Entertainment Weekly's 100 Greatest Albums Ever

Here we are, end of June 2013, as appropriate a time as any to take stock of the entire history of popular music. Well not us, but Entertainment Weekly, who just published a double issue with “100 Best” lists of just about every artistic medium known to man. We’re just here to pick apart their choices! Naturally any list of the 100 Greatest Albums Ever is going to have one of maybe three possible Beatles albums in the top spot (unless it’s NME doing the list-making, in which case it’s either the first Stone Roses record or the first Oasis record); also to be expected in the top 10 are Pet Sounds and Nevermind and London Calling and Thriller and My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy … sorry, come again? FIFTY ONE spots higher than Master Of Puppets? SEVENTY ONE spots higher than Zep 4? EW, why you gotta be such trolls? Also, where the heck is [insert OOP black metal obscurity that maybe 2,000 people have ever heard]? Check the list for yourself below; find reasons to feel outraged, reasons to feel vindicated; share those feelings in the comments.

Entertainment Weekly’s 100 Greatest Albums Ever

100. Ramones, Ramones
99. Erykah Badu, Mama’s Gun
98. Queens of the Stone Age, Songs for the Deaf
97. Dusty Springfield, Dusty in Memphis
96. Dixie Chicks, Home
95. Various Artists, Saturday Night Fever
94. Beyonce, B’Day
93. N.W.A. Straight Outta Compton
92. Elliott Smith, Either/Or
91. Sly and the Family Stone, There’s a Riot Goin’ On
90. The White Stripes, White Blood Cells
89. Sleater-Kinney, Dig Me Out
88. New Order, Power, Corruption and Lies
87. Dolly Parton, Coat of Many Colors
86. PJ Harvey, Stories from the City, Stories from the Sea
85. Tom Waits, Rain Dogs
84. Patti Smith, Horses
83. James Brown, In the Jungle Groove [anthology]
82. Pavement, Slanted and Enchanted
81. Pixies, Doolittle
80. Elton John, Goodbye Yellow Brick Road
79. Led Zeppelin, Led Zeppelin IV
78. Bjork, Post
77. My Bloody Valentine, Loveless
76. Talking Heads, Remain in Light
75. Elvis Costello, My Aim is True
74. Amy Winehouse, Back to Black
73. Various Artists,The Harder They Come
72. Beastie Boys, Paul’s Boutique
71. The Kinks, The Kinks Are The Village Green Preservation Society
70. Iggy and the Stooges, Raw Power
69. Sonic Youth, Daydream Nation
68. Public Enemy, It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back
67. Neil Young, After the Gold Rush
66. Hole, Live Through This
65. Love, Forever Changes
64. Nine Inch Nails, The Downward Spiral
63. Television, Marquee Moon
62. The Replacements, Let It Be
61. De La Soul, 3 Feet High and Rising
60. Beck, Odelay
59. Metallica, Master of Puppets
58. Dr. Dre, The Chronic
57. Alicia Keys, Songs in A Minor
56. Arcade Fire, Funeral
55. Nas, Illmatic
54. R.E.M., Lifes Rich Pageant
53. The Flaming Lips, The Soft Bulletin
52. A Tribe Called Quest, The Low End Theory
51. Chuck Berry, The Great Twenty-Eight [anthology]
50. The Smiths, The Queen is Dead
49. LCD Soundsystem, Sound of Silver
48. Outkast, Stankonia
47. The Cure, Disintegration
46. The Beatles, Rubber Soul
45. Radiohead, OK Computer
44. Michael Jackson, Off the Wall
43. Madonna, Madonna
42. AC/DC, Back in Black
41. Eminem, The Marshall Mathers LP
40. John Lennon, John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band
39. The Who, Who’s Next
38. The Velvet Underground, The Velvet Underground & Nico
37. Pink Floyd, The Dark Side of the Moon
36. Jay-Z, The Blueprint
35. The Rolling Stones, Some Girls
34. David Bowie, The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars
33. Wu-Tang Clan, Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)
32. Guns N’ Roses, Appetite for Destruction
31. The Notorious B.I.G., Ready to Die
30. Otis Redding, Otis Blue: Otis Redding Sings Soul
29. Fleetwood Mac, Rumours
28. Lauryn Hill, The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill
27. Bob Dylan, Highway 61 Revisited
26. Jimi Hendrix Experience, Are You Experienced
25. Bob Marley and the Wailers, Catch a Fire
24. Daft Punk, Discovery
23. U2, Achtung Baby
22. The Beatles, Abbey Road
21. Stevie Wonder, Innervisions
20. The Rolling Stones, Beggars Banquet
19. Al Green, Call Me
18. Paul Simon, Graceland
17. Adele, 21
16. Elvis Presley, Sunrise [anthology]
15. Bruce Springsteen, Born to Run
14. Johnny Cash, At Folsom Prison
13. Marvin Gaye, What’s Going On
12. The Beatles, The White Album
11. Joni Mitchell, Blue
10. Nirvana, Nevermind
9. The Beach Boys, Pet Sounds
8. Kanye West, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy
7. Aretha Franklin, Lady Soul
6. Bob Dylan, Blood on the Tracks
5. The Clash, London Calling
4. Michael Jackson, Thriller
3. The Rolling Stones, Exile on Main Street
2. Prince, Purple Rain
1. The Beatles, Revolver

