“This is a mushy story about how a big and famous late night TV host helped a scrappy cynical punk guy who WANTED to believe, learn to believe (a little bit).” Ted recounts how the RX got their only late night gigs (to date), for those needing more reasons to love Coco.

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  1. I interviewed Ted in Providence in ’03 the day before he played Conan. I remember how excited we all were that he’d be playing Conan after us and how cool he was when the heat in our studio sucked (and we had only limited vegan options). It’s a great story he tells on his site!

  2. Conan>>>Ferguson>>Letterman>Leno>>>>>>>>>>>>Fallon

    Just needed to get that off my chest.
    Poor Consy :(

    • Totally forgot Kimmel.

    • colin  |   Posted on Jan 18th, 2010 0

      you are absolutely correct in your order for the most part, but i’m wondering if you’ve actually seen Fallon in the last few months? he started out rough, sure, but he’s really been improving lately. he could actually end up being quite good if they dont destroy him first

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