The Great Gatsby Soundtrack

As we reported earlier this year, Jay-Z had a large hand in the music component of the upcoming Baz Lurhmann’s film adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby. The tracklist for the soundtrack, which Jay executive produced, has been revealed and includes an eclectic array of artists. On the theme of the music, Lurhmann says, “While we acknowledge, as Fitzgerald phrased it, ’the Jazz Age,’ and this is the period represented on screen, we — our audience — are living in ’the Hip-Hop Age’ and want our viewers to feel the impact of modern-day music the way Fitzgerald did for the readers of his novel at the time of its publication.” The soundtrack includes original material from the xx, Lana Del Rey, and Florence + the Machine. It will feature a cover of Amy Winehouse’s “Back In Black” as performed by Beyoncé and Andre 3000, Jack White taking on U2′s “Love Is Blindness,” and R&B-soul upstart Emeli Sandé doing a rendition of Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s “Crazy In Love” accompanied by the Bryan Ferry Orchestra. Check out the rest of the artists below, as well as a new trailer previewing music from Beyoncé, LDR, and Florence.

01 Jay-Z -”$100 Bill”
02 Beyoncé & Andre 3000 – “Back To Black”
03 will.iam. – “Bang Bang”
04 Fergie, Q-Tip, & GoonRock – “A Little Party Never Killed Nobody (All We Got)”
05 Lana Del Rey – “Young And Beautiful”
06 Bryan Ferry With The Bryan Ferry Orchestra – “Love Is The Drug”
07 Florence + The Machine – “Over The Love”
08 Coco O. Of Quadron – “Where The Wind Blows”
09 Emeli Sandé & The Bryan Ferry Orchestra – “Crazy in Love”
10 The XX – “Together”
11 Gotye – “Hearts A Mess”
12 Jack White – “Love Is Blindness”
13 Nero – “Into The Past”
14 Sia – “Kill and Run”

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  1. SO inappropriate…good god, what are they thinking?

  2. bar andre and the xx looks pretty rubbish.

  3. Literally have no idea what to think of this movie anymore.

  4. I remember saying the exact same thing when I saw the Moulin Rouge soundtrack (I mean, Kidman & McGregor actually recorded songs for it) but then after seeing the movie was blown away. I’m sure there will be some pretty cool mashin up goin on throughout the flick. Crossing my fingers that this hot mess of random parts comes together well.

  5. Fergie AND Goonrock on the same track? With Q-Tip? Funky.

  6. I don’t understand all the hate. Baz is a visionary director with a wonderful appreciation for music, which is obvious in all his films. This should be nothing short of great.

  7. That Florence track was produced by SBTRKT

  8. *Back to Black
    (Amy whinehouse playing AC/DC would have been quite interesting though LoL)

  9. OK also, noooooo, get that they want to be hip and stuff by using hiphop, etc, but in essence they are just making the film the exact same as any other film made in this time period (not that they are all the same, just something “typical” of today) essentially eliminating the timeless classic feel, theres that certain amount of pure life in 20′s jazz that is completely lost in florence and the machine and lana del rey ballads. (Not that I hate on them, but they dont fit the material)

    It really seems to me like Luhrman is losing the essence of the story through his attempts to be cutting edge, modern, blahblahblah. Sure he made moulin rouge, but then, he also made “Australia”, so….. Lol.

    Im just pissed off that this isn’t the perfect and magical period piece it is and should be. Fitzgerald’s writing was so clear and consistent in its portrayal of life in the his “jazz age” that it makes zero sense to fuck with it. C’mon BAZ ya got Leo (of Pussy Posse fame) it could have seemed like a better movie than it does now bro!

    *NOTE* Toby Maguire’s voice over is annoying.

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