Mazzy Star - Seasons Of Your Day

Just last week, I wrote the following sentence about the excellent Brooklyn band Widowspeak: “People would go insane if Mazzy Star dropped a new track tomorrow, but nothing Mazzy Star might do in 2013 could be more beautiful than what Widowspeak are actually doing right here.” Well, Mazzy Star have given me a chance to test that theory. The great Cali psych-goth duo have released a new song, “California,” to precede a new album, Seasons Of Your Day, their first since 1996′s Among My Swan. [Insanity ensues.] And yeah, it sounds fucking great to me. I’ll still go with the Widowspeak song, if we have to choose sides here, but man, I am not even sorta unhappy to hear from Mazzy Star at this moment. Check it out, let me know how it sounds to you.

[Via Spin]

01 “In the Kingdom”
02 “California”
03 “I’ve Gotta Stop”
04 “Does Someone Have Your Baby Now”
05 “Common Burn”
06 “Seasons of Your Day”
07 “Flying Low”
08 “Sparrow”
09 “Spoon”
10 “Lay Myself Down”

Seasons Of Your Day is out 9/24 via Rhymes Of An Hour.

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  1. Weird. I was just revisiting Mazzy Star’s catalog this morning. This new tune is so good. I can’t wait to hear more new tunes from them.

    • I was just reminded of Common Burn a couple of days ago and went to see if the album ever came out w/o me hearing about it. Found nothing then but lo and behold … here we are. I am off to see if Portishead has anything new out.

  2. Shoe gazing at it’s best! We’re here Mazzy…and so is a bottle of Jack.

  3. fuck off with your widowspeak and respect the mazzy

  4. Her voice is the same. That’s the positive. I had a twinge of emotional response at 2min plus a few seconds but it was short-lived and I was, ultimately, bored and disappointed.

  5. yessssssssss

  6. I approve of this cat-oriented artwork. And the song.

    • snarfblat  |   Posted on Jul 16th, 2013 +1

      i was going to say that soon enough, all communication in person will be done via the passing back and forth of moving pictures that convey our thoughts and emotions. then i thought ‘wait, communication in person? what’s that?’

  7. I like how the associated graphics pick up right where they left off in the mid-90′s too.

    This song could go in shuffle and not stand out at all with their other stuff. It’s also great. Only Mazzy Star can spin gold out of an acoustic strum and a voice and a flute or something and make it sound shoegaze.

    • Yeah, Mazzy and even My Bloody Valentine are taking advantage of the idea that the era in which they were heard from last is gaining nostalgiac populalarity today. Might as well pick up right where they left off!

  8. finally! the common burn/lay myself down ep came out how long ago? i was getting worried..

  9. The band won’t help children with cancer even when it requires no time/money! I actually used to be a huge fan… This is worth a read for any Mazzy fans out there:

  10. YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! Did I say Yes? Of course I did! I am STOKED that Mazzy Star is releasing a new album! I instantly became a fan when first heard their Album, “So Tonight That I Might See.” Favorite song from the Album: “Into Dust.” I’m looking forward to to their latest one!

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