are now crying in their pillows I’m sure.

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Chris Selden | Jul 2nd Score:59
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#2 Corban Goble | Jul 4th Score:61

Frank’s mom:

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Sam Nabors | Jul 4th Score:90

A lot of the homophobia amongst hip-hop fans is being exposed. Not saying they all are, but Waka Flocka tweeted support for Frank last night. And nothing against Waka, but if Waka Flocka Flame’s views are more progressive than yours, you need to re-evaluate your life.

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#5 ramona | Jul 3rd Score:-14

Jeez, what’s with all this rap shit all the time?

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#4 labussierer | Jul 4th Score:-16

except for Japandroids and The Walkmen, it all sucks.
I mean, come on!
Tanlines ?! Twin Shadow ?!! Yeasayer ?!!!!! What the f… is that ??
Are we back in the 80′s ??!!!! the worst decade ever ?? Can’t believe that…
Where are DIIV or Bass Drum of Death in this tracklist ?

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Jorden Schmidt | Jul 4th Score:-19


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Michael Hanna | Jul 4th Score:-20

Boy, you are always on a mission for that top-rated comment, aren’t you?

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#1 cale | Jul 2nd Score:-60

This is great news. Aside from Honey Bunny, that last album was fucking terrible. hopefully he’ll get back to writing good songs now.

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phobicbill | Jul 5th Score:3

they are high as balls

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frank booth | Jul 4th Score:9

I downvoted you because your opinion is different than mine. And this I cannot abide.

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  1. Michael Hanna calls out Michael_ for always trying to get the top rated comment and almost gets the weeks lowest rated comment. Ironic? That word has kind of lost a definite definition in recent years so I’m not really sure :(

    • Well, the reaction to my comment makes it official, Michael_. All of your bizarre, smarmy efforts have somehow paid off, and you don’t have to try anymore. They like you; they like you!

      • Someone’s still sore about losing MICHAELMANIA!

        • Dude, I think I’ve been in the lowest-rated comments about three times before this and have probably almost gotten in a bunch of other times. As stated weeks ago, it’s not something that matters to me. I’m definitely an opinionated person; I certainly wasn’t doing this wanting or expecting to win a popularity contest. I said what I said because I was sick of him making the same kind of post under every article. I thought maybe if I let him know that at least one person saw what he was (STILL) doing that maybe he would just stop. I think his behavior is lame and has gotten really old, and if you take anything from my posts, it should be that.

          • I’ve been avoiding addressing this because I think the whole “meta Stereogum comment section drama” thing has run its course (and I get the feeling that the people running this site probably have gotten tired of it, too) but I don’t really understand your point, which is that you dislike the way I comment in a positive light because you believe it’s all done so in a contrived way trying to get the top scoring comment of the week. I guess everyone who says anything “nice” when writing a comment about the content on here is making that same mistake, then, by your standards.

            I particularly don’t aim to make week-end lists with each word I type, as it’s nice to see new faces pop up and join the discussion each week, nor do I see the point in wasting energy saying something grating about a song or band that I don’t care about but others do (and believe me, there’s a lot more of it on here than usual lately.) Like Mr. Barnhart responded to you, “Or he could just be a nice guy. I’m rather tired of the cynicism.”

            Anyhow, let’s focus on the music and less on trying to kill each other off each week.

          • MICHAEL….reconciliation?

            Aw man.

            :puts down the megaphone:

            :turns off the heavy metal music:

            :rolls up the Budweiser banners:

          • I wouldn’t expect you to admit understanding my point, and no, not everyone approaches posting the way that you do. I can’t help but be a bit incredulous that after everything that has gone down on here that you would actually claim to not be trying to get everyone’s attention since not that long ago you basically said that is really important to you to be the center of attention on here. I think your post under the Frank Ocean article was you attempting to be subtle about it. I don’t know that Mr. Barnhart is very familiar with your extensive body of work in the comments section or is at all perceptive. If you are sincere about focusing on the music, you know exactly how to do that, and the proof, as always, will be in your posts.

          • I thought we collectively had gotten over the low points and moved on, and this is degenerating everything back to awkward, unfun and basically beating a dead horse to death. I like this community but I don’t like picking apart why everyone says what they say and how it equates to them being attention whores. I honestly don’t get your point. I can think of a dozen or more other commenters who actually enjoy being front and center more than I do, and if I garner attention, thanks (I guess?)

            I don’t think I would be wrong in saying, on behalf of every commenter on Stereogum: Shut the hell up, get over yourself and stick to the music. If you have an issue with people being polite and positive, then I don’t know — Hop over to BrooklynVegan’s comment section?

          • …And since a lot of people gave me some positive reinforcement when I got frustrated in the past, I’ll pay it forward: Pointing fingers or getting mad isn’t going to do you any favors. It sounds like you’re taking comments offensively and personally, and if this is causing you to do that, maybe you should step away for awhile to think about what you’re really mad about. Everyone has something to contribute here and no voice is louder than the other. You’re well-worded even when you’re a bit sniveling, so unless your end game is to solely upset people (which I personally believe is a complete waste of time. Who trolls in 2012 anymore? Even RubJon knows where to hit his spots…) I think we’ve all learned in the past few months that ultimately none of us is bigger than Stereogum. I’m saying this because I’d rather you feel part of this rather than a critic of it.