Comments (245)
  1. So we get Amy Winehouse but not Reign in Blood!?!?!

    At least Illmatic and Enter the 36 Chambers made it…

    • Reign In Blood was omitted because it does not feature 2 Chainz, whereas OK Computer.

    • Three glaring omissions and they all point to lack of respect for being the first to really create or perfect a genre of music.

      1) Slayer – Reign in Blood you don’t have anything but Thrash Metal without it.

      2) Black Sabath – Paranoid … you know that genre called Metal… You know the one that Metallica used to sell 30 million copies of one album (That isn’t on this list BTW) … this is why that exists

      3) Run DMC Raising Hell – You know all these great albums you have on here…illmatic, 36 chambers…ready to die… Yeah those are on here because of this album.

  2. This list is missing two words: HUMAN CLAY.

  3. it’s actually better than a lot of best of lists i’ve seen… at least it’s not the same stuff being repeated over and over again. Kanye West in the top 10 of ALL TIME though is a bit pushing it…

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      • If you have to ask you’re missing the point.

        • I love Kanye as much as the next guy but if you put My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy ahead of Pet Sounds you probably haven’t been listening to music for very long! I’m not even saying MBDTF shouldn’t be on the list It’s a fantastic album but it’s not even the greatest Rap/Hip-Hop album of all time!

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          • MBDTF is a very good album. With some editing and if Kanye were a better rapper, it might even be perfect. It’s not better than Pet Sounds. Then again, very few things are.
            Also, Kanye West has crossed the critical threshold to become another stale, safe name – like Radiohead. MBDTF was a fine album, but it was canonized almost the instant it was released – critics have been dying to give him the GOAT mantle and MBDTF was the first album that seemed like it wouldn’t be a misfire to give the classic treatment to.

          • It appears it is your horse that has actually been smoking something, because it is very high.

          • That is quite a straw man you are arguing with.

          • Haha that’s funny. I’m sorry but I’m afraid I can’t you seriously. I like how you accuse me of being a boring music fan that listens to only Radiohead, yet you seem to think MBDTF actually deserves the spot above Pet Sounds.

            Kanye being in this list isn’t upsetting. But Kanye being top ten is. But if you don’t get that you are also missing the point.

            Also, I’m sure you’ve never listened to Pet Sounds.

          • For the record, I don’t think even EW truly believes MBDTF deserves that spot.

    • nope. not pushing it. it’s difficult to rank a not-even-3-years-old kanye album next to beach boys and beatles… but in 30 years i imagine we’ll be treating MBDTF with the same reverence. i can’t think of a more universally lauded album from this past decade, and if there’s one post-millenial album that deserves the top 10 spot, it’s this one. that and the writer obviously hates Radiohead.

