When we first brought up the selling power trio of Santogold, Julian Casablancas, and Pharrell we played you their fast food-redolent jingle “My Drive Thru” and mentioned that there would eventually be a video … or, well, Chuck Taylor commercial for the Three Artists, One Song campaign. The long-awaited clip resembles the billboard adverts I walk past as I navigate the NYC subway. This one’s made of paper, too, but it moves.

Nice kicks, All Stars.

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  1. rgr_moore  |   Posted on Jul 9th, 2008 0

    That’s a pretty cool video. I didn’t like the song when I first heard it a couple of weeks ago, but in context with the video here it’s pretty decent.

  2. BAM!!  |   Posted on Jul 9th, 2008 0

    they should have shot this video at a nike sweatshop…

    oh, pharrell needs to sing no more.

  3. annie onymous  |   Posted on Jul 9th, 2008 0

    blech to the song and the video.

  4. I’m trying so hard to like this song but it’s just not happening. That guitar is annoying as hell.. I love Santogold’s part though.

  5. andy  |   Posted on Jul 9th, 2008 0

    this is bad

  6. Yes, we all just want to dance, wear our Chuck Taylors and not give a shit how they were made, who they were made by, and how much money went to already filthy rich conglomerates from this marketing scheme alone?

  7. Fuck This  |   Posted on Jul 9th, 2008 0

    Everyone is out of their minds who likes this.

    Terrible piece of shit video and campaign and in a more just world it would end all of their careers

  8. Turner  |   Posted on Jul 9th, 2008 0

    Would have been better with just Santo!!

  9. Win Boredom  |   Posted on Jul 9th, 2008 0

    The more attention I pay to Santogold the more I feel like I’m looking at someone who wants to be famous first and wants to be a musician last.

    I’d rather go listen to Jessica Simpson, at least she isn’t trying to trick me into liking her.

  10. victor  |   Posted on Jul 9th, 2008 0


  11. hipster too cool  |   Posted on Jul 9th, 2008 0

    Wow. What’s wrong with everyone? I didn’t realize what a bunch of unhappy sick individuals go to this website. It’s just a fun video for an alright song. No need to bash it because you still live with your parents. Just relax! What’s the point of repeating your hate for this video after everyone else does it? We already know the opinion and we don’t need to read it again. Idiots!

  12. Eric  |   Posted on Jul 9th, 2008 0

    props to psyop on the VFX.

  13. Chris S.  |   Posted on Jul 9th, 2008 0

    I think the video is dope. Inventive. Original. Interesting. Fun. What more do you want?

    …oh, but you want to whine and complain about how Chuck Taylor’s are made in sweat shops… like you haven’t owned a pair/have some in your closet.

    Gimme a break.

    Cool video. Smart marketing. Bunch of whiny baby bitches who comment about it.

    • tony  |   Posted on Jul 9th, 2008 0

      Seriously! I’ll bet not only that every person who commented on ehre has owned some Chucks, but buys other shoes and products made by exploited people. You think Pharrell promotes sweatshops? C’mon – every American (who doesn’t cobble their own shoes) keeps that business running.

      On the other hand, though, I think indie kids let Santogold get away with a blatant MIA ripoff because she wears neon clothing JUST LIKE YOU! :)

      Good song

      • ric  |   Posted on Jul 13th, 2008 0

        have you even heard her album because maybe ONE song (creator) sounds like M.I.A. and 1) M.I.A. isn’t the first to come out with “her” attitude, political stance and style and 2) M.I.A. isn’t making music anymore so I’m glad someone is filling the void. I love M.I.A. and Santogold and don’t feel the need to pick one over the other. Stop acting like your best friends with M.I.A. because I doubt she has a problem with Santogold or her music, most of which sounds nothing like M.I.A.

    • tony  |   Posted on Jul 9th, 2008 0

      PLUS… you know that these self-righteous people commenting would be all over the vid if it was made by some up-and-coming LA or SF design collective. Because designers CAN’T sell out, you know?

