James Blake - "Overgrown" video

The best music videos that crossed my video screen this week — the top three on the list you’ll find below — are paranoid little masterworks of dread and disorientation and confusion. I have no idea what any of them are about, but all of them crept their way into my bloodstream and radiated menace in every direction. The other two videos on the list are cartoonish little bursts of joy. Music videos: They contain multitudes! Watch the picks below.

5. Paramore – “Still Into You” (Dir. Isaac Rentz)

Look, I’m sorry, but some things just get me. For instance, this: Paramore leader Hayley Williams has two-tone hair in this video, and those two tones are bright red and brighter pink. The 10th-grade version of me is still recovering.

4. Chance The Rapper – “NaNa” (Dir. Hannibal Buress)

$5,000 is, all told, not a particularly high budget for a music video. But Chance and the great stand-up comic Hannibal Buress make it look gigantic by spending it on the dumbest shit possible, and by having what looks like a pretty amazing time doing it. It’s like Blink-182′s “Rock Show” video, on a much smaller budget, with funnier people involved.

3. The Soft Moon – “Want” (NSFW) (Dir. Grant Singer)

Grant Singer knows what’s up. When someone gives you a clangorous, knife-edge instrumental postpunk soundtrack, you make a fucked-up little mini-movie about a dark hooded figure, high out of his brain, who commits some incalculable number of crimes and gets himself into some bad situations, all in four minutes. I probably wouldn’t be able to take much more of this, but it’s perfect for a quick jolt of the creeps.

2. MS MR – “Hurricane” (NSFW-ish) (Dir. Luke Gilford)

I don’t know what drugs could’ve inspired this nightmarish series of mostly-disconnected images, but I do know that I don’t want any of those drugs. Somehow, though, the green-skin/face-on-her-stomach look totally works for singler Lizzy Plapinger.

1. James Blake – “Overgrown” (Dir. Nabil)

When you see Nabil’s name on a video, you don’t think about it. You just click play. He makes these heavy, sensation-driven videos where you lose some of the effect if you read about any of what you’re about to see, so if you haven’t seen this one yet, stop reading already and just watch.

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  1. “Overgrown” video is amazing. Fantastic song too, I had those lyrics stuck in my head all day after I watched the video.

    Still curious as to why James Blake didn’t make it on Heavy Rotation here at the Gum. That, coupled with Pitchfork’s hilariously off-based review, makes me wonder what gives? That reviewer that called his track with the RZA his first “failure” makes me laugh so hard. I mean, FAILURE?? hahaha No. No sir. No. Has he ever listened to Wu-Tang? Does he realize how unique a verse this is for RZA? No. No sir. No.

    “Overgrown” is such an obvious improvement over his debut and I recall everyone going APE SHIT over that album two years ago…

    I guess what I’m trying to say is: “Don’t listen to reviews. Listen to James Blake’s new album. Listen to it with someone you care about or just listen to it with an open heart. It’s a beautiful album.”

  2. Hayley Williams can write a catchy song, but jeez, why does she have to scream every single word?

  3. No Julian Lynch at all? Sad.

  4. Can I just say I’m pretty glad to see that Paramore video up there? I’ve been secretly jamming to that song/video for the last couple days and was kind of starting to wonder about my future. Good call. Catchy as hell and she’s adorable.

  5. The MS MR video is amazing. What it lacks in coherency and narrative it makes up with tenfold with an amazing sense of photography and style. The same director also did the video for HTDW’s “& It Was U”, another recent favorite.

  6. oh wow that paramore video.

  7. and the song is amazing too! kelly clarkson “since u been gone” level pop rock perfection.

    • Yes! I was thinking the same thing. Nobody is afraid to admit they love that song, kinda silly we feel like we should be embarrassed about this one. Give in, people! Good tunes is good tunes!

      • haha, I feel like you’re the only one that’s acting like it’s embarrassing.

        • “Look, I’m sorry, but some things just get me.” – Tom Breihan

          I’m confident there are plenty of bespectacled cardigan folk who will never admit to liking such a song or video.

          • it’s 2013, are there any bespectacled folk in cardigans left? Anyone who still acts like there’s something shameful about enjoying pop music sounds like a dinosaur these days.

          • Haha I’d love to have your wide-eyed enthusiasm. I agree with you, but I’ve seen enough comments on this particular site to know the anti-pop cardigan hipster is very much alive and well. I suspect Adam Williams (below) knows what I’m talking about.

            Don’t get me wrong, I was a tad surprised to love this song and album as much as I now do, but that was because I’m pretty familiar with their old stuff. They had a couple of undenaibly great singles, but overall they were exactly what they seemed: a psuedo-emo punk pop group aimed at teenage girls. Can’t say I wasn’t a tad embarrassed to be jamming to this new song so hard when I heard it, but to deny those pop pleasures based solely on a band’s name is unfortunate. I didn’t want to like Kelly Clarkson back then either, but we all know that was just physically impossible.

  8. The MS MR video is one of the weirdest beautiful things I’ve seen in a while. I’m instantly in love with their EP. I might sound like a tool for asking, but is it pronounced “MSMR” like MGMT, or is it “Miss Mister” ?

  9. Don’t ever feature Paramore on your site again. Blech.

  10. Did anyone give the new Paramore album a listen?

    Interestingly enough, they’ve been messing with a bunch of different sounds ever since they lost those 2 (3?) bandmates and that last track, Future is a pretty heavy song. Personally, I’m really impressed with them and it gives me hope that they’ll mature nicely as a band.

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