The Postal Service - A Tattered Line Of String

News about the Postal Service is pretty much like setting up dominoes and knocking them down, each week begetting some new tidbit to hold on to until the reissue and reunion shows finally materialize. Today, we get a brand new track from the duo, which makes all of this all the more real. “A Tattered Line Of String” is probably the closest to a Death Cab song the Postal Service has ever put out, guitar riffs and all. Check it out below.

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  1. Sounds like the new Ra Ra Riot. I don’t think that could be misconstrued as a compliment, so I’ll just leave it at that.

  2. Well, that was disappointing.

  3. Oh. Okay.

  4. Is this a new new song or a song or something left over from 10 years ago that is new to us?

  5. Oh yeah, I forgot how much that first Passion Pit EP was heavy on the Postal Service influence…

  6. Youtube likes to make people think they were the 313th person to watch a video, for some reason.

  7. It’s catchy, I’ll give them that.

    I just don’t want an entire mediocre album to taint my love of Give Up. That album exists in a bubble of time that can’t ever be recreated.

  8. “You came to my room, we did some things we knew not to do” yikes

  9. I dig it, personally. It does the job.

  10. Haters gonna hate, but opossum the awesome opossum is satisfied. Poppy but awesome. This is the kind of pop stuffs Gibbard has been into for years now. No wonder the sound changed.

    Opossum out.

  11. For some reason, the electronics on this song are really unsettling to me. Still, it’s catchy. I’m satisfied.

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  13. Man, this is disappointing. There’s just something with his timbre and phrasing nowadays that is so forced and so unlike what he did ten years ago.

    I wonder if this thin and strained version of Gibbards voice that he has been gracing all these (object/place-as-a-metaphor-for-love driven) songs with since Plans was actually a product of him quitting smoking all along.

    I fear the good old soft, breathy tenor that was such an instrumental part of the appeal of for example Give Up and Transatlanticism is forever gone.

  14. i continue to think this was really good.

  15. I don’t know sometimes I feel like with bands like postal service, if the album that you loved that came out 10 years ago came out today, you might not like it very much and if this stuff came out ten years ago you might like it more. I think it’s easier to like this kind of music as a younger person and because you heard it when you wee younger you can still associate it with that feeling and like it listening to it nowadays.

    • woozefa  |   Posted on Feb 12th, 2013 0

      actually, i haven’t aged, so i’m not sure that would work. at least that’s what the ladies tell me.

  16. Nope. Not Good. Sorry.

  17. When we’re all showing our kids 10-20 years from now the albums we made out to in high school, they are going to make that same face I imagine I made hearing “Afternoon Delight” for the first time – It’s stuck somewhere between disgust, disappointment, and confusion.

    Also, this song is pretty meh, and I’d like to think my high-school self would agree.

  18. Oh Nathan, I couldn’t have said it better myself. He had me at Owl City.. He had me at Owl City..

  19. Oh Nathan, I couldn’t have said it better myself. He had me at Owl City.. He had me at Owl City..

  20. This does not feel like Postal Service nor does it sound anything like an extension of ‘give up’. I am not surprised though, since these artists are (most likely) no where near where they were in their lives 10 years ago.
    I don’t care for it very much, lets see how this translates to the live show…

  21. I mean it’s fine. I won’t mind listening to it when it comes on. I was expecting something REAALLLY sad after Zooey left him, but given how lame New Girl is, he might actually be cheerier this way.

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