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This week we deconstructed the xx, DJed with Ed Droste, ranked Sonic Youth’s discography, and witnessed the most boring VMAs of all time. But most of this week’s highest and lowest rated comments were made on our list of Animal Collective’s 10 best songs. Check them out below.



Chase Reynolds | Aug 31st Score:21

This is all kinds of wrong. No way is this the ten best songs

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Kevin Geary | Aug 31st Score:22

the lack of “Grass” hurts my soul.

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#8 crania americana | Aug 31st Score:23

That’s just like, your opinion… man.

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#7 Tommy | Sep 1st Score:27

Sorry for hitting the Top 5 by making fun of you, Stereogum. I still love you, but THIS IS AMERICA!

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Hatten Ar Din | Aug 31st Score:28

The Deak shall inherit the Earth.

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#5 raptor jesus | Sep 4th Score:29

And here the whole time I thought love was blind.

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#4 Nate Scott! | Aug 31st Score:39

Banshee Beat

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João Centeno | Aug 31st Score:40

what about My Girls?

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Rodrigo Rothschild | Aug 31st Score:41

‘Fireworks’ dude.

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#1 resonantpassage | Aug 31st Score:47

For Reverend Green

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#5 Michael_ | Sep 4th Score:-10

Birds In Row’s You, Me & The Violence is album of the week. You wouldn’t know about them, though… At least not until Brandon Stosuy hops on their junk or something.

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Mickey Tres Rockets | Aug 31st Score:-10

I will thumb down anyone who says “Fireworks” (and thumbs up to “Banshee Beat”)

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Jeroen Adams | Aug 31st Score:-10

No new ones, how typical.

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#2 Michael_ | Sep 4th Score:-11

Alright, I’ll give you my own short review because it’s clear this Aaron character went to an entirely different FYF Fest than I did. The way you portray FYF was incredibly different than the one I experienced. It’s touted as the “greatest weekend of the year,” and it lived up to (and surpassed) that expectation. Sorry for your loss, but clearly there’s an unfair bias of your experience compared to an average festivalgoer that’s directly related to your father’s passing . This was my 2nd FYF and having years of that other SoCal festival (aka Coachella) to measure it against, I can certifiably say this is the best festival out there. Here’s why and my other observations…

- Yes, Converge’s sound sucked, but American Nightmare’s did not. Also, there was a legit gray haired senior citizen women wearing a floral print bandit kerchief over her face in the pit, and I also saw her in circle pit during Ceremony. It was the most amazing thing I saw that weekend. She was also dancing the day before during Sleigh Bells. Also, the stage itself has a cool set up to it with the Metro riding by in the background as onlooking travelers see a bunch of kids in torn up black clothes crowdsurfing and moshing.

- Also, did you know someone lost a finger during Sleigh Bells’ set and people were scrambling to find it? Not sure if Sleigh Bells is reason enough to lose a body part…

- The Men were the biggest disappointment of the festival. The sound was indeed bad there, but it was mostly their fault as the sounded a mess for a band on an outdoor stage. They could use some more small club shows to tighten their grip on their ever-shape-shifting sound.

- The true highlights of the festival were the punk and hardcore bands, old and new. Sunday’s Joyce Manor into Ceremony was probably one of the high points of the entire two day experience. If you aren’t going to this festival to see the up and coming punk acts, and instead opting for the M83s or safe indie acts, then you probably should stay home and save your money to see the indie-centric bands in a small club or what have you. How many times can you say that you saw Hot Snakes, Quicksand, Joyce Manor, Ceremony, Converge, American Nightmare, Desperecidos, Refused, Fucked Up and Against Me! in a two day span? That’s unheard of and kudos to FYF for making it happen.

- Daughn Gibson started Sunday off strongly in the tent. He sounded great and anyone who got their early to watch probably left his set happy they made a point to see him at 2pm when everyone was still filing in.

- The weather was warm but breezy. I maybe cracked a swear if only I was rushing to a stage, but other than that, it was very comfortable by SoCal weather standards. Also, considering the lineup and the rare acts I saw, the cost to get in was a steal.

- The people in attendance were not douchy Coachella LA types there just to party or be seen. I didn’t go to a single stage or set where people were not there for music and music alone. FYF is a real music fan’s festival.