      • blackteenager  |   Posted on Jul 9th, 2008 0

        I have some bad news for you cats.
        No I’ve never owned a pair of chucks and yes I’ve done my best to buy clothes that was made by responsible corporations ever since I was aware of the situation. If you wanna act like a 13 year old and think a pair od fany shoes with a hip logo is more important than someone else’s well being.
        If you dont mind some kid’s fingers bleeding ovre your choice of freaking footware I guess thats on your consience.

        I feel sorry for people who would come down on someone for being socially aware. Is it wrong to vote? Why not with our dollar?

        • b.LOUD  |   Posted on Jul 11th, 2008 0

          Nobody’s acting like a 13-year-old (and yes I am taking you literally). Its just anti-self-righteousness. You say “done my best to buy clothes that was made by responsible corporations ever since I was aware of the situation” but I think there’s some Hanes or Fruit of the Loom in your drawers somewhere. Not to dis or anything, cuz I’m the same. I would like to have sweatshop-free wardrobe as well but I / we would need to be in a higher tax bracket and prosper from Bush / Reganomics to do so. Plus, won’t you feel ripped-off if you bought a t-shirt for $30 that’s sweatshop-free, made in this country for at least minimum wage but after wearing twice the color starts to fade / graphic starts to crack and peel off, and the cotton starts to fray and you haven’t even washed it yet? “Socially responsible” like American Apparel don’t tell you that part. You’re made to think you’re doing right thing but for the sake of quality.

          I do think sweatshops in foreign countries that make goods for American comsumption are a crime to humanity but what else would they do for money? Work on a farm or become a vendor at a food market where a steady income is not guaranteed? Oh yeah …… that happening in this country too. Alot of us here are working alot more and making far less than we deserve for companies that are profiting more than they would like to admit or make public. Plus, nowadays it alot more lucrative for CEO’s to get bought-out, or sell, while we don’t get a penny of it because we already got pink-slip’d.

          Nike and Converse ……… yes, they’re apart of the problem but they also provide too, whether its sponsoring little-leagues, high-school athletics, basketball tournaments, skate demos and summer camps or by having a recycling program where our worn-out shoes become a surface for playgrounds, basketball courts and track-and-field surfaces.

  14. Corporate Ho  |   Posted on Jul 9th, 2008 0


  15. Jordan Catalano  |   Posted on Jul 9th, 2008 0

    This is sweet. All three artists are awesome. You boring ol’ haters are neither.

  16. ablebodied  |   Posted on Jul 9th, 2008 0

    the only thing that scares me about this song/video is that julian is still singing like he did on first impressions. hopefully he changes that and goes back to the ways of the first 2 albums. come on 4th album!

    • Nick  |   Posted on Jul 9th, 2008 0

      it would be hard for julian to sing like he used to in this song…he doesn’t have albert and nick wailing on their guitars in the background…

  17. i like this song. makes me wanna shake it, but i wont.

  18. Hmm. Sweet vid. I agree, Julian is the weak link in this whole thing. Other than that, bravo.

  19. mark  |   Posted on Jul 10th, 2008 0

    i thought you had to be time-tested and established to be an allstar…

    maybe i should get julian and pharell in a music video with me and then i’ll be an allstar too.

    but i’d settle for albert hammond, jr. and the asian guy from n.e.r.d.

  20. It makes me want to shop at the Gap.

  21. Brian  |   Posted on Jul 10th, 2008 0

    The song is whatever, but the video is very cool. The dude who described it as inventive, interesting, original, and fun got it right.

  22. james  |   Posted on Jul 10th, 2008 0

    The strokes are lame, lame, lame…..

  23. Anonymous  |   Posted on Jul 10th, 2008 0

    i like julian’s part. he’s got an ear for melody. “it’s summer in the city…” simple but effective.

  24. i dont like when pharell sings…sorry dude stick to producing.
    the video was fun to watch.

  25. victor  |   Posted on Jul 10th, 2008 0

    santagold is m.i.a minus the brains and originality.

  26. ditto. :D the video isn’t supposed to bring world peace…although i could do without pharrell singing but overall it’s a catchy tune.

