David Bowie - "The Next Day" Video

For his third video from The Next Day, David Bowie is keeping things cinematic and strange. Obviously. Here once more is Floria Sigismundi, again directing A-list movie stars (last time Tilda Swinton, this time Marion Cotillard and Gary Oldman) in a typical tale of the church, a brothel, and a stigmata-afflicted prostitute. It’s an idea “written and conceived” by David Himself, and the second time Bowie and Oldman have collaborated (see also: 1995′s Reeves Gabrels album The Sacred Squall of Now, and the next year’s film Basquiat). Watch:

The Next Day is out via Columbia. Check the flow.

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  1. This reminded me of two things:
    1. I need to listen to The Next Day more
    2. Marion Cotillard is ridiculously attractive

  2. It was removed

  3. Well I think I missed the point completely, but that’s ok because it looked cool.

  4. Big Audio Dynamite video?

  5. I think this is terrible, tasteless.

  6. Eyeballs, blood and skinny bald girls fail to get much of a point across. Here’s an equally subversive song that’s a lot easier for us retards to understand. No S&M imagery needed.

  7. I really like this video. At first it *seems* a bit shocking, but on second viewing, it makes sense: a room full of sinners-each with their own vice. A greedy naked bride, marrying for money; a Joan of Arc figure; a cold, detached nun in a self-satisfied rapture (pride, perhaps?); an alcoholic cardinal; a masochistic, flagellating monk getting off on his pain; a mean-spirited, selfish sleezy priest seducing a prostitute, etc.. In this room the prostitute seems the most honest of them all and she is granted by “God” (Or ‘Ziggy Stardust’, wink ;p) to become holy.
    David is just pushing buttons regarding religion being full of hypocrisy and he is demonstrating this little miraculous story or ‘tableau’ through iconic religious imagery. No different than what he’s always done.

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