Groundislava – “Suicide Mission” (Feat. Baths) Video

Michael Nelson | October 23, 2012 - 2:28 pm

This past August, Venice, CA’s Jasper Patterson, aka Groundislava (or Ground Is Lava), released his sophomore LP, Feel Me, which featured the electronic composer teaming with a host of musicians (most of whom are part of the Wedidit Collective, of which Patterson is a member). For Feel Me track “Suicide Mission,” Patterson worked with Baths, and the two produced a shimmering, dark, down-tempo piece with a haunting Baths vocal. Now the track has a video, directed by Patterson’s brother, Barney (aka Sus Boy), in which a glowing alien form falls to Earth, strolls around for a bit, and then blows the place up. Check it out.

[via GvsB]

Feel Me is out now via Friends of Friends.