  4. In the Jungle Groove? James Brown has at least three albums (Live at Apollo 62, Sex Machine and The Payback) that belong there more than an anthology.

    But, for all the predictability of the top 20, I’m actually pleasantly surprised to see certain acts on here, like Television, Sleater-Kinney, Erykah Badu. The PJ Harvey choice is an odd one though.

  5. Where is Wilco? Yankee Hotel Foxtrot? There’s a bunch of Beatles on that list, not to say that they don’t make some good music, but to be perfectly honest this list of the greatest all time music is crap. Also, what about Broken Social Scene? Albeit they are indie, but still, musical geniuses and AUDIO GOLD!

  6. I don’t ever care about lists like this, but if you’re going to tell me Adele made one of the 20 best albums ever, I’m going to tell you to never speak to me again.

  7. To say that “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” is better than “What’s Going On” is disgusting.

  8. I like Kanye West but saying that his album is better than Pet Sounds? You’re really willing to go there, Entertainment Weekly?

    • Kanye probably is.

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      • Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see

        • Full disclosure: I’m a big Kanye fan, and I’d much rather listen to Kanye than the Beach Boys. But it’s troll-y as fuck to do that in a list like this. It’s also kind of disrespectful to hip-hop. When I was writing this post, I wrote the following sentence without actually looking at the list:

          “Naturally any list of the 100 Greatest Albums Ever is going to have one of maybe three possible Beatles albums in the top spot … also to be expected in the top 10 are Pet Sounds and Nevermind and London Calling and Thriller …”

          But when I first wrote that sentence, I had Nation Of Millions in there, not London Calling. Again, without actually looking at EW’s list. And then I checked the actual list and saw Nation Of Millions at fucking SIXTY EIGHT. Now think about what that says about how EW views rap music. There’s only one rap record in the top 10, and it came out three years ago? Meanwhile the genre’s classics are slowly dropping off, while Pet Sounds and Nevermind remain firmly entrenched? I dunno man. This kind of thing deserves a thesis, not a blog comment, but it really struck me in a negative way.

          • I’d read that thesis. Write it up. Pretty much any other hip-hop album on the list deserves that top 10 spot over Kanye. Troll-y as fuck indeed.

          • It’s difficult to take a list that includes Beyonce’s “B-Day” and Adele’s “21″ on the list. We must remember that EW like Rolling Stone is very populist and needs to appeal to the masses.

            And here’s my bitch omission comment: Eric B & Rakim’s “Paid In Full”?

            And Hole? Really?

    • I didn’t even notice that because my brain switched off after I saw Adele’s 21 ranked almost 20 places higher than OK Computer.

  9. As usual, Elvis Presley (AKA: the King of Rock and Roll) only gets a mention for his first recordings (which weren’t even released as a collection in the time they were recorded) and not anything from the rest of his 20+ year career. Even if you want to stick only to his 1950s recordings…his early work for RCA was the most influential music that he created. I love the Sun sessions as much as the next Elvis fan, but every list pretends that it was his peak. This is not true. However…it’s a waste of breath to argue any of these points. The lists are only made to create debates…and we fall into the trap every time.

  10. No Curtis fucking Mayfield?!?

  11. This list is so scatter shot, I don’t even know where to start critiquing it.

    That said, the acknowledgment for the great hip hop albums (other than Eric B. & Rakim’s “Paid in Full”) is a fantastic change of pace from the lists Rolling Stone and their ilk have been churning out for the last couple decades.

  12. It was as not qualified as such, but I am assuming this list was intended to be a jazz free zone. if not, there would appear to be the size of a stand up bass.

  13. Time to log my single biggest complaint:

    69. Sonic Youth, Daydream Nation
    After which, I”m thinking, “Eh, at least they remembered it exists. I’ll take it.”

    66. Hole, Live Through This
    NO. Just NO.

    I can live with a lot of the other stuff–OK Computer, but no Kid A; 4 Beatles albums in the top 46 (plus Lennon\Oko in there); the horrendously high rating of Adele; that and Kanye being the only 2 two albums from the last twenty years in the top twenty (Nevermind just falling outside of that range).

