Laura Marling

Singer-songwriter Laura Marling has already released some really lovely songs in anticipation of her new album Once I Was An Eagle, but something is very … off (in a good way) in her video for recent single, “Master Hunter.” Marling plays to a dimly lit scene of a couple dancing and struggling that is either sensually violent or violently sensual, with jerky movements that suggest J-horror as much as a sex scene. It’s a beautifully dark video, and (like a lot of great music videos) puts the song in a context that’s hard to forget. It’s worth noting that Marling adds a new coda to the song, a brief pulse of dissonance that perfectly complements the unsettling final twist of the video. Marling has been shining all year, and this video just adds another facet. Watch.

Once I Was An Eagle is out 5/28 on Virgin

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  1. Hey Stereogum, why haven’t you written up about this yet?

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