  27. ohla  |   Posted on Jul 11th, 2008 0

    Ah, bad song. Very generic. Not even worth making really. Oh well, they’re the ones making money not me so who cares.

  28. Well I love it!

  29. carinatragedy  |   Posted on Jul 13th, 2008 0

    i guess i’m in the minority when i say i thought the song was alright.

    • ric  |   Posted on Jul 13th, 2008 0

      me too. think the song is pretty decent, like all the people involved. we’re not in the minority, we’re just the only ones who aren’t trying to hard to be to cool for school

  30. hf  |   Posted on Jul 13th, 2008 0

    song’s fine, video’s pretty damn original

  31. Sean Jean  |   Posted on Jul 15th, 2008 0

    I love the hilariously useless self righteousness of some of you people. Smoke a joint and try and enjoy something for a change. Life’s too short.

  32. joe  |   Posted on Jul 15th, 2008 0

    pharrell williams is awful. just awful.

  33. Tom Verlaine  |   Posted on Jul 16th, 2008 0

    That guitar is really annoying. My Nike Joe Strummer After Dunks are fucking badass.

  34. CTA  |   Posted on Jul 16th, 2008 0

    I think maybe the thing I’m loving most about Beck at the moment is that he beats this little billion dollar promo for the Nike company at their own game doing the music and visuals all by his brilliant self. It’s not easy to beat the man. Hears a hypothetical … if the new Beck video was for Converse would the music be as good?

  35. CTA  |   Posted on Jul 16th, 2008 0

    I think maybe the thing I’m loving most about Beck at the moment is that he beats this little billion dollar promo for the Nike company at their own game doing the music and visuals all by his brilliant self. It’s not easy to beat the man. Hears a hypothetical … if the new Beck video was for Converse would the music be as good?

  36. Julian  |   Posted on Jul 16th, 2008 0

    Julian is a has been

  37. Carrie  |   Posted on Jul 17th, 2008 0

    Not that a good song has to have a melody, but nothing about this song even seems musical to me. I’ve seen all of them do better. The dancing seems so forced and the whole thing just reeks of demographic marketing. Contrived, contrived, contrived. Although, not gonna lie, I do love me some Julian Casablancas, even if he’s not at his best here. Sorry to be yet another in the mass of Negative Nancys here, but I just don’t get the hype this track is receiving.

  38. So anyway. This song is pretty damn cool. All three artists are pretty damn cool. Pharrell kinda of leads it off to a shaky start but it picks up. love santi white.

    Hmm. What else?

    Yeah, sweatshops suck. Does me not buying Nikes make me better than someone who does? Probably not. They probably recycle more than I do and spend their off days helping out at soup kitchens. Nobody’s perfect. We all make choices: nowadays helping an old lady across the street doesn’t qualify you as a good person because you’re not offsetting your carbon footprint.

    We all know about this shit. It’s useless to parade it around like some judging guiding light. We do what we do. Dunks look fucking cool. I could use the money I’m spending on the internet to donate to Oxfam or something. Does that nullify the fact that I don’t wear sweatshop-manufactured clothes? Hell to the no. But it’s a choice. We try our best.

    Oh yeah, p.s., by the way, fyi, this song is pretty damn cool.

  39. EmanuelV  |   Posted on Jul 17th, 2008 0

    Not to mention that it’s the countries themselves that allow atrocities like sweatshops to exist. You want to make a difference, you want to have your nose in the air, take that shit and lobby to cut off relations with these abusive countries.

    Or chill the fuck out and realize that everyone can’t do everything and stop acting like because you take one step more than someone else in a particular situation that you’re more responsible (or whatever word you want to use) than they are.

    Fuck yeah it’s demographic marketing. No shit. That’s what any one who wants to make money with their product does. Whether it’s Converse, a band, a nigga selling t-shirts, or a woman in an ice cream truck. That’s common damn sense.

    Advertising by itself is not a problem. Companies sell products. As we live in a free market, other companies are going to sell similar products. How are you going to distinguish your product from their product and keep yourself from being destitute and run out of business? You advertise, because that’s the only way to let potential (and likely) consumers find out about a product.

