Deerhoof - Breakup Song

The nervy and unpredictable San Franciscan art-poppers Deerhoof have a new LP called Breakup Song coming out soon, and the early track “The Trouble With Candyhands” makes use of something I wasn’t expecting at all: Latin horn stabs! There’s also a vaguely funky psychedelic guitar bit. The whole thing is a lot friendlier and less stab-happy than the sort of noise Deerhoof usually brings, but it’s still very much off in its own world. Listen below.

Breakup Song is out 9/4 on Polyvinyl.

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  1. I have nothing important to say other than this is awesome!

    • Yeah, same here.

      As is often the case when I hear a Deerhoof song for the first time, my initial reaction was: “wait…WTF… didn’t see that coming…oh, okay…haha…cool…very cool.”

  2. Though I think if you weren’t expecting the horns, you probably didn’t listen to their last couple of records. Seemed a pretty natural progression to me.

    Also, it’s catchy as hell, and I can’t wait for the rest of the record.

    • I don’t think it’s the horns themselves so much as the genre-specific way in which they’re played and the vibe that creates. You’re right though; the song as a whole is a pretty natural progression. Add this style of horns to the lead track on Deerhoof vs. Evil, for example, and it would be in the same ballpark as this one.

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