Crystal Castles - Plague Video

We first head Crystal Castles’ goth-y, bombastic “Plague” back in July, and now, only two months later, we’ve got a clip to go with it. Directed by Ivan Grbin, the video depicts what looks a woman possessed, flailing violently and helplessly in an empty hallway. Then, there’s an especially unnerving 30-second segment (around 1:54) that inexplicably moves the action to another woman in a ballet studio before shifting back to the original scene. It’s just a really disturbing video, all told. Check it out.

The band also announced via Facebook that a new single, “Wrath Of God” will be released this Wednesday.

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  1. This is from a movie called Possession, It’s real wicked you should check it out.

  2. That’s actually Isabelle Adjani in the infamous miscarriage-scene from the movie “Possession” (1981); gladly, the song ends before it gets really ugly…

  3. Is this the official video?

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    • If all the kids think she’s cool, then she’s cool. That’s pretty much how being cool works, like it or not.

      The complainer that no-one likes to hang out with isn’t cool just because he thinks he is.

    • Here’s what the lead singer (Alice Glass) thought about being considered cool via NME 2008 Cool List, “I’m flattered, thank you, but back in school the people who held themselves in the same regard were also the biggest waste of skin I’ve ever met.Why did I get so many votes? My pact with Satan hasn’t expired yet.”
      So no I don’t think she thinks she is cool….

  5. @Scott Otto you sound like your 80 years old

  6. It’s the same woman, Michael Nelson.
    The woman flailing in the hallway is the ballet teacher…

  7. I knew this was coming after I saw that pic of Ethans dick. Hey Ethan….nice dick.

  8. I find the video weird and even scary… I think the song is average though.

  9. Wow… Isabelle Adjani. I have to watch Queen Margot again. And Nosferatu.

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