Still Corners - "Berlin Lovers" video

Berlin Lovers,” the breathy and inward synthpop jam from the British duo Still Corners, now has a video that mirrors the song’s lazy beauty. The clip takes place in an unstuck-in-time roller-skating rink, and it tells the story of two teenagers who find love on the dance floor, as both members of Still Corners look on approvingly. Christian Sorensen Hansen directs, keeping a gorgeously naturalistic tone until he lets a few fantastical elements creep in at the end. This is a good one, and you can watch the video below.

Still Corners’ new album Strange Pleasures is out 5/7 via Sub Pop.

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  1. I hate burst your bubble, Tom. But there’s nothing particularly “unstuck in time” about that roller-rink or the video (other than the fact that people often automatically associate them with the 70s). There’s one in my hometown that pretty much looks exactly like it.

  2. Tom, why do you insist on telling me what you want to deem as “good”? Isn’t there supposed to be a certain level of impartiality to sharing some of this stuff?

  3. Where’s the balls? I think I’ve come to the conclusion that this Drive sounding flighty shit should keel over and take a last long exhale. It’s everywhere!

    I want music with balls back. I don’t see them, and if I do they are hanging out with some kind of ironic all-too-knowing deprecation. I’m sorry for my balls, will you look at them and maybe share a nodding grin with me as we throw our eyes at my well trimmed pubic region? Please? Please like me? Please?

    I feel like I could demolish whole rooms worth of these musicians with a flick of my fingers. No-one drinks, no-one cares and here is my soul gone.

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