    BUT SRSLY GUYS: there is no possible universe in which Daydream Nation is an inferior album to Live Through This. I refuse to live in a world where people honestly believe this. Don’t get me wrong: Live Through This is not an awful album. It’s pretty good. I have my doubts that even Courtney Love would rank LTT ahead of Daydream Nation.

  14. I try not to get too riled up about such lists…the heavy hitters are always there in varying degrees (your Beatles, MJ, Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Beach Boys etc.), the usual WTF albums show up to spark some controversy (Kanye top ten is utter bull shit), and a few classics get ignored…

    …but is Kid A really missing from this list? Are we really assuming that Dixie Chicks released an album better than Kid A, EW? Someone correct me if I just missed it after scanning a few times but in my book, any all-time 100 that doesn’t at least include Kid A is void.

    • While I agree that Kid A should be on the list Dixie Chicks “Home” is a FANTASTIC album!

      • I won’t dispute that, hell if they want it on this all-time list I won’t complain. But if that’s the case, Kid A should easily be on here. Again, it’s hard to argue a specific point of logic when they have Adele at #17 (but not #21, hey-o!) and Kanye in the top ten above Pet Sounds.

    • Kid A is my go-to-album for these lists. I will admit I make snap judgements when it does not appear.

      • It’s the album I look for every time I see a list like this. Most of my very favs I know what to expect (many would never make such a list, and Thriller will always make it), but Kid A’s status is a strong signifier of the publications validity with regards to my respect.

  15. Alicia Keys and Adele albums are better than Pixies’ Doolittle? Yes, Entertainment Weekly is EWWW…

  16. Sound of Silver is really better than Loveless, White Blood Cells, Daydream Nation, IV, Raw Power, Marquee Moon, The Chronic, AND The Queen is Dead?

    I mean I love James Murphy and all, but ain’t nobody got time for that.

  17. Ehhh at least there are some good bands listed. Maybe someone picks up the issue at the doctors office and finds out about a band they have never heard of and procede to check them out.

    • I really want someone to be sitting in a doctor’s office, read this list, then ditch their colonoscopy appointment to run out and buy Master of Puppets.

  18. I don’t get why people make these sorts of lists. The world of music is too fucking big for anyone to claim they’ve listened to enough albums to know what the best are, plus that’s so relative. There are at least a few dozen albums that I can listen to and be thinking “this has got to be my favorite album ever”, until I listen to another one and have the exact same thought. So it just ends being the same old list as all the others, with the same beatles/stones/dylan stuff with a few attempts at relevancy or to make the scope seem a little wider then it is, but nothing that makes me think differently about music.

    • The subjectivity of such lists doesn’t bother me, everyone has their personal opinion. But with such a wide spread publication as EW, you’d think there would be some cultural responsibility with printing such a thing. Shoving Kanye and even Adele that high is blatant disregard for common sense. I can just see the marketing guy saying “Ya know, putting Kanye in the top ten would really get a rise out of people and sell some issues. In fact, put it just one above Pet Sounds. This will be fun.”

      • I just hate it that magazines always have to write “best” as if they know shit about all of music. Everyone has some preferences, some gigantic blind spots, etc. Even if they’re music writers. So it just ends up being the same stale critical consensus bullshit instead of somebody ignoring that and bringing something actually new to the table.
        I haven’t listened to Pet Sounds or MBDTF in a while, so why would I bother to put them in a list? and I bet you most of the voters on there voted for something that they haven’t cared about in a long time simply for the sake of some mythical “objective quality”. Fuck that shit, I’d rather they give us something we haven’t already seen a thousand times.

        If I were to bitch about the Kanye ranking, it would mainly just be the ridiculous assumption that any Kanye album should be considered the best rap album of all time. His albums are good, but as a rapper, he can’t match a Scarface or Jay-Z or OutKast or E-40 at their peaks.

