Muse - "The 2nd Law - Unsustainable"

In the buildup to their new album The 2nd Law, pomp-rock superstars Muse have been talking up the Skrillexy side of dubstep, which really only means that they’re a popular rock band recording music in 2012, and they have to come down in either the pro- or anti-dubstep side of the conversation. But sure enough, their new track “The 2nd Law – Unsustainable,” despite a few instants of triumphant prog harmony and guitar heroism, is pretty much a straight-up gut-demolishing dubstep track. Its video even has a CGI robot who’s really mad about the energy crisis. Observe:

One thing about Muse: They’re richer than God, so they don’t need to risk alienating their audience by going Full Skrillex like this. It’s definitely an honest, sincere move. Still: Pretty goofy! Anyway, The 2nd Law is out 10/1 on Helium 3.

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  1. Boring. And this comes from one of the few people in the world that was actually pretty excited about this track.

  2. Fucking hell, it’s terrible.

  3. That is completely awful

  4. while a song by a mainstream band like muse about the total stupidity and hopelessness of the system that our powers are using to run society is a very good thing, it sounding like this isn’t. although maybe hammy dramatics and derpstep beats is what’s needed to hammer the message home to most people.

  5. oh heeeellllll nawwwww son

  6. One of the worst things I’ve heard in my life

  7. Congratulations Muse, you’ve made yet another weapons grade atrocity to add to the already bloated, grizzly, and terrible expanse of music known as dubstep.

  8. It was pretty good… then that unreasonable dubstep portion came in. Totally out of character for the song. The portion when those twenty somethings were running through the woods is pretty good, I wish they lengthened that part out instead of throwing in the totally over the top, ridiculous wubstep.

    Ah well. As a Muse fan, this is very disappointing.

  9. Leave it to Muse to take something as absurd and overblown as dubstep and make it even more absurd and overblown.

  10. Ok well, we’ve established that the dubstep parts are Indiana-Jones-face-melting-scene awful, but the rest of it is not so much bad as it is ridiculous.

    They’ve gone past self-parody with the choir, the orchestra, and the bombast. It’d be fine if they backed it up with something of substance, but it’s ALL just Matt Bellamy with his arms outstretched and light pouring out from behind him.

  11. Its like a bad mash up of a futuristic symphony and shit yourself beats.

  12. wow only muse could make dubstep sound this pretentious

  13. Seriously, was Muse + Brostep ever going to turn out well?

  14. Wall-E is pissed.

  15. Dang Muse, what were you thinking?

  16. more like “muse go shitstep” am i right? I am right.

  17. the P4k review of this album should be a dandy.

  18. THIS IS a fucking song? HOLY shit. BAH JUST spun around ALLEGRO in his fucking grave.

  19. Muse dropping bass like a clumsy fisherman.

  20. Remember when they used to write songs like Thoughts Of A Dying Atheist? Good times.

  21. I feel like Muse (mostly Matt Bellamy) always feel the need to take a 180 with each album. They always act like they have to do something radically different. Think about it.
    “Showbiz” Radiohead-esque debut (not in quality but just in sound)
    ‘Origin of Symmetry” was more proggy and hard-rock than anything else.
    Half of “Absolution” was ballads, and the other half were driving, over-the-top rock songs (in a good way)
    “Black Holes & Revelations” was probably there most consistent record, being basically a mix of Origin and Absolution.
    “The Resistance” was very Queen-influenced (United States of Eurasia may as well be called “Muse’s attempt at ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’”) and also jazzy (The French-title song), with the classical pieces at the end.
    And now this… this appears to have a little of jazzy-ness, obviously some dubstep, some campy-Queen (Survival), and who knows what else.

    I generally like what Muse puts out, but I am never too excited about a new album, because although I like at least a few songs from every album (other than there last, only liked “Resistance”) I know I can never trust Muse to sound like Muse.

    • completely disagree. they’ve pretty much retained the exact same sound throughout their last 4 albums.. this is just a painfully forced attempt to do something different and controversial.

  22. serious contender for worst song of the year

  23. Dissenting opinion: It’s not *that* bad, but it doesn’t sound like something you’d put on to listen to. It sounds like it would be the soundtrack for a video game trailer. It would not make a decent backdrop for hanging out out driving, or anywhere else where you’d normally put on music. So maybe it is that bad? I don’t know.

