Phoenix - Bankrupt!

The forthcoming fifth album from French pop kings Phoenix was a top 5 finisher on our list of 2013′s most anticipated albums, and last month we learned it would be called Bankrupt! Now we’ve got even more deets: The album’s release date (April 23, via Loyaute/Glassnote, and the music should pair well with the blossom of spring), its cover art (it’s a peach!), and the tracklist (see below). I’m especially stoked to see a song here called “Drakkar Noir,” named after the cologne I rocked in high school, when I was (to borrow another song title) “Trying To Be Cool.” Heck yes it worked! Check the rest of the titles below.

01. “Entertainment”
02. “The Real Thing”
03. “S.O.S. In Bel Air”
04. “Trying To Be Cool”
05. “Bankrupt!”
06. “Drakkar Noir”
07. “Chloroform”
08. “Don’t”
09. “Bourgeois”
10. “Oblique City”

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    • what the heck does that even have to do with anything on this thread? seriously i’m like getting killed for my valid opinion and then THIS random cartoon? whhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaat… reals.

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  4. that album art looks a little fruity to me

  5. I had a dog named Corky. She was also nuts.

  6. well hell. i’m looking forward to it.

  7. He’s right though. When I need to barter for crack, I always use French pop rock albums.

    I bought that crackhead some Phoenix
    Crackheads love Phoenix

  8. A friend turned me onto this band and they’re quite good. I liked a few of the singles I heard and am hoping for good things from this record. Cover leaves much to be desired in my opinion though. I much liked the red cover with the Bankrupt! font;

  9. The name Bankrupt! and this cover are totally dissonant tonally.

  10. I’m actually pleased to see such a short tracklist. Hopefully that means its as tightly put together as their last album.

  11. Still my favorite Phoenix album=
    excited about this one though too. Their last record was truly boss. Here’s to hoping :)

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    • I also liked that album. And I don’t dislike Wolfgang. I’ll add that this Corky character is an annoying asshole…


      Because I’m a man of principle, I can’t just sit here and say that Wolfgang did not repeat a ton of musical ideas. Songs have measurable values and you don’t even have to be a musician to tell that Thomas regurgitates tiredly similar melodies (he loves putting minor third intervals a bunch of times in a vocal line) from one song to the next. I’m looking forward to hearing the new one and am hopeful…I’m not at all hating on Wolfgang – it was a fun album with a few pop gems – but facts are facts. There’s a difference between carrying consistent character from one song to another and having songs that just aren’t constructed uniquely from one another.

      I’ll say the same about Bloc Party; Silent Alarm was a huuuuge deal for me but hearing Kele sing the same damn parts over and over (and boringly similar guitar parts) on the next albums was a real bummer. There are plenty of awesome artists that when you hear a song of theirs, you instantly recognize it’s them…but not necessarily because they repeat the same musical motives.

      I come in peace. xo

  12. Still, Phoenix is a band that has offered some stellar records, regardless is they can sound similar to some degree. I still think they continue to reinvent themselves with each record and while I havn’t heard Bankrupt!, I still am pretty sure its going to be terrific. These guys write tight, songs and while some can fit on the radio, others are more arty and legit. I dig them. And yes, I come in peace also :P

  13. Oh wow… I came here to see some quality ‘Gum discourse, but this comments section is an abortion.

  14. Did anyone else here think that Phoenix was bankrupt because of the thread title?

  15. Stay busy dying on here please. I’m gonna go enjoy some music!

  16. What the fuck happened in here? I wanted to discuss me some Phoenix.

  17. gosh, i’m stupidly excited for this record! might lose my mind!

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