Yesterday, Ty Segall went on Chicago’s WGN Morning News program to perform Twins track “You’re The Doctor,” a frenzied performance that provoked the anchors into throwing their scripts, doing rock fists, the whole nine yards. Ty also screams “CHICAGO! CHICAGO!” over and over toward the end. It all adds up to one of the most insane things you’ll see on regional news all week! Watch below.

Twins is out 10/9 on Drag City.

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  1. Oh man how I love Ty Segall. Tremendous track, and huge performance. CHICAGOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  2. Well I know what news station I need to apply to work for now.

  3. Man…. this guy is so fucking underrated it makes me sick. You got to be Drake to be noticed these days???… fuck the world!!

  4. I bet this was a treat for everybody relaxing with their morning coffee.

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