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Jay-Z recently stopped by the Pace Gallery in NYC to play “Picasso Baby” on loop for six straight hours. The experience was documented, and now HBO will be releasing a film, Picasso Baby: A Performance Art Film on August 2 and 11pm EST. “Rap is painting out loud, and you’re putting your fears and vulnerabilities and insecurities to music,” Jay-Z says in the trailer. “Concerts are pretty much performance art.” Watch the trailer below.

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  1. Lip-synching to a recording of your own song for six hours is ART.

  2. Jay-Z is also going on Bill Maher before it. I give props to Jay for that because as George Packer recently said on Maher, Maher recently did the toughest interview of Jay he’s ever seen (and he would know because he wrote about Jay in his new book and studied lots of his interviews.) Maher grilled Jay about ridiculous rap lyrics that flaunt wealth and are celebrated by poor dumb fucks who will never have that. Jay said it was vicarious enjoyment, which is true, though also an admission that most rap is the farthest thing from “keeping it real.” Hopefully this next appearance will be equally substantive.

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