        • Good points. And I agree, my personal top ten will never include any Beatles, Beach Boys, Rolling Stones, or Dylan simply because that’s not the stuff I enjoy the most. But I think the reason magazine publications lists have responsibility is in presenting it as a cultural consensus. And you are also right in that those lists typically get boring because it’s they’re usually a list of the same albums rearranged just slightly. Very predictable in most cases. So how do you remedy predictable and boring? Stick Kanye-effin’-West in the top ten and watch the masses hurl.

          That’s why Stereogum lists, for example, are fine. Because it is present as an individual’s opinion in blog format. I get that, and I love and respect it. But when a publication such as EW does it, they’re basically saying “these are the albums that culturally defined pop music for the last 60 years.” And if you come across that way, putting MBDTF that high is simply irresponsible. I guess at least it’s not boring.

          • The thing is, the things that they’re claiming are cultural consensus is mainly just cultural consensus of old baby boomers mixed in with a few samplings of critically acclaimed music since that era. If we wanted cultural consensus, we could just pull up a list of the greatest selling albums and call it good. But if you want to talk about quality, it should be a personal judgement.

    • ha, “cultural responsibility?” thanks for the laugh, kidchair.

  19. I have no opinions.

  20. ZzzzZZzzzZzzzzzZZzzzz

  21. ZzzzZZzzzZzzzzzZZzzzz

  22. Oh crap. Double post

    Ahm… Hi!

  23. I wonder what this list will look like in thirty years. I’ll be waiting, EW.

  24. Great to see Sleater-Kinney “Dig Me Out” recognized. U2 “Achtung Baby” is more amazing than anything Adele will produce (it would have bee nice to see “The Joshua Tree” lane in the Top 100 as well). But no Wilco or Pearl Jam?

  25. How do they know?

  26. Dylan’s iconic Highway 61 Revisited at #27? It should be #2, followed by Revolver.

  27. EW should do a list for “World’s Greatest Dad.”

  28. Putting more than 5 seconds worth of thought into this list seems like a waste of time and I hesitated before even clicking the link, but I’ve gotta say I’m pretty shocked they left off Sgt. Peppers.

  29. I’m actually rather impressed by them sticking Lady Soul so high, Go Aretha!

  30. In the Aeroplane Over the Sea? Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band?

  31. I like that this list makes more recognition of black artists who’ve shaped popular music than some other lists (rhymes with bowling grown). But I have a question:

    If we’re going back to greatest albums SINCE ALBUMS EXISTED: where is the jazz? I don’t even need to throw out my favorites; I’d be willing to accept Kind of Blue or A Love Supreme as the only token jazz entries. Instead, there’s nothing.

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  33. Truth be told, considering the audience towards whom this is targeted they did a good job.

    • This is a good point. This is probably very informative about good music as far as Entertainment Weekly’s readership is concerned.

      • Yeah, I’m shocked by this. This is a magazine sold to idiots in grocery store checkout aisles. It’s a list for people who actually have friends and get out of the basement. (God, I hate people like that….they don’t have a clue.) This seems more like a list of 100 albums everyone should hear for basic cultural and musical literacy.

  34. I could list bands i think should be listed (The Band, Big Star, CCR, Warren Zevon…), but I think the biggest travesty is that no jazz albums are included.

    • A Love Supreme is my favorite album of all time. Kind of Blue is not far behind. Rolling Stone had both of these in the top fifty. If they said that there are too many great jazz albums for the list, that would make sense.

  35. And GOAT list that includes anthologies is immediately disqualified.

  36. Given all the similar lists by MOJO, RS, Spin, MOJO, etc. etc., this is pretty redundant, but not horrible as a list for people who don’t really listen to all that much music. So not much point in pointing out that it’s missing anything that suggests the wonderful vastness of great music, but still I gotta say I’m surprised by the total absence of Van Morrison’s Astral Weeks!

  37. While I generally think such broad lists are very stupid, I kinda like this one just for not being so classic rock-leaning. Obviously we could pick it apart all day, but they hit a lot of classics that get overlooked by other mainstream publications. Its a hell of a lot better than what we would get from Rolling Stone or NME. Also, Songs for the Deaf!

