Alice In Chains - "Hollow" Video

When we first wrote about Alice In Chains’ new single “Hollow,” the song was paired with a cheap but inventive fan-made Instagram video — which some viewers erroneously believed to be the track’s official clip. But no! In fact, the “real” video is much worse. It’s like one of those movie theme-song videos, which just string together disjointed scenes from the film, except there is no movie tie-in here, and the non-movie we’re watching looks like hackwork. It tracks the slow psychological erosion suffered by a Major Tom-esque astronaut who succumbs to loneliness and monotony … and also throws in plot elements from Alien. I honestly wonder if the song had previously conjured up images even remotely similar to these in the minds of any listener (besides the video’s director). Baffling. Check it out.

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  1. Is that Paul Ryan?

  2. did Alice In Chains just rip off Tom Delonge?

  3. Great video and good song that I’m sure will be ignored without payola.

  4. “Hollow” = oooohhhhh, I’ll bet it’s a moody song with trite lyrics about life being ‘empty’. see they’ve decided not to progress beyond banal early 90′s style angsty lyrics.

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