Japandroids’ towering anthem “The House That Heaven Built” was already our indie song of the summer last year, and now it has another severely awesome distinction. A couple of weeks back, we reported that the Vancouver Canucks, Japandroids’ hometown NHL team, had asked its fans to vote on an entrance song, and “The House That Heaven Built” was one of its nominees. And now, as Consequence Of Sound points out, the Vancouver Sun reports that Japandroids won this particular battle, beating out songs from Nickelback, Guns N’ Roses, and Volbeat. They also put together a mock-up that shows how the entrance might look and sound, and it’s almost enough to make me a hockey fan. Observe:

The honor only lasts for two years, but I can’t see any reason why this shouldn’t become a permanent thing.

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  1. “The honor only lasts for two years…”

    ONLY?!?! I thought they’d only use it for two GAMES.

    Congratulations Japandroids!

  2. Isn’t Volbeat the name of a pokemon?

  3. Gives me chills watching this. West Coast Canada for life. Go Nucks. So much better than that U2 song we used before :/

    • what was that down vote for? the fact I’m from Vancouver and love the canucks or the fact that you love U2 and not Japandroids?

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