    • Even though I agree that RS is too classic rock- leaning, I still prefer their best albums list because there’s no fucking Adele, and the numbers are better. Thriller at number 4 is too high. However, Rolling Stone had the Eagles on the list, and I have to take points off for that. I hate the fucking Eagles, man!

  38. No fucking Drama-Rama? seriously?

  39. I mean, I’m impressed by this list from Entertainment Weekly. It’s not perfect, but no list is perfect. And it’s a step up from any recent Rolling Stone list.

    • I actually really like Rolling Stone’s most recent all-time albums list. For one, it was comprised by hundreds of critics and artists themselves, and for the most part its hard to argue with. I respect that EW is trying to mix it up a bit, but some of these choices are so blatantly obvious as troll picks to get debates going. I have a hard time believing whatever consensus they derived the list from actually came to the conclusion that Adele and Kanye need to be that high. It’s totally a big boss marketing attempt at mixing it up that overshoots by a long shot.
      Again, not sure what their intentions were with it, but if they wanted to get people riled up, they succeeded.

    • Although, Rolling Stone does give a little too much weight to how old an album is. But then again, that’s Rolling Stone for ya.

  40. woozefa  |   Posted on Jun 28th, 2013 -1

    this is the horse’s ass of best of albums list. in the same issue they try to convince us yet again that ‘citizen kane’ is the best film ever made. i wish they’d just go meta and make an ‘entertainment weekly’s best of the best of lists’ and get it over with.

    • I have no problem with people claiming Citizen Kane is the greatest movie ever made (I might not say that personally but I certainly understand it).
      I agree with that more than Revolver being the greatest album ever made.

      Out of interest I want to know what movie you would put at #1.

    • You realize Citizen Kane is almost universally recognized by film scholars across the world as the greatest of all time… right? It was knocked off the top of Sight and Sound poll by Vertigo and Tokyo Story, but its reputation is immense?

      Maybe I misunderstood the tone of your comment, but…

      • When I see it at the top of movie lists, I don’t complain because I get the cultural impact of it. But the EW blurb on it said it best – no matter how many times you’ve seen Kane, it always feels like they first time. I find that to be accidentally poignant, because even though I’ve seen it a couple times, for the life of me I can’t remember what the hell that movie is about. I think for all the cultural hoopla surrounding it, it is one of the more boring classics I’ve ever seen.

  41. Here are some rules that I think should be used when creating a list like this:
    1. Forget the numbering. These are already completely subjective so it’s never going to be “right” to everyone, and numbering them all just makes it worse.
    2. Force a quota for era’s. Obviously we will see much more older albums on these lists because the albums are “classics” and great albums are like Supreme Court justices, they’re there for life. But we have to acknowledge that there actually has been great albums made in the last 10-20 years. It’s hard to put recent albums over, say, Sg. Pep., but if the author comes in with a requirement of minimum 5 albums from the last 10 years, it makes it easier to justify.
    3. Limit one album pure band/artist. Obviously people will always put 3-4 Beatles albums on these lists (personally I think only 2 are actually deserving). How about just putting one, but having acknowledgements for other albums by the artist. Sure this might not lead to a true Top 100, but I think it allows for better diversity.

    • Also, only one album for The Who and Led Zeppelin each? Especially with Four fucking Beatles albums? I mean yeah they’re the Beatles, but no way they have 4 in the top 100 without even including Sg. Pep.

      But the most angering exclusion for me is The Strokes “Is This It.”
      I might be alone here, but since the first time I heard it, I’ve always considered it one of the greatest albums ever.

  42. pretty solid list.. anyone who hasn’t heard these albums before they die..

    any list Dixie Chicks, Home
    74. Amy Winehouse, Back to Black
    42. AC/DC, Back in Black
    57. Alicia Keys, Songs in A Minork
    17. Adele, 21

    they JUST. HAVEN”T. LIVED.

  43. The fact that Dark Side of the Moon holds the record for the longest stay on the Billboard charts demands that it is in the top 5 all time.

    • It’s popular, ergo, it’s in the top 5 of all time. DSOTM is a fantastic album and there’s no need to try and justify its value through sales, as opposed to the quality of the music itself.

