Hear An Early Version Of Daft Punk's "Contact" From Random Access Memories

A YouTube rip of an early version of Daft Punk’s “Contact,” the closing track from Random Access Memories, has appeared online. While there’s been a lot of counterfeiting going on regarding cuts from the record, Fact Mag has reported the track was played during a 2002 DJ set in Amsterdam by Daft Punk’s Thomas Bangaltar, Cassius, and DJ Falcon, who is featured on the song. You can preview it below and compare it with the set at the 2 hours 21 minutes mark.

Random Access Memories is out 5/21 via Columbia.

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  1. I like it. But I also think that “Waters of Nazareth” called, and they want their hook back.

  2. or rather Justice called. You get my drift.

  3. I am 150% OK with this closing out the new album.

    “Are we in this thing alone, or are we together?”

    Sounds like a perfect ending to an album to me!

  4. I believe this song plays on a continuous loop on the top of Mount Everest.

  5. not sure i’m buying it, even “too long” was a lot better than this (and in retrospect is ridiculously awesome). and given the discussion that this album was played almost entirely with “live acoustic instrumentation”.

    i dunno, i like it. but not as much as i want to like the song that’s going to close out this album.

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