Kings Of Leon - Supersoaker

When Kings Of Leon first made their way onto radars, blogs, Soulseek, and the pages of NME, they were often dubbed the “Southern Strokes.” Over time, it’s a tag the Followill brothers’ band more or less shed, the same way Coldplay eventually shed those “poor man’s Travis” comparisons. But Kings Of Leon’s new single, “Supersoaker” — the first from their sixth album, Mechanical Bull — actually feels a bit like the Strokes, or as I like to call them, the “American Phoenix.” Spin it.

Mechanical Bull is out 9/24 via RCA.

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    • c’mon, it’s not shit…feels more like a tune off the second record, minus the awesomeness. at least it’s not embarrassingly radio-friendly….they just need to turn the vocals down, and turn the guitars up.

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  2. I like it. Far better than anything on Come Around Sundown or Only By The Night.

    But everyone is probably gonna label it as shit without even listening to it.

    • I agree. Pretty sure if this is what the Strokes’ new album sounded like, people would have been pretty happy.

      That being said, when a band releases music as unbearable as “Only by the night,” it’s pretty much impossible to unhear it in everything the band does subsequently.

    • I hope this isn’t a double post.

      I agree, I have a feeling if this is what the Stokes’ last album sounded like, people would have been pretty happy.

      That being said, when a band releases music as unbearable as “Only by the night,” it’s pretty much impossible to unhear it during each subsequent release.

      • this strokes (super-)fan woulda been disappointed as hell if this what the last strokes record sounded like. Comedown Machine is awesome. this is not.

  3. This is surprisingly bearable.

  4. This is good, not bad.

  5. what was the deal with Come Around Sundown…I only heard ‘Radioactive’. what was it like?

    • its a decent record, pretty much the same kinda sound as only by the night, but i like it a little better.

    • If you imagine it as a follow up to Because of the Times instead of Only By the Night it makes a lot more sense. The first half is full of very anthemic songs, doesn’t have anything as corny as Use Somebody. The second half is mostly forgettable mid-tempo songs. It’s not necessarily a bad album, definitely not as bad as the Pitchfork score would have you believe, but its their second weakest.

  6. I’m surprised … this is good, already on my third listen and I didn’t think I’d get to that. I’m a fan of their 2nd album and this sorta takes me there with a little guitar work in the style of their latter stuff. It’d be a shame if people shrugged this off without giving it a chance.

  7. This song is really fucking pleasant, actually. I never really understood all the hate for these guys after Only By the Night. Sure, Sex on Fire and Use Somebody were corny but so is a lot of decent pop rock.

    • annoyingly catchy + overplay = backlash

    • I think a big reason for it is a lot of people in the US among indie circles felt that KOL was “their” band in a way. A band that was catchy and you could turn a lot of people on to and they had a cool story to go with it. But once they got popular I guess people felt they sold out.

      • I mean hell, if you go back and look at the link in the article to Stereogum’s post about the On Call video, everyone in the comments loves it and talks about how underrated KOL are.

      • That’s a real good explanation. Kings were the Kings of the UK and kinda had to capitalize on that.. us US fans had no idea how big they were getting over there. Only By The Night was kinda a hint, like, ‘guys, we’re, uh, gonna go for this across the pond. hopefully you’ll join.’ Then Come Around Sundown was them just ‘OK WE WARNED YOU! LEGGGGGOOOOOO!’ Really lame, but we should have seen it coming.

        If this track is any indication, I’m so pumped for a comeback. Reading all the interviews/press since OBtN has been really depressing. Hope Caleb’s doing well, he sounds pretty damn peppy on this. Time to listen again…

        • Also, if this is any indication, this makes me think Come Around Sundown was almost a necessary period of simultaneous growth/regression, and almost thankful the dudes have been alienating me for so long. It kind of makes me that much more pumped when they’re being cool again. It’s like a ruthless ex girlfriend kinda.

          And you know who I really was worried about, was Matt. In this one interview Caleb dickishly portrayed him as an isolated homebody who really hated his fame. Matt always brought the licks, he’s the man. Hope they’re all learning to have fun in healthy ways as corny as that sounds. Nathan figured that out but brah, is a Personal Trainer necessary? Haha, I remember he was working out with a trainer in one of their promo videos. Awesome.

  8. I will admit to being a complete Kings Of Leon fan (Their first three album are on par with the Strokes first three in my mind). I will admit they’ve slipped quite a bit on the last couple records, but if the new record is a lot like this then I will be very pleased.

  9. Sounds like “Is This Love” by Clap Your Hands Say Yeah! got stuck in their heads before they wrote this

    • I thought the same thing when I heard the intro. Very similar

    • THAT’S what I was hearing at the beginning! Good ear!

    • It does sound just like that. But for some reason I thought it sounded like a KoL song that started similarly. Just searched for a few and closest thing I can find is The Bucket..

      Still trying to put my finger on the track I was thinking of though, don’t think that was it. I remember thinking Is This Love started similar to a different track when it came out. Probably not be by the Kings now I’m thinking. Does anyone know what I’m talking about?

