Young Adults - Spectre Video

Earlier this year, Western Mass trio Young Adults released a new EP, Born In ’91, a noisy punk album full of shoegaze guitars and shout-a-long hooks. Back in February, we heard the title track. Now, the band has a video for the EP’s third cut, “Spectre,” produced by Loroto. It’s a cheeky commentary on stale office culture, corporate branding, the numbness induced by social media, and general societal constructs regarding success and normalcy. Check it out below.

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  1. If there were ever a video that summed up navigating through the shit storm known as life as seen through the social media filter as a young professional these days, this would be it…

    Have to ask just out of curiosity, but what are the ramifications in using actual company logos like this? I really don’t care — It’s just ballsy in my opinion to do so rather than just make up a sound-and-look-a-like version of them that suggests who you’re talking about. Props to the 413.

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