    There are times when people fall for insidious marketing bullshit. This is NOT one of them. It’s blatant. It’s obvious.. Santi, Pharrell, and Julian wear Converse. As artists and people, they need income. They can give their support to something they like and receive funding for whatever their pursuits (and don’t say shit about them being “rich enough.” We’re all “rich enough” compared to 60% of people considering that most of us are sitting here on high speed internet. We’re “rich enough” to downgrade to dial up! Shit, we’re rich enough to wear a potato sack every day.) and there’s nothing wrong with that.

    You make money, you stay in business. You want to make money, you devise marketing schemes that will catch a consumer’s eye (or ear).

    Bottom line, all this other shit is just other shit. Nothing is black and white. Except this rad ass video. For a pretty damn cool song.

  40. And gawdamnit, Santogold is nothing like M.I.A.. What the fuck, have any of you even listened to her album? Her music is far more dub and punk inflected. On Creator, it’s debatable, but on 90% of her music it’s not even close

    two times: What the fuck.

  41. Carrie  |   Posted on Jul 17th, 2008 0

    Well now I feel super lame because I’m actually now FOLLOWING this thread, but I didn’t meant that it’s terrible because it’s marketing–OBVIOUSLY it’s marketing, Converse didn’t make this commercial because they felt the summer was lacking in infectious tunes…It’s just that the level of blatant demographic targeting is so high and unsubtle that I feel almost insulted by it and it really overwhelms the song itself. Like, I could never just listen to this song on my mp3 because all I would hear–besides an annoyingly robotic guitar riff–is “CONVERSE CONVERSE CONVERSE BUY CONVERSE.” I wasn’t trying to make any sort of comment about capitalism or globalization or anything…Didn’t mean to get your panties in a twist, sir.

  42. I didn’t mean that you, specifically, were going on a Fuck Capitalism trip, I was kind of addressing my posts to a multitude of opinionators.

    Of course, it’s an advert. That doesn’t have an effect on the actual craft of the song. You could take that Nike-ordered track “Classic” with Kanye, Nas, Rakim, and KRS One from a couple years back. Hell yeah I cringe when Escobar drops that “AIR FORCE ONE: THE HUSTLERS’ SHOE” line, but shit, they came hard as hell. I could name so many more awesome commercial jingles from the past decades. Good music is good music, regardless of why it’s made.

    I mean, we all know that hundreds of years ago many great plays and musical compositions were ordered to be made (and then steered, tailored, and whittled) by and for royalty. So whether the King needed some new hot shit for his Christmas celebration or some company wants you to buy some starred shoestrangs, I repeat: it’s all about the music itself.

    If you don’t like the song, you don’t like it and that’s cool. I understand that. But Converse’s role in it is pretty irrelevant when it comes to shakin ass and gettin down at a party.

  43. Ahhh, but I really am getting fucking sick of seeing these Converse banners all over my internets. First it was on last.fm telling me how to get connected, and now it’s on Stereogum hawking a Artist Database.

    Now -that- glut of demographic marketing is bothering me. Song’s still rad. But jeez. CHILL THE FUCK OUT, CONVERSE.

  44. caramelsundae510  |   Posted on Jul 19th, 2008 0

    Song and video are just fine, a lot better than any of the top 40 on the radio now. Santogold is nothing like Mia, she has a lot more pop/rock influences. Julian’s part is nice in a simple sort of way, and pharrell’s singing voice is nothing more than a terrible Curtis Mayfield impression.

  45. Santogold is the only reason this piece of shit song isn’t being completely rejected by the public.
    it’s obviously a bad song, it’s endorsing overexpensive shoes that are produced in sweatshops, already worn by half the population.
    If Santi just wasn’t so damn awesome this junky repetetive tune would plummet.

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  47. waha ow.
    i loved
    sexy pharrel
    lucious julian
    smakin santo

    what the hell is yall problems
    yall bitches just hatin because yall aint sexy like them

    plain and SIMPLE.

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