            You don’t have to agree with me or anything else anyone says when it comes to their music opinion, but c’mon, guy — Have some faith that when someone says even the most Hallmark-y thing, they actually mean it.

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          • He’s making you look good michael_ let em snivel no one cares

        • What Michael Hanna should have responded with:

  2. Aside from the news end spectrum of music happenings, this week was predictably slow and didn’t offer a whole much to devour in terms of notable new music. What I thought was cool however was:

    - The greatest British band of all time, Blur, giving us two great new songs
    - The new Baroness album springing a leak
    - Reading Tyler Bradley reference Sky Ferreira in the Charli XCX post and being able to use this magazine cover pic of the both of them with Grimes:

    • im sorry, but blur doesn’t even make the top 10 of best british bands of all time

    • Another cool thing that just happened…

      I’ve been avoiding listening to Dirty Projectors Bitte Orca for the past three years because it kind of conjures up some unhappy memories. Nothing against the band or the album, as they and it are anything but unhappy, and last week after hearing and enjoying Swing Lo Magellen, I decided it was time to confront these memories head on. I ordered the album on cassette via Domino, and it arrived this week. Seizing the opportunity to unwind (pun intended) tonight, I peeled the plastic off the cassette case, stuck the tape into my stereo — which is fairly new — pressed “play,” and instantly I hear the sound of the deck eating the tape. Not at all surprised, considering the background I have with this album, I’m thinking to myself “Oh you fucking do not…,” pressed “stop,” and opened the cassette deck to see tape wrapped all around the insides. That didn’t deter me, though. I meticulously pulled every strand of tape from around the tape reel until it was even and straight-hanging from the plastic, put a pencil in the spindle, twisted it back in and, well, it played perfectly and better than I remembered the album three years ago.

      • Cassette tapes are seriously awesome. They remind me of my childhood so much. It’s like coming home. And there’s so much good new (and old) music to enjoy and re-enjoy on cassette. Love it.

        …And also, the pencil thing.

        • I love old cassettes, too…like from when cassettes were the standard. But getting music on a cassette now is just foolish. Yes, it may deliver some nostalgia factor (even thought the music itself won’t be nostalgic because it’s new) but here’s why it’s not worth it (most, if not all of this is probably obvious to most, but I’m going to go ahead and post it because I think it’s “image over substance” to put out music on cassettes, or to buy them):

          - Cassettes may be able to produce a much higher range of frequencies than digital recordings (if recorded analog in the first place) but the hiss produced by most cassette decks can outweigh the additional frequency response. Also, digital delivery has a greater dynamic range, and is able to reproduce louder sounds.

          - A cassette comes into direct contact with a magnetic playback head, which will eventually cause it to wear out. The tape will degrade and the player’s head istelf needs maintenance.

          - Want to transfer your music digitally, it will be exactly the same. When a copy of any recording is made using a cassette, a hissing noise will be added and the audio signal on the copy will not be as strong as the original. Duh.

          But I’m not judging…go have fun listening to your Walkman with your new Beats by Marketing Victims headphones. Then, if you have the time, try to tell me you know a lot about audio. Kisses.

          • All good points, but I’m not an audiophile and what works for me is that most cassette releases cost a few bucks, so if it gets wrecked or damaged, oh well (The ones that charge anything more than $10 are the ones taking advantage of the “image” as you mentioned.) There really isn’t much more to it for me, and I’ve always been a physical over digital kind of listener who plays an album from start to finish at home, so no technology hang ups thus far.

            Thanks for creating a topical new username for this reply occasion, as well.

  3. Rubberjohnny’s comment on any other week would have been highest rated. Put that in your goblinpipe and gaysmoke it.

  4. I’m honored to be tied with the ORIGINAL rubberjohnny this week. Dude comes off a month plus absence and returns to THE MOST appropriate story that challenges his past comments and Odd Future super-fandom to the maximum. We all held our breath, wondering how he would respond, assuming his head hadn’t already exploded from the news.

    Then he swings in with SIX LETTERS and sends me out of the chair laughing.

    You’re 1st place in my books RJ.

  5. As King George never signed your “Declaration of Independence” it has never been legally binding; so as far as I’m concerned you’re all a bunch of uppity colonists.

  6. Best highest rated comment so far.

  7. Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see

  8. sam nabors, i tip my imaginary hat to you.

  9. I’m out of here, man. F it.
    F all of it
    n shit.



  10. I find it very cool that Rubjon came back for that one shot. The Comeback. Stereogum should have pulled a Florida. Just sayin.

  11. I just imagined Childish Gambino in a smock. That is all.

  12. Blake Lively looks so hot over there

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