Daft Punk - "Get Lucky"

The endless stream of bullshit streams are behind us: Lo, Daft Punk’s Pharrell and Nile Rodgers collab “Get Lucky” in all its official, sanctioned, verified, funky glory. And we know it is each of those things because it is available now, as a $1.29 download at iTunes. Very real. Very lucky. Listen below:

Random Access Memories is out 5/21. Here’s a Vine of its tracklist. The guys are in Southern California, if you are near, keep an eye out for suspicious helmets.

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  1. I stayed up all night to get Get Lucky

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    • Hah! The new Black Sabbath is somewhat decent at best. I’ll admit it had my head nodding a bit, but it in no way, shape, or form captures the glory of old Sabbath. I don’t slight them for it…….they’re getting up there………and I’m so happy to see (most of) them get back together and putting out new material…..but it’s just barely metal…….coming from the progenitors of. I am interested in hearing the rest of the album…..and wondering if Iommi gets a little more wicked/heavy in some of the other tracks. They could’ve picked the pop-iest song on the album for the first single, for all I know. Compared to past Black Sabbath output, this more or less gives the impression of barely hanging on/interpreting heavy metal through old men’s eyes.

      Daft Punk on the other hand are shooting for the stars. Going above and beyond all expectations. The talent they have employed on this album is beyond stimulating. How are you gonna dump on Giorgio Moroder? These guys couldn’t put a tired album out if they tried to.

      • I went back and listened to the new Black Sabbath again. It really is good, but it doesn’t carry the raw energy that the best Sabbath does. Maybe it is the quality of the Iheartradio stream or something, but it sounds overly processed/produced. It sounds like it was made to play on the radio/move product, whereas quality Sabbath sounds like a soundtrack to an actual black mass. Liking it, but still pining for the days of old.

        • From my understanding, the album has a few extremely great songs, many good ones and maybe one or two medicore ones. Thankfully it sounds like they’re still headed i the right direction with their sound, but its not really Black Sabbath without Bill Ward. I know this is mighty off point. I’ve heard that Age of Reason is the BEAST to be reckoned with on the album and that it stands up to the great sabbath classics too. I’m shocked too, but supposedly at the private listening party in Hollywood this seemed to be the case.
          Back to Daft Punk.I’ve always loved their stuff and the new is great!

  5. I love it, and yet, I’m still underwhelmed. It’s almost too simple. I really hope the album version is more expansive. I hardly feel like there is more to this than the teaser clips we’ve been salivating over. Down votes away I suppose…

  6. Sure it’s more than a bit cheesy, but disco/funk throwbacks fit Daft Punk like a glove, and this a goddamn JOY.

    Still very excited for RAM.

  7. damn i love this. better than anything on human after all

  8. This is pretty much a perfect pop groove. I wonder where the album’s two minutes go…extended intro or outro? I’m guessing robo-disco outro.

    SONG OF THE SUMMER, might as well call this now. Perfect antidote to the insanity of the past week.

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    • “Do they even remember what house music sounds like?”

      More than anyone, DP understands generic house music, but why would they want to put out another generic house album? If you are expecting RAM to be another Alive, you are going to be very disappointed.

      Daft Punk as artists have moved far beyond any EDM shit, and I for one am THRILLED for it.

      • First of all, if you think Daft Punk ever made generic house music, you’re betraying a remarkable level of ignorance. “EDM” is a neologism that didn’t come into use until just a couple years ago. If all you’ve heard is Skrillex and Deadmau5, OK, that stuff probably is a little generic and I’m as pleased as anyone that Daft Punk haven’t succumbed to the temptation to go dubstep (or brostep, I guess, since the idea of them doing a Burial album is interesting).

        But house music has been around for thirty years and has a deep and proud history. When you listen to “Teachers” do you know any of the names besides Dr Dre and Brian Wilson? Do you know DJ Sneak, Lil Louis, Green Velvet, Master at Work, or Armand Van Helden? Daft Punk did, and their early material is steeped in an awareness and respect of the music’s gorgeous past. House isn’t typically an album genre but HOMEWORK works as a fantastic house album. It’s a wonderful achievement. Subsequent albums have been OK – I liked HUMAN AFTER ALL for the way it tried to incorporate some of that old school NY Garage flavor into the DISCOVERY template. The few bits off the TRON LEGACY soundtrack that were actually full songs were promising – a couple deep bangers hidden in the chaff of sweeping synthesizer instrumentals.

