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You can’t really be a Burzum fan without also having a lengthy, complicated, and constantly evolving justification for that opinion. The band’s sole member, Varg Vikernes, is a convicted murderer and an unrepentant, extremely vocal bigot. He’s also one of the architects of black metal, and he’s made some classic records. In 1994, he was sentenced to 21 years in prison on murder and arson charges (the maximum sentence allowed in Norway); he was released in 2009, after 15 years behind bars. He’s put out four albums of new Burzum material since his release from prison — two very good, two very bad — and he’s amplified his hate-speech via several outlets, primarily his blog. And today, he finds himself back behind bars. Vikernes was was arrested in France for being “likely to prepare a large-scale act of terrorism,” says French Interior Minister Manuel Valls.

Some details, per Euronews:

[Vikernes] was arrested with his French wife Marie Cachet after she recently bought four rifles, Valls said in a statement … Cachet, a member of a shooting club, purchased the rifles legally with her shooting permit. “The investigation will notably establish the conditions in which these [rifles] were acquired and their real objective,” Valls said.

The suspicions appear to be based, somewhat, on Vikernes’s potential connection to Anders Behring Breivik, the terrorist who killed 77 Norwegians, including many children, in July 2011. Vikernes had allegedly received a copy of Breivik’s manifesto prior to the massacre.

Again, per Euronews:

“That was the origin of the investigation … There were several suspicions that made the services fear he could possibly carry out a violent act,” [said an official at the prosecutor’s office].

“Having received the manifesto before [Breivik] committed his crimes and having been sentenced in Norway in the past for murder, [Vikernes], who was close to a neo-Nazi movement, was likely to prepare a large terrorist act,” Valls said.

Of course, Vikernes was suspected by many of having ties to the massacre immediately after its occurrence. But that was largely shot down after Vikernes posted a response on his blog (which I won’t link to, because it’s fucking gross as hell), in which he was critical of Breivik’s motives and actually condemned Breivik’s actions, after a fashion, telling Breivek, “True nationalists don’t kill children of their own nation.”

As you can see from the pic above (from 2012), Vikernes likes to pretend he’s a soldier; combine that with his tenuous-at-best connection to Breivik and I’m not really convinced Valls’s investigation has legs. But none of this is meant as a defense of Vikernes — he’s completely indefensible.

Check out the great interview Brandon did with Varg after he got out of prison in 2010.

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  1. 15 years for murder? You kidding me Norway?

    • Murder AND arson AND I think some weapons charges, too. But he actually got 21 (of which served only 15), which is the max sentence in Norway. Breivik himself only got 21 years.

      • we do things very, very differently here in the U.S. incarceration is viewed by most as retributive (as opposed to rehabilitative), and prisons are big business… thus, sentencing laws are pretty harsh.

  2. Having a read a lot of his blog material, I’m pretty much convinced he should be on every government’s list of batshit people who are likely to kick off for like no reason. That being said I wouldn’t be surprised if the French government just got tired of his bull and wanted to smack him one.

    • I get the feeling he’s more likely to instigate an act of terrorism than do the deed, but he should definitely be on every list of potential terrorists, as should anyone connected to him. This particular case just seems really tenuous (based on the evidence/connection being presented — but who knows what else they’ve got on him).

  3. Hahaha his blog is written in Papyrus

  4. “(which I won’t link to, because it’s fucking gross as hell)”

    You’re an ethical man Michael Nelson. Kudos.

  5. “When planning a massacre Scandinavian style, come on down to Helvete, located in scenic Oslo! Its your one stop shop for all your mass murder needs! Corpsepaint! Odinist tracts! Rampant anti-Christian iconography! It’s all here at Helvete!”

  6. Varg may be a repugnant ass but these charges are thin at best. Arresting because of ideology or ties is baseless “justice.”

    Make no mistake though, Varg is still a vehement bigot.

  7. I’m a big fan of his music, but the guy has lost it almost completely by now. This shit turns people off of Burzum and gives everyone the impression that it’s a nazi band, which it isn’t (at least he has the semsibility to leave his politics out of his music). I’m pretty sure he’s harmless though, he and his wife are just a couple of right wing nutjobs who like sitting around on tons of guns and ammo in case the Muslims attack.

    • I of course don’t know anything about what Varg might or might not have been planning – and I suspect the whole thing might be pure bollocks- but saying that an arsonist and murderer that constantly promotes racial “self defense” violence is harmless is pushing it.

  8. Varg Vikernes Valdo! Reikia jam padeti!

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