  44. A lot of times with lists with such narrow scopes (100 albums isn’t very many at all) I just take the artists into account — thrilled to see that Elliott Smith, Bjork, Sonic Youth, MBV, and the Pixies were even acknowledged — but omitting Kid A is something of a joke. I would have much rather they omitted OK Computer and included it. I legitimately believe that it’s going to be remembered as one of the most important artistic works of its era. But given their target audience… this list isn’t that bad.

  45. A grab-bag of unimpeachable classics assembled in meaningless order, with a few obviously undeserving records tossed in for good measure.

  46. Where is The Strokes – Is This It?

  47. Ignoring the Kanye business (I just don’t like him, too bias to weigh in), some big gripes of mine that haven’t come up much so far:

    - Stankonia is their Outkast pick? Aquemini beats inconsistent Stankonia’s brains out (and happens to be my favorite rap album ever) but did’t make the list at all.

    - No Siamese Dream?

    - Raw Power makes it but not Funhouse? Nothing against Raw Power, but Fun House is maybe the most atomic slab of rock and roll ever committed to tape.

    - Nothing from The Band? Self-titled should definitely be here, but I’d have also settled for Music From Big Pink. Them not making the list is criminal…especially when freakin’ Hole did.

    - Not surprising, but Are You Experienced really doesn’t hold up to Electric Ladyland.

    - I’d have liked to see them throw a Pogues album in somewhere…give them the Dixie Chicks spot or something.

    What makes me happy – they nailed the 4 best Beatles albums (not in my order, but whatever) and left off Sgt. Pepper’s…., which is good, but significantly overrated because of its impact.

    • And oh yeah, I thought maybe they’d squeeze Guided by Voices in too since Spin really likes them, but alas.

    • Just curious, how could you possibly call Stankonia inconsistent? I would say that’s the best rap album ever. The only critique I could see is how it’s a bit frontloaded (or more like all-but-the-last-quarter-loaded, though if you’re into Outkast getting weird and soulful the back end will treat you just fine too. While Aquemini is also superb I find it much more uneven.

      • Honestly, ATLiens is my favorite Kast album right now, but I’d consider the first four nearly interchangable in quality (though the style of music is so different for each one).

      • Aquemini maintains a more consistent vibe to me – it’s sonically cohesive because it sounds like it was produced by some imaginary funk-soul producer from the 1970s, which is also a big part of why it sounds so damn good. That ad the mind-blowing songs and rapping, of course.

        For me, Stankonia has a lot of dead weight – too much gangster posturing that doesn’t really suit them on it, and you can already see 3000 starting to withdraw from rapping extensively on a lot of it. Of course it’s also got some of the best stuff they ever dropped, hence inconsistent.

        • Awww dog, aight dope explanation I can feel that. As Splinturd says always good when a group (let alone rap group) has a cataolgue where tons of albums are good enough to be considered best.

          But “gangster posturing”.. you mean like on Red Velvet and Gangsta Shit? I always take the gangsta stuff from them to be subversive and/or critical. I mean Big Boi’s kinda a tough dude but they’re both still rap’s resident alien scholars.

        • You are right. I think the best songs on Stankonia are better than the best songs on Aquemini — but Aquemini is the consistently brilliant album all the way through. There are some duds on Stankonia, and some songs where the production and the rapping just don’t mesh.

          • Last 4 tracks on Aquemini are mostly bad. Last 4 tracks on Stankonia are mostly bad. On Aquemini there’s 16 songs. On Stankonia there’s 24. Just do the math.

            Anybody into Math Rock anymore?

  48. I have never heard anyone attempt to make a case for Blood On the Tracks as the best Dylan album. Calling it the sixth best album of all time is the biggest head scratcher to me.

    • I’ve seen the argument made…and I don’t necessarily disagree. BoB & Highway 61 are awesome, but each has a song or two that could be trimmed, which I don’t think Blood on the Tracks does. But I always have a hard time putting those 3 in order.

    • good point highway 61 and blonde on blonde always rate higher but blood still top 10!…so do the math..lol

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