        This, however, sounds nothing like I was hoping new Daft Punk material would sound like. This sounds pretty awful, all things considered, barely rising above the level of pastiche, and hardly even a convincing pastiche despite the pedigree of the players. I eventually came around to DISCOVERY even though it’s still hardly a patch on HOMEWORK, and quite like HUMAN AFTER ALL for the fact that they were actually trying to make dance music again, but if we have only to look forward to another album of this kind of weak sauce, it may be time to give up hope on them ever being as good as they once were. It’s probably a lot more lucrative for them to make music that can play on the radio and be sold in Target than 12″s that get sweaty basement parties moving, but I can tell you without any hesitation which one I’d rather hear, and I think that goes for anyone who remembers buying HOMEWORK off the shelf back in the halcyon days of 1997.

  10. a) This is a really awesome song and I listened to it twice on my commute this morning.

    b) Anyone else feel like its sorta Daft Punk by the numbers? Like, the vocoder repeating of the “Up All Night to Get Lucky” line is pretty much exactly the same thing they did in “Harder Better Faster Stronger,” and the main guitar loop isn’t exactly something new from them. Don’t get me wrong, I still think it’s great. I just hope there are some more innovative tracks on the album (and I have a feeling there will be, based on what Daft Punk has been saying about the album).

    • I agree. I think it’s a good “comeback single,” because it does what the band is known for very well. It plays a little safe, but I think it was a wise decision to release it as the single. I’m sure the album, in its 74 minutes, will have plenty of barnburners.

    • I agree, but it doesn’t bother me because it’s so tasty and I still consider it a teaser for the album as a whole. And the album version of this is gonna be so great with a couple more minutes of goodness.

  11. It’s good, it’s Daft Punk, but it does feel like empty calories. They’re capable of more than this, and I hope the album proves that. It’s a solid single, but let’s hope it’s not the high point.

  12. I’m not that familiar with Daft Punk, so excuse me if I don’t know what I’m talking about, but…people are somehow dissatisfied with this? The vocal hook is insanely good, and while the guitar is just a simple loop, it is quite tasty.

  13. This feels like when you see a movie because the trailer looked amazing, but then you find out that all the good parts of the movie were in the trailer. Except in this case the movie is just the trailer looped over and over again.

    I like this song but do wish there was more to it… maybe the album version will have some kind of epic outro?

  14. Agree with the feeling that the track doesn’t have anything new to reveal after seeing the coachella vid last weekend, but if it is just one piece of a massive 70′s funk revival magnum opus, sign me up.

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  16. i felt that pharrell’s performance was a bit overwhelming compared to the instrumentals. still love it though i just hope the full version has some more variety

  17. Why wasn’t Michael McDonald on this track? Talk about missed opportunities…

  18. So, OK, I’ve decided something.

    I have never in my life been this excited for an album release.

    This is one of the biggest moments of my life to this point.

    I wrote about it, I’d love it if you guys would check it out.


    • ” ‘The Robots’, as even their close collaborators refer to them, are utilizing this moment in technological and musical history to create a new kind of album anticipation, one that feels compulsorily modern and wonderfully nostalgic all at the same time”

      Yes, my friend. And I agree. To be “disappointed” with the official release of this single is to forget the fact that they are still playing this game. It is a radio edit of a longer song on a much bigger album not released for another 5 weeks. The mayhem continues, and I am loving every second of it.

  19. Every wedding band/cruise ship band/etc.. in the world will be playing this ad nauseum. This is the new Kool n the Gang “Celebration.”

  20. The bits with the vocoder are amazing, but I think Pharrell ruins the song with a pretty poor vocal performance/lyrics. Those collab videos only “raised the bar” on expectations, and this doesn’t live up to them.
    Underwhelmed is the feeling.

