These New Puritans - Field Of Reeds

After hearing the tense and elegant, classically intoned “Fragment Two,” you should be as excited as I am to hear Field Of Reeds, the new These New Puritans album that birthed it. And now you can! Such is the impulse gratifying power of the internet. Feel free to toss around genre tags to describe TNP’s new sound, keeping in mind that “post-punk” can no longer contain them. Like, the Field Of Reeds live shows are probably going to require an ensemble headed by a conductor, and so far this sounds like a great thing. Listen in:

(via Guardian)

Field Of Reeds is out 6/10 via Infectious. Pre-order at iTunes.

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  1. This is jarringly gorgeous. I can’t remember the last time I heard something that sounded this singular.

  2. I hear a lot of different and interesting influences. From Bjork, to Scott Walker through Frank Zappa. It’s beautifully inspired and put together, still not the masterpiece I know These New Puritans will one day bring to its fans, but by listening to it we know they’re towards the right direction.

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