Could probably go on, but I think I got my point across. Maybe next time hit me up for guest post, Stereogum? Oh wait, a minute…

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#1 trinity firearms | Sep 4th Score:-12

was this necessary? didn’t we establish with the premature evaluation that this album is a total bore and essentially the same 3 chores slowly plucked over and over again?

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Chelsea Light Moving | 2:25pm Score:0

(Swans drummer Jim Sclavunos plays on all but two tracks) —- Sclavunos was, most notably, in Teenage Jesus &The Jerks and 8-Eyed Spy but he was not ever drummer for Swans.

(originally titled Blowjob!) – Actually it was a working title of “Blowjob?” which was the text on a Pettibon drawing of 40s era Joan Crawford. I wore this tshirt for a photo session in the 80s with Option magazine and it was airbrushed out.

(If the no-wave bands in New York were populated with overeducated, ultra-proficient jazzbos masquerading as inept scumfucks) – a point of contention, but what always separated the original late 70s no wave “musicians” from the latter 2000s era revivalism (Rapture, Yeah Yeah Yeahs and any other band featured in the doc Kill Yr Idols) was that they did not know how to play at all in any traditional sense – though Arto was perversely referencing the sophisticated vocabulary of Brasilia, and Donny Christensen could really play jazz drums, James Chance knew how to hit Ayler notes – but for the most part no one could play and that made the material AMAZING

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spennyb | Sep 5th Score:0

Nathan im sorry, but that Centipede Hz metaphor was terrible

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[EDITOR'S NOTE: Words to live by, probably.]

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  1. For my fellow GIF lovers:

  2. Look at that! I need to call my mom.

  3. sometimes i just don’t know why i comment here

  4. High five, spennyb!

  5. Is this the first proper full-length AnCo release to not get p4k’s BNM spot? Here Comes The Indian isn’t noted as getting BNM but I seem to remember that album getting some special notation at the time (it came out pre-BNM, perhaps?). I get that p4k’s fickle, but it’s somewhat interesting if true.

  6. this Micheal_ fellow needs to get a job

  7. Oh lord, Aaron got raptor jesus’d.

    Reminded me of a mr. show joke that I have swapped out words for relevance.

    “Look Barb, nobody’s 100%. If you let commenters review music festivals for Stereogum, you’re going to have some Michael_ feces in there.”

    • Aaron got raptor jesus’d HARD. Everyone, if you’re going to a festival, do not write down your experience. Don’t even text it. Keep it verbal. Or else you’re gonna get raptor jesus’d.

    • that was a perfectly executed mr. show reference. automatic upvote!

    • Michael_  |   Posted on Sep 9th, 2012 0

      Aaron (or at least someone acquainted with him that is upset with me) is currently spamming my site with put-downs, flagging other comments to be annoying and posting under the names “fuckyouasshole” and “seriouslystop.” The IP address the comments are coming in from are based out of Orange, CA, his site is called Invisible Oranges, my first guess of Michael Hanna doesn’t live there, I’m not aware of anyone on here who is, yet Aaron or his general circle / following are, so mystery solved? Plus, I figure you all would offer up disses in a much more funnier / less serious way.

      Just wanted to pass this along, just to let you know that the angry comment street due to a bad week apparently works both ways. Not saying it’s not warranted, but there is a point where it should stop.

      Aaron (or whoever has the IP address — Please leave me alone like I want to be left alone on here. You’re welcome to e-mail me at my info@ address if you want to discuss this in a friendlier, cool-headed manner instead of slinging anonymously veiled attempts to get under my skin on my site, which you should know isn’t meant to be taken seriously or with a future to it. Thanks!

      • If your first guess was me, you really don’t know the first thing about me. Oh right, I’m a great guess because I’m the only one on the entire internet who doesn’t think you’re totally awesome and has argued with you. I don’t know anyone named Aaron, I’m not from CA, and I actually have never typed the f-word online because I am a little smarter than that.

  8. We need to get rid of the lowest rated comments, It’s just giving Michael_ attention, that’s all it has been the past few weeks.

    • I think the real solution would be to stop down voting him. Everyone says they don’t care what he has to say but about a third of the above comments reference him. If you all truly don’t care about him ignore his comments.

      I feel like I’m the only person who will admit that they enjoy his blowups, although they are getting a little old/repetitive. I feel one coming on soon so we’ll see if he can find a way to wow us. Maybe he’ll post naked baby bathtub pictures of all of us our our social security numbers.