  21. It’s a solid, fun track, but Pharrell knows damn well that this is kind of an Earth, Wind, and Fire knockoff…

    • I kind of think that’s the point

      • Why would Daft Punk stoop to the level of knockoff act when they’ve been innovating for so long? They didn’t invent electronic dance music or techno or disco house but they sure as hell put their amazing, unique mark on it. They were a huge part of why electronic music is as mainstream as it is now. So to take steps back and put out this frustratingly boring and generic tune – amidst all the crazy uktra hype – is just disappointing. BUT I’M NOT DISCOUNTING THE ALBUM AS A WHOLE UNTIL I HEAR IT SO FINGERS ARE CROSSED

        • Have you watched those collaborator’s videos? They’re going for that exact sound. It sounds like Daft Punk doing the 70′s. In interviews they’re mentioning at how disappointed they are with the EDM examples flying through the mainstream (and I don’t blame them). It’s become stale, and they’re shaking it up a bit. I really don’t care if it sounds like a 70′s disco hit, because I know full well they are intending it to sound like a 70′s disco hit.

          • I just feel like they didn’t put enough of a spin on it to make it sound original. Still a great song, just didn’t sound like they made it their own.

          • they have plenty of 70s disco already, and there’s nothing wrong with that. i don’t think turdles was trying to say the issue was that it sounds like disco (he actually said the opposite, stating they put their ‘amazing unique mark’ on disco house)…it’s more that this particular song sounds like a knockoff of some played out disco joint already out there, and that they didn’t give it the DP treatment.
            i kinda agree. i personally have no issues with them going with more live instrumentation, but i’d be lying if i said this song moved me as much as i was hoping.

          • To me, in the end, it comes down to one thing: Do I enjoy it? Is my ass shaking uncontrollably? The answer is most definitely YES. All I want is for Daft Punk to make me move, and this track does just that, whether it sounds like a 70′s rip off or not.

    • Shelby, that thought crossed my mind but here’s the thing (and you will be hard-pressed to find a bigger 20-something white guy fan of Earth Wind and Fire)….

      When was the last time you heard somebody effectively channel those Maurice White harmonies…. EFFECTIVELY?

      Because I don’t think I have, ever…

  22. I really wanted the end of that song to groove on for at least another hour or two…

  23. I’ve been going to bed early and my luck has been less than favourable.

  24. Just heard the full track over at p4k. Whoever is complaining about this is deaf. This song is the Robot Funk Apocalypse, in a good way.

  25. Anyone else see that they start dancing at around 2:20? Awesome

  26. We can just skip the vote for song of the summer right?

  27. How Daft Punk’s ‘Get Lucky’ Sounds To Internet Hipsters:

  28. I don’t care how many down votes I get because I’m still going to voice my opinion. With that said, this song is totally boring, played out funk-rock. Not a bad song, just fucking boring.

  29. My favorite thing about this song is that Nile Rodgers is in part responsible for inventing and popularizing this exact sound. I hope this is the start of a late career resurgence.

  30. Wow, really sounds like someone(s) has been listening to Prince’s self-titled album

  31. This is as about as uninspired a Daft Punk song I have ever heard. And can can we all get off of Nile Rodgers’ nuts for this performance. It’s patronizing if anything. They guy is playing disco riff #4 from page 12 of Teach Yourself Disco Guitar (Intermediate). Total waste of a collaboration here.

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  32. Wow, if I had listened to this earlier, this would have made excellent distraction (for four minutes, anyways) from the fact that there was a fucking bomber running around and turning a town only a few miles away into a warzone.
    Granted, right now it still makes great “Thank God” party music…

  33. I like how everyone is judging an entire album based on one song.

  34. 9 times out of 10 when Pharrell touches a track it’s near perfect

  35. After hearing this 10 times, I’ve come to this conclusion: it’s basically a perfect companion piece to Suit and Tie. Not a bad song, but it’s retro music pastiche that isn’t as interesting as the artist’s previous work.

  36. “AaAAhh”

  37. I’m convinced people that don’t like this song aren’t good at having fun.

  38. Can I downgrade the firmware on @daftpunk version 4.0?

  39. Why can’t people just enjoy the fucking song. Haters are making such a big deal about it because it’s by Daft Punk, and it’s not EDM. You’re right, it’s not Discovery. Probably because they don’t want to make another Discovery.

    Personally, I accept our new disco overlords.

  40. Boring. Love everyone involved but Jamiroquai has this style sowed up. Yeah, I might shake it to this jam out with some hotties for a good time but for all the hype I expected something more. DP was headed in an exciting direction and this song is nothing but a detour.

  41. Lately my favorite chilling song :)

  42. Hey this is a cool and creative spin on Draft Punk’s Get Lucky!! Check it out!! http://youtu.be/fymFTpfCkws

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