Daniel Lopatin, bka Oneohtrix Point Never, will release R Plus Seven, the follow-up to his 2011 LP Replica, in October. We’ve already heard a clip of hawkish track “Still Life” but with this, “Problem Areas,” we have our first fully formed preview of what’s to come. Like Tom mentioned previously, a press release said this album “comes as close as Lopatin has ever gotten to anything resembling traditional song structure” and that is deftly displayed in the track. The illustrated visuals were provided by avant-garde video artist Takeshi Murata, who delivers a number of high-gloss still-lifes which include horns that look like guts, a ship inside a Gatorade bottle, ditched Coors Light cans, horror film VHS cassettes, a cat jungle gym, and more. Get into it below.

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  1. “as close as Lopatin has ever gotten to anything resembling traditional song structure”

    It’s actually that quality of OPN that was the most precious to me. The fact that he broke the rules, and yet, his music made some weird sense, just like a modern Chopin would. I see no progress/value in OPN doing “traditionally-structured songs”. The specific track was so-so for me. It lacked the emotional highs, it felt too cold to me. It also felt like “I want to sound like Jean-Michel Jarre”, while his older tracks were more like “breakthrough, fresh experimental electronic”. A small distinction for some, but an important one to me. I hope the rest of the tracks in the new album offer more of an atmosphere. For example, when I hear “Replica” or “Power of Persuasion”, I’m immediately getting transported to a rainy New York. Everything kind of look ’80s (like in the Hills Street Blues TV series look, but as if set in NY), slow motion, while I observe the various happenings in the misty streets. It has such a synesthetic effect to me, it creates a whole world in my mind, it’s a trip. This new song it creates no new images to me, apart from making me feel like an emotionless robot. I guess, there might be value to that too, but I personally prefer some sensationalism.

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