      This is the third time recently where I have had a tracking-down-a-track issue. The other two were tunes I’ve had stuck in my head. I wish there was a feature on this board where I could sing the tune and have fellow commenters take cracks at what it is. I trust y’all’s ears much more than these “hum a tune” websites, which have yielded some strange results. Others have questioned my ability to hum and relay a tune before, though, that might have something to do with it.

      • OK someodd hours later and I’m giving up searching but my other guesses were The Strokes or The Walkmen. The rhythm guitar solo breaks You Talk Way Too Much and Meet Me In The Bathroom by the former and the opening of the Lousiana by the latter were the closest things I could fine. Dam man, if anybody’s got any leads… lol.

        FYI I tried to figure out one of the 2 random tunes again before (separate issue!), and the humming a tune site,, brought up Skater Boy by Avril. If only it was that simple! Just thought I’d throw the url up in case anybody wants to try humming a Yeezus jingle and get told it was actually Ry Cooder.

  10. How dare they name a song after my “little buddy”.

  11. I mean, I honestly couldn’t be more happy to hear this. I used to LOVEEE Kings Of Leon, but obviously the last 2 albums weren’t great. These guys are capable of creating some amazing songs (Knocked Up, Black Thumbnail, Joe’s Head, etc) and while I understand they aren’t the most groundbreaking band in the world, I would take this any day over some trite shit like Radioactive. Excited for the album now. Gonna go blast this in the backyard now, have a barbeque, play some bags, and get drunk.

  12. Wow this is actually pretty good. Plus it made me go back and listen to Aha Shake Heartbreak again, which I haven’t done in years. Not bad at all.

    • me too, and i lost my shit listening to it, it’s perfect. went back to check out the pitchfork review and they gave it a 4.9! A FOUR POINT NINE!! there’s something simultaneously infuriating and satisfying when those guys are dead fucking wrong.

  13. Finally, it kind of seems like Kings of Leon are having fun again. Their last couple albums, were big, and had happy choirs and bombastic choruses, were ultimately joyless. Glad to see them back in form.

  14. I really never thought I’d see this day again. The first 30 seconds of this track just made me shake with excitement.

  15. KOL’s Aha Shake Heartbreak was the jam back in the day.

  16. Man, KOL is a band to hate. That said, KOL is a VERY guilty pleasure that started with drunken nights of AHA shake with me. I am the biggest critic of most music but even as this band progressed and gained popularity, my love for them oddly remained the same. For me, as much as anyone could hate the album, I was impressed enough to realize that regardless of their popularity, they at least created thier own “sound”. I mean my dad likes this band. That has to say something for a “rock” band. Reading this now, I don’t care, but I think they are a true talent and a true “band” no matter what comes from them. So much more so than other record label babies. Don’t write papers drunk.

  17. Hey internet world, my “dadboner” is sofa king huge. Broh, Yule like don’t eva inn know. Srsly Dude, big deal maaaan. Glad you braaat the sawaaard fissh. Meet you nnn fish heelll.

  18. lol did anyone see how Wavves is really butthurt for the name of the song being Supersoaker? Like he’s the only person in the world allowed to name a song that.

  19. That was really catchy and really good. I liked it.

  20. Yes, FINALLY, with this and Pearl Jam’s new single I feel ‘merica’s sweethearts are getting their second wind.

  21. Holy shit KOL is writing KOL songs again. This is great. I knew it was about 30 seconds in like others said. The fun jangly guitars, dancing bass lines, not so vanilla melodies. YES. This is very encouraging.

    Add me to the contingent of people who loved the first two albums. Just great rock albums. After that, I was more disappointed with every new seemingly mailed-in release, as most were.

    Time to listen again. Yay!

    Also, good call on the CYHSY intro. Identical in every single way, which had me worried at first.

  22. Normally I love the comments on this site. Usually very knowledgeable, but i forgot about one thing, the pomposity and arrogance. Only by the night had hits..and that’s okay. It also had songs like I want you and revelry which are wonderful.

    Yes this song sounds like Aha Shake and thats okay. He doesn’t seem as hungry in this song but cmon all of the Kings albums have been good. And the more i listed to Come around Sundown the better it is. It’s an album not a series of songs.

    Let the bashing begin!

  23. First time I like a Kings of Leon’ Song!

    • I hope you haven’t heard any of their first three albums. I’m sorry but if you don’t like Holy Roller Novocaine you can go straight to hell.

  24. Some bands could get away with titling a song “Supersoaker,” but Kings of Leon is not one of them.

  25. when i first listened earlier today i was like “meh. better than expected.” then i listened a couple more times and was like “ok…ok! OK!” now, i’m wine drunk and all “YES!! can they really be back?!”

  26. Pretty good hook. Although it kind of makes me want to order a Big Mac…

  27. This is awesome! Hope the rest of the album is this good. Get that bad taste of the last two records out of my mouth.

  28. hmmm. Good stuff, I like it. I’ve never picked up any of their previous records, but this has caught my interest.

  29. Song is good. Let’s hope Mechanical Bull is good and not, well, Mechanical Bull.

  30. Can they please just rock out again. They sound so boring and stale lately.

  31. Yes! Suddenly i’m looking forward to the new album!

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