Phoenix - "Entertainment (Dinosaur Jr. Remix)"

It’s tough to say why Phoenix are selling Dinosaur Jr.’s cover of their new song “Entertainment” as a remix rather than a straight-up cover; as far as I can tell, Dino Jr. keep no elements of Phoenix’s original version of the song intact. Instead, J Mascis turns their gleaming, precision-engineered pop song into a slow, gorgeously stoned contemplation, replete with quietly blazing guitar solo. As covers go, though, it’s a pretty stunning thing, and I’m pretty sure I like it more than the original song. Download it below.

(via SPIN via Pitchfork)

Phoenix’s new album Bankrupt! is out 4/23 on Loyaute/Glassnote, and I hope Dinosaur Jr. cover the whole thing.

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  1. definitely better than the original!

  2. This really is terrific, he took the excellent framework of Mars’ vocals and made them into a great southern rock ballad.

  3. This is a reinvention of the song on the level of Mark Kozelek.

    So wait–why hasn’t Dinosaur Jr. released an entire covers album before?

  4. Literally jumped out of my seat when I saw that headline.

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