Lana Del Rey

Remember Lana Del Rey? Hard to believe it’s been a little more than two years now since the former Lizzie Grant first emerged oh-so-innocuously with “Video Games.” Sometimes, it seems like only yesterday. Others, it seems like she’s been an inescapable presence for generations. But La Lana is still basically a rookie; she hasn’t even released her second album yet! “Black Beauty” is one of the tracks that will allegedly appear on that second album, and today, a demo (a rather polished-sounding demo, incidentally) of the song has made its way to the web. Presumably named after the timeless children’s novel, the song is sultry, ethereal pop not too far removed from “Video Games,” if lacking some of the verve that made that song so great. Kinda reminds me of Sarah McLachlan, if I’m being honest. But hey, Sarah McLachlan has sold like 40 million albums, so why not? On that note, Black Beauty, the novel, has apparently sold 50 million copies. Go big, right? Give it a listen.

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  1. Slow week my ass!

  2. Correct me if I am wrong, but someone told me there is some Lana EDM remix on the radio that is probably going to be her biggest hit. Have to capitalize on that while they got the attention, I guess.

    • Summertime sadness ryan hemsworth remix is something special

      “kiss kiss”

    • Judging by the number of comments maybe it is already too late? When I saw a LDR post I got all teary eyed and remeniscent thinking about 2011 when I used to waste hours at my old job commenting. Even thought maybe DJFreshie would make a comeback. Oh Well… :(

      • I have a friend who absolutely loves Lana, but her taste in music usually tends me to be that of a festivalgoer who is there to see whichever band is enjoying the most accidental crossover success (like M83, Of Monsters and Men, Charli XCX.) Her take on Lana is pretty amusing to me because she seems to think that Lana is still dwelling in the underground and is some unfound talent, and with radio remix, she’s upset that it’s making her into something you’d hear on KIIS FM. Based on that, I want to believe that those who bought into her whole shtick after her debut’s release and well after the rest of us figured it out that it was one back in 2011 still have a clouded perception regarding her image.

    • The Cedric Gervais remix is the one that’s getting promoted by Interscope. Ryan Hemsworth’s is great though. Haven’t heard the Gervais one to make a comment yet.

      • Yes, that’s the one. It’s basically this summer’s answer to those where that group Kaskada or something used to remix Bryan Adams’ “Heaven” or that Roxette song.

    • That would be EDM remix of Summertime Sadness. Yep. It’s all over the radio. I guess now that no one buys into her whole underground persona, they’re trying to push her as EDM Diva.

  3. It’s not as good as Video Games but this is just a demo, maybe they it will released later with a better production

  4. It’s not as good as Video Games but this is just a demo, maybe they it will released later with a better production

  5. This will either turn out to be an awesome or an horrible song. I just hope they don’t pile on the strings in the finished version…

  6. Your video link, as well as every other site that posted this song, is broken.

  7. I’m sick of Lana Del Rey.

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