Kisses - "Funny Heartbeat"

The breezy L.A. synthpop duo Kisses are back at it again. Their new track “Funny Heartbeat” is a glistening, sun-dazed lightweight dance tune with production from Tim Larcombe and Saint Etienne’s Pete Wiggs. Download it below.

No word yet on a new Kisses album, but it seems like a matter of time now, doesn’t it?

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  1. I loved their first album, and I loved even more their instrumental EP (their best work), but this song is so blah. I don’t like how the voice is mixed so high compared to the music either, not ethereal at all. It just feels like boring pop. I had high hopes for their second album.

    • Gotta disagree. The Heart of the Nightlife always hinted at an unabashed pop song like this, but they never went all out. I dig it. It takes a lot to pull off a song like this without sounding cheesy. Also, you have to assume that this is just one taste of their new LP. I’m sure that those more ethereal and chill songs will be on there, too.

  2. this is fun!

    though, it’s not really funny when hypochondriasis results in “funny heartbeat” presentations to our emergency rooms – and here in Kanada, that’s out of the public’s pocket. we’re already strapped to meet demand…

    I’m not saying I’m not for publicly funded health care, because I am 100%, but it’s not really “funny” if you think about it and this is really offensive to my country in a lot of ways.

    Feeling down. the weight of the health care system is on our shoulders. we need solutions everyone. global warming too.


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