Coachella's Rolling Stones Tease

On the heels of their big 50th Anniversary shows, it would make sense for the Rolling Stones to cash in a little (more), while they are in fighting shape, or whatever you call the shape they are in. And aside from being well timed, rumors of the Stones headlining Coachella are not new. You may remember last month when their mobile app briefly listed a Coachella show for 4/12, before said listing disappeared, leaving everyone from Jagger down denying knowledge of how that accidental listing ever happened. Tricksy rock legends, tricksy tricksy rock legends.

Well the denial game is ending, and it’s looking like all the principals are ready to enter the official promotional phase: From Coachella’s Facebook page, that photo above is being pointed to by various outlets as proof that Coachella’s 2012 is all about the Stones. Because it is a photo of a stone! At the Empire Polo Grounds. This either makes your more or less likely to attend, depending largely on the year you were born/whether you had HD during that 12/12/12 concert. Do tell! It’s also worth noting that Coachella will be two weekends again this year, which frankly still isn’t enough to contain all the Stones’ hits, but it’ll do.

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  1. For someone who has never seen them, and would like to before they die. It is nice that I get to without paying $100+ to simply see them in my hometown. I’m going to Coachella anyway so this is just a bonus. Nice to scratch another off the band bucket list!

  2. Wasn’t there just a report a week or so ago where the Rolling Stones stated they had not yet been approached by Coachella to play?:

    Coachella usually has their headliners picked out well beyond weeks of the lineup dropping. Also, let’s not forget that the organizers like to tease and bait festivalgoers (See: using “Roxanne” as the pre-sale password for the year the Police reunited, but didn’t actually play Coachella. Luckily, Rage reunited for them instead.)

    Another rumor that’s heating up is that I might actually be going.

  3. This would be awesome if you replaced The Rolling Stones with just about any other band. I don’t want to see a band that sounds like a very bad cover version of themselves.

    • A benefit of the Stones playing would be that it would bring in a flood of baby boomers onto the polo field who would have no issue paying $370 just to see the Stones alone and not crowd up the rest of three days, or at least make for a tamer crowd kind of like the year McCartney played. I can also envision a Stones headlining spot setting up a coveted Blur subheadlining spot, which I personally view as more valuable. The absolute worst case scenario would be if Rolling Stones came true, Blur did not and — last I heard — the dreadful Mumford and Sons have a tour running its way toward Cali in April. Then again, in keeping with the Brit rock theme, there’s Atoms for Peace as well.

      Then again, Coachella has gotten away from catering to an older audience since the Roger Waters and Macca years, and I really believe this year’s top lines can be filled with many of-the-moment big names who put out or are planning to put out new albums in spring. Phoenix and Yeah Yeah Yeahs in particular, and I’ve heard rumblings that both may graduate together as one of the day’s co-headliners.

  4. That’s a polo ball

    • You are correct sir. This story is ridiculous. Let’s find out about the Replacements showing up.

      • Pitchfork has a story up about Daft Punk saying they will put out new music in 2013 but have no plans to tour, so that likely crosses out the possibility of them headlining with French friends Phoenix underneath.

  5. Any hotter and these rumors will start melting the band!!!


  6. where’s the cartoon lines to make it look likes it’s ROLLING?

  7. Coachella 2013, in a ballsy move, has placed legendary 60′s Mod Rocker’s THE POLO BALLS in the headlining slot. Critics have hailed their fictional album’s as “Better than I thought” and “Sorry, wrong number”. Join Bill Wyman, Pete Best and the other guy from WHAM! as they rock out the Indio Polo Grounds…The place they were born to play!

  8. Perhaps the picture is referring to the Stone Roses?

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