Frightened Rabbit - "Backyard Skulls" Video

I wrote a little bit about the new Frightened Rabbit album, Pedestrian Verse, prior to its release, and I praised it, because it’s a very good album. But experiencing the singles as they are released (so far: “State Hospital,” “Dead Now,” “The Woodpile,” and now “Backyard Skulls”) really emphasizes just how damn good these songs are. My one-sentence review of Pedestrian Verse is basically: Better than Winter Of Mixed Drinks, not as good as Midnight Organ Fight. But Midnight Organ Fight is a cohesive album, with central themes that hold it together as a statement. Pedestrian Verse is, I’m realizing, a bunch of really great tracks that are actually rewarded by being pulled away from the group. Case in point: “Backyard Skulls” is not, for me, a song that stands out in sequence, but listening to it out of that context, paired here with a new video (featuring FR performing in a high school gymnasium post-homecoming dance), I’m struck by the song’s melody, its instrumental details, its urgency. In that way, maybe Pedestrian Verse is like a short-story collection, while Midnight Organ Fight was a novel: Novels are what people remember, what they carry with them through life, but short stories are really where a writer displays his mastery of craft. Watch the video below.

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  1. all too crazy that i have had this song in my head all day today

    great video, as always

  2. I appreciated the comment about Backyard Skulls not standing out in sequence. I’ve caught myself deciding that BS is better than I’d previously realized, probably because I’ve been blown away by Acts of Man and I love the energy and lyrics in Holy.

    I wonder if the unexpected release of MBV kept music fans from digging into this album because, while I won’t say it’s my favorite album of 2013 so far, it definitely is the one I’ve listened to the most. It really is great.

    • This is easily my favourite of 2013 so far… I think I like it better than anything that came out in 2011 as well.

      • I of course meant to say “2012″, but come to think of it, it’s right up with the best of the previous year as well. It might not be the most original album I’ve ever heard, but I can’t say I have enjoyed an album this much in a very long time.

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