Nirvana - Heart-Shaped Box

You thought no one could out-troll Lana Del Rey after her cover of Nirvana’s “Heart-Shaped Box” last week? Man, that was amateur hour — let the master show you how it’s done. Courtney Love was up late on Twitter, schooling LDR on the finer points of Kurt’s use of metaphor in song. Says C-Lo:

Then, she claims that she was an uncredited co-author of the Nirvana classic:

And finally, she implores La Lana to consider the meaning of the song when she performs it:

FWIW I don’t think anyone who’s ever heard “Heart-Shaped Box” and knew even an inkling of context had any doubt that it was about Courtney Love’s vagina, even though most of us have probably tried to ignore that when we listen it, because it makes a depressing song even more depressing, among other things. Moreover, it’s gross that a widow whose husband took his own life is on Twitter bragging that he referred to her vagina as a “noose” in a violently soul-wrenching song. But that’s Courtney for ya. Lizzie Grant, you have much to learn.

Here’s LDR’s take on “Heart-Shaped Box” again. If you look real close at her eyes, you can kinda tell she’s thinking about Courtney Love’s vagina.

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  1. Courtney Love – ‘Nobody out-crazies me! Where’s my phone?’

  2. This is probably my favorite Courtney Love Twitter outburst ever.

  3. Sorry about Courtney is right here. This is probably the most sane thing she’s spouted off about in the last couple of years.


  4. I like how these tweets are from 1 in the morning. “Now seems like a good time to address this”

  5. The scene in the new Batman movie were 3,000 men are stuck in a cavernous sewer is also about Courthey’s vagina.

  6. “HEY… WAIT… I’ve got a new complaint… This thing stinks!” – Kurt Cobain

  7. Kurt should have eaten that cancer when he still could.

  8. Other Nirvana songs that are also about Courtney Love’s vagina:
    “Smells Like Teen Spirit”
    “Aint It A Shame”
    “Stay Away”
    “All Apologies”

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  10. shes going to have something to say on all nirvan-related news isn’t she? :(

  11. She’s just fucking around with LDR & trying to intimidate her for no real reason…BUT Courtney might actually have a reason. After all, LDR is indeed everything Cobain hated about the music industry.

  12. Dude….Is Courtney done yet ? And in a world that allows her nonsense to continue we must sally forth.
    Who cares about that withered hamberger that lives between your thighs Courtney. Its so sad. Lana is just trying to get her 15 minutes of Andy Warhol in before she starts to look even more like a transvestite…by which I think her modelling will do well. Not as hot as Francis Bean…meow…
    Everyone loves the Heroin chic look this year. But Courtney needs to know its..”.without the heroin.” Courtney is not the new Yoko, ANd if someone has bought her a coffin please see to it that she is returned to it before dawn. As for Poor lil Lana. Your sound is different , too bad you have to be in Adeles shadow musically. You would have liked this thing we had in the 80s called MTV …it was funner than lipsyncing

  13. Sinatra’s “Day In, Day Out”, also about Courtney Love’s vagina.

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