  24. It’s fine enough, the stupidest thing here is the video… what the hell is that?

  25. Pile of crap with some lights that are probably meant to prolifically resemble deadmaus. FFs

  26. file:///C:/Users/User1/Downloads/ni5fA.gif

  27. On second thought, it is that bad. Seriously, the only reason I could picture putting it on is to say “Come check out this new Muse song, it’s terrible!” Another thing is how out of time it already sounds. You know how sometimes you’ll think “Man, I can’t believe the Rolling Stones, and Rod Stewart, and even Kiss made very disco-ey songs. Oh well, I guess it seemed like a good idea at the time.” This Muse song is not that: it sounds like a future I want no part of, and yet embarrassingly dated at the same time.

    Now, having said that, and realizing that this is a protest song, I now want Muse to cover Bob Dylan using the exact same style. “The times, they are a- *bass drop* CHANGINNNNN!!!!”

  28. I can’t figure out what’s worse; the song, or the music video… God, I despise dubstep.

  29. I think the working title for this song was “Unlistenable”

  30. This is the worst part of my week so far

  31. I guess they didn’t hear the rule. You never go full Skrillex.

  32. I didn’t hear a song.

  33. Man Headroom

  34. I’m sure as part of an entire album it will make much more sense. But truthfully, there’s really only about a minute of dubstep in there. It’s really NOT a straight ahead dubstep track. But then neither is most of what Skrillex calls dubstep, either.

    It’s funny that the stereogum comment box tells you that you’re spelling both dubstep AND stereogum wrong.

  35. Neither. Either. Take your pick. I like to supply options. Freedom of choice and all that.

  36. god dammit. I started listening to muse around when BHaR came out and, despite their last album being more Queen than Muse in my mind, I had high hopes for the album.

    I’m not impressed with either song. Muse has finally dissapeared up their own pretentious asses.

    By the way, anyone see that Chris (the bassist) is going to be singing lead on at least 2 of the record’s songs? I’m gonna withhold judgement till I hear them, but Bellamy is many things, an amazing vocalist being chiefly among those. Seems like a horrible move to put in a different singer to me.

  37. completing the trilogy of reaction gifs.

  38. So the first 1:30 of this (prior to the unsustainably dubstep robot) is a super cheesy take on Koyanisqaatsi.

  39. Oh my god please stop calling this music dubstep. Dubstep was over by 2009. This new thing needs a different name- shitstep, transformerstep…. crappy electro with a half-time beat… I really don’t care, but nothing about this is even vaguely reminiscent of actual dubstep.

    • Totally agree.

    • I know this is gonna sound sarcastic, but I mean it sincerely: what would be real dubstep? I ask as someone who’s curious, not challenging. Cerebus, I know I saw you post about a few dubstep artists and/or that you liked, but that was so long ago that I can’t even remember what the thread was about.

      • Well, first I would say that it’s important to not forget that dubstep, in it’s original form, was an evolved genre. It’s not something new that magically appeared or was created out of thin air. It’s origins can be traced directly back through grime, two-step, garage, drum n’ bass, jungle, hardcore and the super deep bass frequencies of Jamaican sound system dub music. Back to the early 90s at least.

        For me, what is now often called “dubstep”, the stuff Skrillex and others are doing with the wah-wah-wah and other wobbly robot sounds pushed so far to the front in the mix that it makes your teeth hurt, is something completely different. Even the time signatures and rhythms have moved in a different direction, often having more resemblance to a slow groove rock song than anything related to the lineage mentioned above. That’s why I tend to agree that it needs to be called something else. But I think bro-step is possible the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard, so I hope that doesn’t stick.

        For me, what used to be called dubstep is people like…


        Kode 9
        Es Tereo
        Felix K and some of the other Hidden Hawaii stuff
        Instra:Mental – his older stuff was in the old style, now he does the wah-wah robot stuff
        Ital Tek

        Shit, even James Blake was making stuff in the style of what was known as dubstep, that’s why he got classified that way.

  40. its hard to be disappointed by a band that makes poor artistic choices their calling card

  41. Like we need more douche-y fucking dubstep! MUSE>>>>>>WHY????

  42. It’s like Muse think they have done a Kid A. When, they have in fact done a; are you Kid ING!!

  43. I’ve heard quite a few Muse tracks I’ve disliked just as much as this. I guess the only thing that surprises me is that it’s the lead track off the new record. Makes me wonder what horrors lurk on the rest of album?

  44. Now what will dubstep djs remix!? hahaha Love Muse’s first four albums <3 and I love dubstep but together…… I just don't know.

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