      • I tend to ignore him, and I don’t down vote him, but it irks me when Michael_’s weird ass meltdowns appear in the lowest rated comments EVERY WEEK. It was funny the first 3 times (That time he started posting someguy’s Facebook pics was hilarious/creepy/hilariously creepy), but shit’s getting old.

        Plus, he has his own blog, why can’t he vent on there?

        • Well, if you do ignore him and don’t downvote him then I guess you aren’t part of the problem and have a right to bitch.

          The people who don’t like him should band together and make an effort not to downvote him or reply to any of his comments. That will make all him go away. Just like anyone else, he enjoys attention via up/downvotes or replies, if he doesn’t get either what reason will he have to comment?

          • For the record, I wish you all would ignore me, too. It would be the greatest solution of all and I’m 100% behind it.

            Also, I’m not just saying this to make up an excuse, but I had a really, really rough week, hence some poor decisions to vent on here. The week was so rough that I finally began drinking again. The good news is I don’t think I’m angry anymore at Stereogum, and I sincerely mean that and I hope the _ + Stereogum + Stereogum comment section can move on without any hard feelings even if it means that you just forget I exist. I’d enjoy that.

            Peace, guys.

          • (Just to clarify: I’ve been straight edge for a few years now since I rarely drink to begin with, but not anymore after today.)

          • First, plb102, I love you and all, but I have been suspicious that you are actually Michael_ (or he is you, but let’s not get into that ball of existentialist yarn) for awhile now. At any rate, I already told these fucking downvoters to a) stop downvoting b) especially stop downvoting your alter ego. Since we both know that downfuckers do the opposite of what we reasonable folk ask them, I can see that you really want said downfuckers to continue giving prestige to your alter ego. I guess that there really isn’t a point there, except to out you as the voice behind the madness.

            Also, why is it that every time Michael_ says he is going to do something (not post here, never come to this site again, stop drinking, commit suicide; really, the list goes on) it just turns out to be some cock tease? Change it up a little, kitty, and kill this character off so that we can get back to enjoying us some rubjohn.

          • Ha, while I was typing my first reply to fistofan0077 I actually considered that someone might think I was Michael_. You seem pretty well convinced.

            Have you thought that for a while or was it did you just think it now?

          • i am everyone

          • I am the Walrus

      • Are you kidding? Stereogum readers simply cannot resist downvoting. There is a better chance of someone quitting heroin cold turkey. Sometimes I don’t think people on here even know why they are downvoting certain comments. They sure aren’t going to stop downvoting a guy who is practically begging for it.

    • The up/downvoting feature has really turned the site into a circus and steered the focus away from music. I wish they had never instituted it.

  9. this is the the happiest day of my life, i’m gonna celebrate with gifs.

  10. Hatten Ar Din is the comment of the week, in my humble opinion. TEAM DEAKINS!!!

  11. When you accept that half of the Top 10 comments are Animal Collective songs, you end up with a pretty legitimate list of AnCo songs:

    1. For Reverend Green
    2. Fireworks

    (I’ve always considered those two a pair. When considered a pair, they are easily argued for best AnCo moment in their discography)

    3. My Girls
    4. Banshee Beat
    5. Grass

    (Feels has always been top notch. AnCo sure does know how to make album centerpieces.)

    And not to completely retread that thread, but I have a “Deakin Is Awesome” story!

    I got to be on the side of the stage with Deakin playing guitar and howling into a modified microphone for their 2006 Coachella set. After their set closer of “We Tigers” someone in the front was asking for the setlist. Deakin obliged and was about to hand over the setlist, when he noticed a dozen more people had their hands up wanting it too.

    His face then shifted into something I will never forget. It was a look of pure love toward every fan wanting a piece of paper. A look that said he wished he had a Xerox machine to make copies for everybody. Faced with the mathematical problem of having many people wanting one thing. He pondered his best possible decision.

    Deakin then folded the setlist in half, folded down some wings, and crafted a paper airplane out of the setlist. He tossed it into the crowd and waved goodbye. Of course at the time I didn’t realize that would be the last time I’d see him on stage with Animal Collective, needless to say, it left a lasting impression on the great man we call Deakin.

    Better than great to have him back.

  12. At least it was a short review

  13. “Chelsea Light Moving” is actually THE Thurston Moore?

  14. i must admit, when i’m bored at work sometimes i google “stereogum Michael_” for some good entertainment

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